Are You Ready To IROC? 10,094 Mile Camaro Survivor

When it comes to originality, you won’t find many 32-year-old survivor cars that are still running on the tires they left the factory with! That’s the case, however, with this Chevrolet Camaro IROC-Z listed for sale here on eBay. Showing only 10,094 miles and having the documentation to back it up, this car is pretty darn close to being exactly the way it left the dealership on day one. If you like the looks of it, be prepared to spend some dollars as bidding is over $12,000 and the reserve hasn’t been met yet. The car will need to be picked up from Saint Charles, Missouri.

Even though I’m mainly a blue oval guy, I got to ride in one of these a lot when they were new and always admired the styling and graphics. The young engineer that had it managed to cram a lot of stuff in the back as well, so I suppose you could call it a practical hatchback. Okay, not really, but it sounded good at the time.

This car is as close to 100% original as you will find (according to the seller, but I can’t find any reason to disagree). Apart from changing the oil, cleaning out the fuel tank and replacing the fuel pump, the dealer selling the car claims to have done nothing else except clean it up (which they have done nicely). Pointed out in the ad are some mild paint luster loss due to age, despite having been stored indoors, and some minor blemishes on the wheels, which are shown in the close-up pictures that are in the listing.

Naturally, under hood pictures are beautiful. Surprisingly, perhaps, the air conditioning blows cold and even the clear/white plastic underhood tanks look good.

Those who have read my posts know I’m a fan of red interiors, and this one is in near-perfect condition. Imagine sinking into those seats and remembering the days where you–er, your friend–had a mullet, listened to heavy metal music and thought you were too cool to drive a four-door car. Anyone else remember those days? Would you rock this IROC?

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  1. 68 custom

    these early IROC camaro’s made the 3rd gens interesting and this one looks nice!
    not sure I want one at 12-13k .

    • Gabe

      God I’m old. I clearly remember these being garbage brand new. Who wants these things?
      – current ss owner

      • nessy

        Garbage when new? I don’t know about that Gabe. When these cars first came out, everyone wanted to at least be seen in one, if they did not already own one.

        Like 1
  2. Superdessucke

    Silver is a very rare IROC color as it was only offered for 1985, and wasn’t selected very often even then. That it’s a slick top makes it even more rare, as most of these have the cheesy and rattely T-Tops.

    I personally would not pay the huge premium this will bring simply for the color. These 305 LB9 cars are available all day long with super low mileage for around 10 grand, or even less. This is already over 15 grand (!!).

    And though I much prefer the car without them, the lack of T-Tops generally reduces the value of these given the type of person who buys them. So someone will Not be getting a deal here, tho they will end up with a pretty rare 3rd Gen F-body.

  3. Oil Slick

    What a time capsule. It’s rare to find one without T-Tops. I don’t love them without them as it kinda ruins the whole experience. They certainly weren’t speed demons but adequate for the times.

  4. Vegas Vic

    Me like! Graphics, styling, RED cloth, this beast is certainly a dated beauty, however will turn heads, be fun to pilot and be cool at car shows.

  5. Joe M

    Nice car, although it seems rare to see one at this trim level without the T-Tops. The red interior is awesome, wish GM would make more interesting interiors, they seem corporate and bland today, even the leather interiors seem bland, my 2010 interior seems like a potato sack compared to the red.. Don’t know if I would pay the 12K without T-Tops. Had an 86 silver Z28 with T-Tops, nice torque and handling, but would top out too soon.

  6. Mike

    305 automatic and no Posi…pass.

    • Gabe

      Why on Earth do you need posi-traction on a 3rd generation camaro? Doing a lot of rally racing or snow driving? That car can’t spin the tires in the rain.

      • nessy

        Well it looks like you made your point Gabe on how much you dislike Iroc-Z Camaros…. As for not spinning the tires in the rain, the TPI 350 moved along quite well. I guess you don’t remember those top 10 fastest car road tests from Car and Driver, Motor Trend and all the other road tests at the time where the Iroc-Zs and Trans Am GTAs with the TPI 350s were right up there with some of the fastest cars of the day including the so called hot imports. Enough said here.

      • rando

        Um, my ex wife’s 89 RS with 305 and 5 spd would smoke em plenty easy, in the dry, way too easy in the wet. Fun car for all the 3rd gen nay sayers.

  7. D H C

    True about the speed. Our Camaro Club owners of the Iroc’s coined a term: GHC’s…..Great Handling Cars!! I own a bright red 1989 5.7 TPI, nearly stock (replaced radio, still have orig, added MagnaFlo’s), with T-top, in great condition. Love the ride. Wouldn’t sell for 48x above!! This one’s a keeper!!

