Ready To Go Topless: 1967 Camaro RS Convertible

This year, the Camaro celebrates 50 years of burning rubber and tearing up pavement. There really isn’t a better way to celebrate the occasion than by actually buying yourself a Camaro. As amazing as the new ones are, you just can’t beat the style, sounds, and experience of the original! This Convertible RS has just 41k documented miles and is in amazing shape throughout. It isn’t cheap at the $37k BIN, but bidding is still below $25k. You can find this sweet droptop here on eBay in Voorheesville, New York.

I’m going to guess that everyone here already knows the story of how the Camaro came to be, but in case you don’t know, Chevy built the car in response to the Mustang. In typical Chevrolet fashion, their offering was served up with a variety of trim and performance options. The most popular being the RS and SS packages. The RS visual package could be added to just about any trim level and turned the car into a real head turner. Of the 285k Camaros built in ’67, less than 20k were V8 powered convertible. No one is sure just how many of those convertibles were optioned with the RS package, but I doubt there were many to be so optioned.

In the first year of Mustang production, there really weren’t many engine options offered by Ford. The Camaro, on the other hand, debuted with everything from the inline 6 up to the 396. This example features its original 327 V8. It’s the 2 barrel version, which was rated at 210 horsepower. It might not offer blistering performance, but it is more than enough to make this a fun top down driver!

The seller claims the interior is all original, which is impressive if that really is the case. It looks to be in nearly perfect condition. I’ve seen plenty of low mileage classics with cracked dash pads, torn seats and chewed up carpets and those cars had roofs to protect them from the elements! If this really is the original interior, someone took incredible care of it. The top is said to be new though, as is all the weatherstripping and rubber bits.

This really does look to be a fantastic machine. It has had one respray, which is a bit of a bummer, but it looks to have been properly done. Given the newer paint, I would want to do some investigating to make sure the interior really is original. The seller has lots of documentation for it though, so they might be able to explain why it was repainted in the first place and if anything else was redone at the same time. Whether or not it’s all original, this looks like one amazing Camaro and having it parked in the garage would be the perfect way to celebrate 50 years!

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  1. Jeffro

    And what barn did this roll out of? What else is in said barn? Lol

  2. Don

    Cool man another Camaro !

  3. Coventrycat

    The NH antique plate makes me wonder what its doing in NY

  4. Rx7turboII

    Please stop BF staff… this is not even close to a barn find, come on now.

  5. Carla

    This may be ‘another’ camaro and it may not be a ‘barnfind’ but I’m glad that its posted here. My life is hectic, chaotic, crazy to the point that the microwave takes too long so my little pleasure

  6. Don

    Maybe it was a new barn it came from 🤓

  7. JW

    The one car I should have kept for a retirement cash cow was my 68 Camaro RS/SS convertible with a 396 / AT. I sold it in 1972 just because I didn’t like convertibles for the fear of some idiot poking a hole in the top if I made them mad, which in them days I did a lot. Nice find !!!

  8. Bill

    I don’t care if it’s a barn find or not. I like looking at cool cars for sale and appreciate them being posted here for our perusal.

  9. flmikey

    Shouldn’t it be their 43rd anniversary? I seem to recall that they stopped making them in 2002 due to poor sales….and poor quality….

    • Don

      You make a good point .The next Camaro was in 2009 I think🤔

  10. Daren

    Love it! Dont care if its from a barn its a great find with a nice history. If you dont like whats posted…. DONT LOOK AT IT AND QUIT WHINING! Most of us love what is posted. Thanks BarnFinds, love what you do.

    • Rx7turboII

      Maybe we should just go ahead and rename the site cool finds instead of barn finds then!

      • glen

        Or start another site called CoolFinds!

  11. Tom Member

    IF the paint and body are as nice in person as the photos I still think this is too high for an RS without a deluxe interior and really no options. Nice car don’t get me wrong. if the paint and bodywork are recent = not good. I had one of these and I am a 1st gen Firebird expert so I question the rear spoiler and chin spoiler as being avail for a 67? 68 yes, 67? Right pass door rearview mirror?
    Again, if a Gen 1 Camaro expert and set me straight on this that would be great. Do your homework. Nice car and IF REAL to be left alone. Don’t make it an SS, don’t drop an LS in it……my 2 cents. There are plenty of pillaged non-original Camaros out there to clone up.

