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Ready To Be Finished: 1964 Corvette L76


The seller doesn’t offer much in the way of this Corvette’s history. They state that it’s a barn find and they provide this one photo of it sitting in a garage with junk piled on it. I’m going to guess this is how they found it, as it’s a bit cleaner in their other photos. The seller doesn’t say which 327 it has in their ad, but one of their photo’s reveals that it is an L76 car with the 4 speed manual transmission. Now for those of you that don’t know your Corvettes, the L76 was the highest output carbureted Vette you could in ’64 with 365 horsepower on tap! It’s been pulled out of storage and is now up for grabs here on eBay in Union, New Jersey with bidding already to $26k.


I can’t tell if someone was repairing this car after being in a collision or if they were just restoring it, but it looks like a lot of body work as already been done. The seller claims it’s ready for paint, but I see a few areas that still need some work. It sure would look good finished up, especially with the hard top on and the blacked out steelies.


The inside is looking really nice, but if the mileage really is just 53k, it really should be in good shape still. The seller claims the car runs and drives, although the front looks a bit high to me in their photos and they don’t provide any shots of the engine bay. They also claim the engine and wiring have both been gone through, so maybe the engine was out of the car when these photos were taken.


A triple black C2 Corvette is definitely on my list of dream cars. With some work, this could be one killer machine, but it’s going to take a bit to get it there. I would like to know more of the history, like what the front end has been repaired. So am I the only one that would love to have an L76 just like this one sitting in my garage?


  1. Mike


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  2. RayT Member

    Since the majority of the primer is on the upper surfaces of the body, I’d guess it’s probably not there because of accident damage. This looks like a fairly easy clean-up job. Have to wonder about the added gauge on the dash-top, though.

    Love C2s; though I prefer the coupes, I’d be more than happy with this one.

    Oh, and questions for the experts: first, the headlight pods don’t look right to me. Did they have bright trim? And, second, is that an OEM hood? I’m not sure….

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  3. RicK

    It may be an OEM hood, but the scoop in not a ’64

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  4. ruxvette

    The front up altitude on the car, the tach on the dash, the radiused rear wheels (to accommodate drag slicks), the tabs cut off right behind the front wheels (to accommodate side mount headers), glassed-in front bumper mounts, point to this being an old race car.
    The headlights are proper, the hood is a newer big block hood.
    Ok price, but you can buy nice drivers for $35-40k.

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  5. gbvette62

    The trim tag indicates that it started life as a silver car, with a blue vinyl interior. The door panels are 65-66’s, the seats are 68’s, and the glove box door is a 66-67, as is the grill. The hood is a 67 big block “stinger”, though without seeing the underside of it, there’s no way of knowing if it’s a GM one. The car also has a Hurst shifter and an aftermarket steering wheel. For someone interested in restoring the car, it’s hardly paint ready, since the rear fender flares will need to be removed. There’s no way of knowing what kind of shape the frame and birdcage are in either.

    I find it a little strange that the portion of the stamp pad that would show the engine suffix code, and identify it as a 327/365, is not visible in the picture of the pad. I’d sure want to see under the hood, and get a better look at the stamp pad, before believing it really is a 365 horse 64.

    Done, a really nice 64 convertible is probably a $65000 car. It’s going to be hard to restore that car for much less than $40000, so by paying anything more than the starting bid, you’ll surely be upside down in the car.

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    • George

      either the car was color changed and converted using a later year donor car, or it is a vin tag job on an early theft…I used to know a guy who had a box of the right rivets…

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  6. dogwater

    I would like to look at the frame,the car might be worth about 30k if you do’nt want to be upside down.

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  7. jimbosidecar

    I’ve never seen a seller with only 75% feedback before

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  8. craZee

    The 75% positive feedback is because he only has 5-6 total feed backs, with 1 being negative.
    None of the feed backs pertain to car sales however.

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