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Ready to Ride: 1965 Mustang

Reader Mongoose recently sent us the link to this 1965 Mustang which he felt was a bargain. We have no idea how much of it is original, but the seller does mention that a lot of work has already been done. It looks clean and the 289 engine is a plus. Find it here on craigslist in Janesville, Wisconsin with an asking price of $8,900 obo.

The exterior looks very clean, so we are assuming it has been resprayed. We would just want to inspect every cranny for rust and make sure there is no body filler hiding under that shiny surface. I almost bought one of these as my first car when I was 15. It was also equipped with the v8 and automatic. I do regret not buying it, but just as today, I prefer a manual transmission.

Everything inside looks very clean so it has either been restored or this is one of the best surviving ’65 Mustangs around. These cars were basically re-bodied Falcons when they were first released. I have even heard of some of the early cars having the horn buttons with the Falcon logo still on it. Under the skin they were essentially the same. Funny how the Mustang went on to become the icon that it is today.

This Mustang looks like a clean driver to us and at the asking price, that is exactly what we would do with it. Many classics get stashed away in their owners garages in an attempt to preserve the rare and valuable. With this Mustang you can feel good about driving it. Production was plentiful and the parts catalogs are full. So drive it for a few years and sell it on for more than you paid. Thanks to Mongoose for sending this in.


  1. Ivan Boswell

    66′ hubcaps on a 65″..?…Are you sure what year it is..?

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  2. Barn Finds

    Nope, we were just going off the seller’s ad. It could be a ’66. Anyone else want to chime in on this?

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  3. Tom A.iello

    It is a 66 …I had one brand new and like everyone else very sorry I got rid of it. Wife had a 65…..that’s how we met.

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  4. Phil

    Looks like a 1966 based on the hubcaps and gas cap. I have a 1966 like this that is well preserved that I bought from the original owner. Nice find!

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  5. Marty

    I own a ’66 coup that has had a fair amount of work done to it. I believe the maket value for my car is in the $15k – $17k range. I would think that if someone wanted to buy this car he/she should look at it carefully. At under $9k, the owner is giving it away.

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  6. David

    everything on this car is 66………dash, side fake vents, front grill. hub caps, etc……..my first car was a stick shift V-8 65….fastest 260 in high school…..only 260 also….

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  7. nik

    no phone number, incredibly clean underpriced and very popular classic, confusion over the year. dollars to donuts, it’ a scam.

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  8. Big Al

    From what I remember (I had a 1965 GT convertible “clone”) the ’66’s had the slits in the hubcaps and the three bar side trim ahead of the rear wheels, as this car does.

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  9. David

    in 1970 when I got my 65 for $650 with 52,000 miles on the clock, my local parts guy had trouble finding motor mounts, trans mounts, etc. for a 260 as most were 289s or 200 sixes until he realized all the Falcon 260 parts fit, I was extremely rough on that car but I put over 60,000 miles on it before I sold it three years later for $50 less than I bought it for….

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  10. Charlie48

    I agree with David and Big Al … Also didn’t the 65 also have the barrel speedometer and the 66 has the round … Would be concerned on any work completed be the owner when he doesn’t even know the Vehicle year … 64 1/2 and 65 the same except the extra molding under the hood on the 64 1/2 from the headlight …. 65 66 have more differences …

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  11. scot c

    ~ beautiful bargain, pending PPI.

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  12. Jeff

    I’m Mongoose, and as my fellow car buffs point out the inconsistencies with the year (65′) I’m now leaning to a scam here, especially with no phone number. But the ad has not been “flagged” yet. In my excited haste I overlooked that, which I apologize. I think the old saying “If it looks to good to be true, it usually is” applies here.

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  13. Pat

    Ya know a lot of people don’t stop to think… What can you get for $8900? You can buy an Aveo! How about a POS Taurus?
    I’m thinking even if it isn’t perfect $8900 for a car that will make you smile driving is a good buy!
    I know Bondo ect but just looking at the pics I think its worth it…..

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  14. Mark

    It is a 66 and I too think scam

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  15. Foxxy

    Are the tailpipes not 66 GT.

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  16. R1326

    I am the orignal owner of a 1966 Mustang 289 Convertible. This car has correct standard ’66 wheel covers, side trim, correct perforated seats and inner panels, correct door trim panels and 1966 dashboard. Would be interested in seeing a shot of the engine/trunk/floors, but not sure why this would be considered a scam by readers. Would like to hear if anyone has contacted the owner.

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  17. graham line

    I’m idly curious. Can anyone point me to a breakdown on production of the 64-65-66 Mustangs according to engine and transmission package? V8 vs 6, auto vs stick? Hi-Po?

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  18. jydresto

    maybe a 66? based on the “3 fingered trim” on the quarter panels, front grill, and speedo? Cool car regardless

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  19. gregory

    could be a 66 however… could be a 65 not enough information! Ya really need the vin# and the door tag. I just bought 66 fastback GT K code,and really had to do research on the car.Rember Ford built like 1.5 million in a very short time, I don’t think they even have break downs on production from 64.5 through 66.Nice looking car $8900.00 seems very reasonable if there are no crazy issues.

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  20. Terry Hodge

    Agree with most comments including vin#/door tag / maybe early manufacture confusion . Looking closely noticed bumpers slightly out of line , perhaps not an issue . Personally would check out with great scrutiny , as all aficionados would on any car . If a dubious purchase one may indeed still want , would still offer less than the already ” great price ” !

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