    Not sure about the “no filler no bondo” comment. the rear deck panel above the truck where mated to the quarter panels had filler from the factory to hide the seam… your telling me someone perfectly metal worked the weld seams to perfection on this car? Any car that is super straight has a tiny skim here and there, most cars, master metal fab guys might get done without on a 6 figure car

    • Tom Member

      sorry, trunk, not truck. Really hard trying to edit or enter comments today. Keep getting kicked off.

  12. LD

    Keep ’em coming! Great to see the dream realized every once in a while, not just all dusty rusty!
    BTW, why the concern about 1 respray, it’s been 50 years

    • Tom Member

      No problem on a re-spray, it is understandable. BUT if re-sprayed recently, versus years ago, the body work if not done properly will have the opportunity to pop or crack in the near future finding out the car you just spent big bucks on is not/was not as nice as you were told. Older restorations or repaints are more honest as to what the car really is as any body work done poorly will be showing that fact.

      If a car has paint on it less than 2 years old (in my book) I am not interested. I would rather buy a car with the issues of original paint and or an older repaint because I KNOW what I am getting. Taking someone’s word on good body work is dangerous. Reading a listing that says the car has NO (zero) body filler/no bondo….sorry probably not true. Body filler is not a bad thing, it just needs to be used properly. How do you think cars get “lazer straight”? Like I said earlier, unless it is a 6 figure restoration, there is filler in the car AND I am quite sure there is minor uses of filler (all be it metal filler) in the 6 figure restos too. There are factory weld lines, or bonding in a corvette, etc that get “finished” with body filler on the assembly line.

  13. Eric 10Cars

    In the summer of ’67 between my sophomore and junior years in college, I worked at Long Chevrolet in Lake Forest, Illinois. All the crap work that an unskilled kid can do, I did. That included running ‘dealer trades’ for the company. One dealer needs a particular car that another dealer has but hasn’t sold. They trade cars (since all of it’s leveraged anyway). One Saturday I was tasked with driving some new Chevy (Chevelle, Impala…who remembers?) to Elgin, Illinois to pick up a blue and white convertible Camaro RS with 4-speed and 327. The speedometer was disconnected (could do that in those days) so I had to drive that gorgeous car with some circumspection. Top down cruising on the company’s time….sunny day, perfect weather…what a great ride it was. Loved it totally even though I couldn’t air it out on the highway. I felt like the king of the road. :-)

    • RoselandPete

      Did you take money for that job??

      I thought Long was in Elmhurst.

      Did you know the kid who got the pie in his face?

      • Eric 10Cars

        $1.25 and hour and glad for it :-)

        Long was definitely in Lake Forest back then. Last year one of the alumni staff people came through Chapel Hill and I had lunch with him. He was young (early 20s) and said that there was no Long Chevy in LF these days. It may have moved to Elmhurst or be a different Long.

        BTW, I lied. It wasn’t an RS….it was an SS.

    • raggus66

      Did you go to Dick Doune(?) Chevrolet in Elgin by chance?

  14. Luke Fitzgerald

    Daren – I’m with ya

  15. ccrvtt

    Looks like Guy Fieri’s 1st car (look closely, the second is a ’68). Even if it isn’t you could tell people it was.

  16. Paul

    Best looking classic car ever (in my opinion) love this body style. I also love the 67 mustangs although these car road and handled much better then the mustangs also they had a little higher build quality then the mustangs. (I know some diehard ford guys will not want to believe this) however I have owned and worked on both.
    Subframe on the Camaro makes the difference.
    I would look at both Camaro’s & Mustangs all day on BF in any condition, please keep them coming!

  17. W9BAG

    The paint is ridiculous. It’s just too perfect. 327 & a slip & slide is poochy. A nice car, but no thanks.

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