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Ready To Scare: 1969 Dodge Charger

1969 Dodge Charger RT

I’m pretty sure if you came down the road in this ratty looking Charger, people would turn and run away out of fear! Between the mean sound of the 440 Magnum V8 and the rusty exterior, people would probably be scared that it is either going to explode or that they will get lockjaw just from standing too close to it! While I prefer my Mopars a little less rusty, I have to admit, I’m loving the looks of this hulk. If you want to insight fear in everyone else on the road, you can find this Charger R/T here on eBay in Duncanville, Texas with a BIN of $24,000 and the option to make an offer.

1969 Dodge Charger RT SE

I’m not sure this car is really worth $24k. I know Charger R/T SEs are in demand, but this car needs everything. The seller states it has been relisted due to a dead beat non payer. I’m guessing they decided to not pay after they realized they paid $24k for some 440 powered rust. All criticisms aside, I do hope someone saves this car. I just think the seller might need to take a step back and really look at the car and what it’s going to take to fix. If it were a Hemi car, it would be worth crazy money, but when you can get in a car like Jim’s Charger for $16k or a decent R/T for $30k, it’s hard to justify $24k for a rust bucket. Is the shock factor worth the premium or is this seller dreaming?


  1. Avatar photo randy

    Already sold!!! Steering wheel shifter?

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  2. Avatar photo Frankie Paige

    Steering wheel shifter caught my eye too, he must be meaning column shift automatic. I found one on b bodies only website for $11000, it needed some rear frame rail replacement, in need of a starter too. I went to Nada classic car values too, it’s close to what they say it would be worth. Whoever bought it will have a good project for the winter.

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  3. Avatar photo Tom Member

    Sorry 58K miles…..= B___ S___. 158K maybe 258K. I don’t know if you can destroy a car like this in 58K miles even if it was spread over 45 years. Bucket seats and console rare in a Charger??? How dumb does this guy think people are?? Again, a column shift is more rare HOWEVER, not desirable. Don’t get me wrong, I love cars that are different and have weird options. I once had an awesome 67 442 Bench Seat on the column ordered by the original owner in 67 at the age of 55. Old guy = bench & on the column = rare. Everyone including me likes buckets and a console. oh and, how about 4 speed over automatic? I hate when people selling cars don’t know what they are talking about, throw a bunch of “rare” comments on SH__ that doesn’t matter. I will give him “more rare” but “More desirable” wins on this one. Buckets with a 4 speed will rock the price over a column shift any day in the market. This car is worth restoring no doubt but don’t let that confuse the facts that this thing has a LONG LIST of really bad things going on. In my opinion it has more going against it, than going for it. Sorry, just had to vent.

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  4. Avatar photo Mark S

    I looked at the pic’s very closely and my conclusion is I hope the buyer has a fat wallet. If you don’t have the shop and the skills than your going to have to farm the work out 20k if you do the work yourself 40k for professionals to do the work. This was an awesome car when new, not likely to ever be there again.

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  5. Avatar photo Woodie Man

    Man this thing is crusty. I dont care how rare an auto with bucket seats is , it’s not in the least desirable;, even to an old guy! I row my own gears.It would be humiliating to drive a Charger with an auto. All it needs is a white interior and the humiliation would be complete.

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    • Avatar photo Rspcharger

      Seriously dude? “It would be humiliating to drive a Charger with an auto”? Does all the hair on your manly chest fall out if you sit behind the wheel of an auto? You afraid you will immediately lose your precious heel-toe burnout skills or something? Yes, manuals are better, but get real.

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    • Avatar photo Tom Member

      White interior and some sweet white slip on shoes like Clark Grizwald was given by his brother in law that you wouldn’t wear out on a clutch pedal!

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  6. Avatar photo stillrunners

    Thanks for all the know it all’s that steered us clear of this Charger – and what the heck is that funky am/fm radio…..?

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    • Avatar photo Ed P

      That is a factory radio. Several Chrysler vehicles used the rolling knob radio from ’68 to ’69. My ’68 Valiant had an AM version of this layout.

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  7. Avatar photo randy

    It was sold before the first reply, so there was no steering done here, just a lot of opinions.

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  8. Avatar photo Texas Tea

    I will never understand why someone would buy a rusted hulk for this kind of money. Maybe it’s an impulsive buy, but they will be sorry. And this is not even equipped from the factory to justify a good outcome. Good luck…………………

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  9. Avatar photo Chebby

    Jim’s car ALL DAY LONG.

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  10. Avatar photo rick

    Pretty sure you mean “incite” fear!

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  11. Avatar photo Glen

    If I had my way, I’d buy every, oh say pre- 75, vehicle I could find. Be it auto, standard (manual), bench or bucket, any seat colour car I could find. Just to save them all. Oh to have Warren Buffets’ money! yes ,I love cars. ( and trucks and trains and planes, etc, etc, etc.) have a nice day.

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  12. Avatar photo Rich

    I’m just amazed how many 68-70 Dodge Chargers come up on here, after the Dukes of Hazard TV show/travelling stunt show/Film used up so many of them.

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  13. Avatar photo Chris

    I looked at a bunch of them before buying my 68 about 5 years ago. They are a mess when they get rusty because of the torque boxes and the Unibody design. Lots of junk out there. There do not seem to be lot of 4 speeds out there either. I heard a rumor that there was a strike in the 4 speed plant in the spring of 68 and they actually shipped cars with automatics. Not sure if that is true though. This one is high, maybe $18k. Good ones are close to $50k. The last two years at Barrett Jackson and Russo and Steel, there has maybe been 5 of them go thru auction.

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  14. Avatar photo jd

    Just finish my crack~Sure Buddy~ I’ll give you 24 droolers ! what the heck~Oh Wait! It wasn’t me high on drugs~ Itz you!!

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  15. Avatar photo randy

    Looks like it sold, I wonder how much he squeezed out of it.

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  16. Avatar photo Amber Lynn Williams

    I was looking for a charger like that one but can’t find one I will take it need a paint and body work I could dream that could be mine car how much u asking for the car

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