  8. Mike christou.

    Nice car. Keep it original.

  9. Charles

    I didn’t know heavy metal was dead… Is it dead since you said so? Oh ok👌 I’ll have to throw away that new Metallica CD since it doesn’t exist. ;)

    • glen

      Long live rock, be it dead or alive. The Who

  10. Russ

    I have owned nice Camaros since 1974 the first was a ’69 pace car and also the Iroc an 1986 which was TPI not throttle body which ran well. I never liked the cut downs from ’82 on until 1991 and 1992 my favorite the pace car but I did like my 2000 SS Slp over 400 hp factory and now I’m looking at the newer ones. A Camaro lover for life. The IROC stood for international race of champions!

  11. George

    As the post states it is exactly dead on. Had a blue with t-tops and loved it. And yeah I had the mullet to go with it. And thought I was cool as all. The car is awesome but is odd looking with out the t-tops as I loved taking mine off in putting in the nice leather zip up in the back and strapped into place. I even armor all that. Lol. Great car great fun. Would love one again.

  12. Charles

    Glad there are no T/Tops! Leaked rattled, stolen constantly….. nice ride.

    • John T

      Am I Crazy (Much More Than Likely!) or is this is significantly better buy that you can actually drive compared to the 1993 Mustang Cobra R featured in BF that currently has a bid of $95K on EBay??? And this is coming from an enthusiast that favors the Blue Oval!

  13. Racer x

    Nice, i could see me getting a 5 speed t-top, friend sold his 1990 5.7 iroc ten years ago, had 348 on it

  14. 427vette

    These 3rd Gens are a blast to drive and very simple to maintain. I picked up my 88 Formula TPI 350 a few months back, and my wife and kids have been having a blast cruising around in it. Just enough power to have fun, but not get in much trouble. The added bonus of the bright yellow is that they don’t seem to make cars in primary colors anymore, so it stands out everywhere we take it

  15. Coventrycat

    Love those 80’s Rubix Cube tail lights.Lots of mullet mojo.

  16. JimmyJ

    I worked for ford in the early 90s and wondered why someone woukd buy an iroc instead of a five litre till one came in on trade.
    They hooked up way better and the back end didn’t want to pass the front too bad u couldn’t get the 5,7 with a stick it coulda been a contender

  17. Michael Proulx

    I graduated in 1980 and remember these cars well , I owned a 1984 T/A with a 305 H.O. posi trac , it ran great got good gas mileage and was a blast to drive , it may not have been a SD but it was very dependable . At the time I also owned a 1968 firebird with a 468 BBC with a tunnel ram and 2×4bbls

    , 4 speed so it was my hot rod. The image is my current 1979 firebird with a 1972 455 H.O.

  18. irocrob

    As a owner of a 1988 Iroc convert for the last 23 years I love it. The 305 tpi engine with a 5 speed is a great combo. I think they are very undervalued.

    • nessy

      Irocrob, I also still have my 88 Iroc-Z TPI convertible. It was one of the hottest looking cars on the road at the time and still looks hot today. There was a 3 to 7 month wait just to get hold of one. The prices are starting to climb with the convertibles.

  19. Derek

    I’m at the age now(45) that I find myself talking a second look at a lot of things I didn’t when I was younger. I’d love to own a TPI iroc, 5sp 5.0 fox body or any of the cars I remember being a teen in the 80’s. 442 olds, Monte ss (aerocoupe) Pontiac 2+2 and of course the Grand National. The Buick obviously being the best performer of the bunch. For me it’s not the performance as much as the experience, the memory. Most people who criticize an iroc are either my dad’s generation who don’t care for Camaros of any generation all that much. They prefer a 409 Chevy or a 421 Pontiac, the younger generation who tune their cars via laptop sitting in the passenger seat. Ot the Ford faithful. All are just fine, just different perspectives. Stop for gas in any of these cars and be prepared to see people smile. Especially one as stock as the one featured here. I’ve had faster cars, still do, but I’d take that iroc for a weekend getaway anytime.

  20. Jim

    I remember the IROC Nascar races they had with these. Always enjoyed them. Did they make them with the 350 combined with manual trans?
    How much horsepower? T-tops were popular but seems they always leaked and rattled. Like the silver but the red int, no thanks.

    • Sanity Factor

      No 350 5 spds only 305

  21. Tyrone King

    Hello, I am the owner of a 1992 Camaro RS Red one that is my Baby, I will never let it Go, I Love my Camaro.

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