Ready To Rod: 1947 Ford Coupe


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Once World War II was over, American car manufacturers got back to building cars for a product-starved American public. The easiest way to get cars to market as quickly as possible was to adapt the basic designs of Pre-War cars with a bit of face lifting.


From 1946 through 1948 model years, that is just what Ford did. Fortunately for the company, the 1939-42 Fords were very good looking cars in either two door or four door configurations, and the slightly modernized designs of the immediate post-War years are similarly fine looking automobiles.


Two model lines were offered, Deluxe and Super Deluxe, with either straight six cylinder or the famous flathead V-8, driving through a 3 speed manual transmission. Ford made over 438,000 cars in all configurations, including 80,830 Super Deluxe coupes like this one for sale on Craigslist in Bulverde, Texas.


Like many Barn Finds readers, I often deride the ridiculous prices many sellers ask for their barn found junkers these days. But I have no such complaint about this car. The seller is looking for $2,500 or highest offer, and considering the completeness, and seeming rust-free condition of this car, I think it will sell quickly, and hopefully for a reasonable price.


The seller calls this Ford “beautiful” and says it has been “parked in a barn for last 40 years.” Apparently, the original owner wanted to hot rod it, so removed the engine and tranny and then never got back to it. The car is claimed to be “solid with no rust, and it is fairly complete minus the engine and transmission.”


The photos do show a complete and rust-free car, with trunk and interior chock full of parts.


The seller says it is a perfect automobile to make a beautiful hot rod from, and I agree completely. And unless buyers go crazy, this car can be had for a reasonable price too.


Here is a great example of what this car can look like once built. Maybe one of our Texas based readers can make it to the town of Bulverde, north of San Antonio to take this car home, before someone with big bucks finds this car. This could be a great deal on a great base for building a street rod. How would you build this car? Hot flattie? Small block Chevy? Or how about a modern 5 litre Ford engine with a five speed? Add modern suspension, a new interior and a paint job, and you’re ready to roll.

Auctions Ending Soon


  1. HoA Howard AMember

    David, don’t give these people any ideas. There’s plenty of Ford street rods around, but so few stock ones like this. I’m sure at one time, there all kinds of cars like this, so rodding one was no big deal. Like the other cars, ’40-’41 Ford, ’49 Mercury, and this, it’s just so unusual to see a stock one.

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    • David WilkAuthor

      Howard – That is true enough, and I am usually on the side of restoring to stock or keeping original whenever possible. But this car is missing its drivetrain already, so seems you could go in almost any direction with it now, but it will never be a complete and original car. And as the seller points out, it’s the former owner who wanted to make a rod out of it before it went into storage. I looked at the pictures again, and I kind of see your point about keeping it stock. But I keep thinking it would get so much more use with a modern drivetrain, brakes and suspension, wouldn’t it?

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      • HoA Howard AMember

        Hi David, all depends what one would do with it. For a driver, clearly a modern drivetrain is the route to go. If one could refrain from special wheels, you could make it look pretty innocent. For cruise-in or car show only, I’d make it absolutely bone stock. I’ve always thought, older cars should at least APPEAR as they were originally, as most folks couldn’t tell you anything about the mechanicals, but can sure relate to a car that at least looks like dad’s. ( or whomever they had a connection with a certain car)

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  2. gary

    Great find. It’s refreshing to see someone asking a reasonable price for a car for a change. Personally, I would keep it stock for the most part. I would definitely hot rod the flat head ford engine that would have been correct for this year Ford. I would also go no stock with safety items like brakes. And I would probably go non stock with the paint. But anything I did would have to be able to be easily reversed and converted back to stock in case I wanted to do that someday.

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  3. Wayne Thomas

    Just add EcoBoost engine!

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    • Mark S

      The Eco boost is actually a good idea but you’d want the whole package, trans, fuel system, bake system, etc. Do all that then make it look bone stock on the outside. I’d put in a modern interior in though as it’s nice to have good creature comforts.

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  4. bob

    in the 50’s and early 60’s, you couldn’t give them away. everyone wanted the 30’s cars for hot rods. the yellow car is beautiful.

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  5. robert

    Had one when I was in high school. The trunk could sneak in a extra five guys or supply enough cases of beer to make any week-end party a memorable event. I was stopped by a cop one time and in those days could search your car for any reason as it should be now and he was so impressed with the amount of beer in the trunk he let me and my cargo go on. I was sixteen at that time and blitzed when he pulled me over. Also a .45 on the back seat. Times have changed wouldn’t you say folks.
    Long story longer I have a 1947 ford 4dr. and a 1941 ford 4dr. have bunches of complete motors and transmission so restoring to original not a problem for me.

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  6. DENIS

    I love those cars but would have to hot-rod it, leaving the body mostly stock. I see no windows, how hard is it to get replacement glass for these?

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    • robert

      Flat glass is cheap any or call more than one glass shop in your area. There’s always one who will rip you off. Should be no more than $175 including smoothing of edges (very importain). The back window might be a problem but I’ve seen them on eBay and every once in awhile Bob Drake or his son gets them in stock. But you will pay.

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