Real Vintage Race Car? 1938 Chevrolet Gasser!

I love real patina and this old Chevrolet sedan is oozing with it! It is said to be a real vintage race car and would be a great project for someone looking to build a period-correct race car or gasser. It is from 1938 and can be found here on eBay with an asking price of $7,950. Located in Winchester, California the asking price might seem like a premium but a car of this era with real racing provenance can be extremely valuable. Check it out and let us know what you would do with this car.

As with many vintage race cars, the engine and transmission are long gone. It was common for racers to build a monster motor and swap it from car to car as needed. The good thing about this is the new owner will have a blank slate. How ’bout a huge Hemi with side pipes coming out from under the front fenders? What about a big rat motor to keep it Chevy-in-a-Chevy style. Maybe a high-winding supercharged small block to keep it somewhat streetable?

The interior has all the stereotypical racing touches. The spoked deep-dish steering wheel, large dash mounted tach, custom gauge panel, and upholstery all add to the racing vibe. It doesn’t look like the interior is too far gone, but it will certainly need some refurbishing. It would be great if the new owner could keep the vintage style and look that it currently has.

The rear fenders have been radiused to accommodate a large wheel and tire package and the car already has some wide wheels and tires in the back, which give the car a great look. There are clearly some dents and dings, but overall this car has a great look. It appears to be very lightly modified, which is awesome. Let us know how you would build this car if it was yours.

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  1. Steve R

    The seller offers no proof this was an actual racecar. It seems like more of a street car/hot rod. There is no roll bar, the two seats are not what you would expect in a true gasser which would often have one lightweight military surplus seat. Why does it have exhaust pipes set up for stock manifolds rather than headers? The car is located in Southern California, this weekend Bakersfield’s Famoso race track is holding its annual March Meet, which is the biggest nostalgia race on the west coast. It has a huge swapmeet with many international buyers. If this car would stand on its merit, there is no better place to try and sell a real gasser.

    Steve R

    • endoftheroad

      There’s chance that someone at the March Meet might recognize it….

      • Steve R

        Only if it was actually a race car, which I doubt. All of the modifications the seller highlights as proof it was a gasser would be expected for a street car with certain engine swaps and larger tires.

        Steve R


    I agree it looks more lile a Hot Rod built in the gasser style. As has been said, no roll bar race seats makes being a real race car seem unlikely,, unless it was taken off the track and converted into a street car/ street racer. I like the idea of an LS swap with Doug Nash 5 speed limited slip rear. Convert to disc brakes. Otherwise keep outside looking like it is.

  3. Retired Stig

    It has a front license plate. A blue California one. The only gasser here is the seller!

  4. TimM

    Gasser wanna be!!!!

  5. Lion

    Someone ruined a really nice coupe.

    • Tort Member

      Liked gassers when they were first popular and still do but whether a former gasser or street rod being chopped up like it is drops the value significantly.

    • Leman

      They sure ruined a nice old car my birth year too and priced way too high for a rust bucket

  6. Wayne

    I agree, no race car. But it would really make a cool rat rod. Use something unusual for the engine like an early 50s Caddy V8 or Y block Ford with 3 duces or an early GMC V6 with a blower.
    Ok, sorry I will get back on my medication now.
    This could be really cool in so many different ways.

  7. Fred Alexander

    Countless Posibilities Exist For This Coupe –

  8. charlie

    I look at the cars on this site, and say to myself, if someone gave me this, and left it in my driveway, with a title, what would be my reaction? Pleased, well OK, or distressed. This one, clearly distressed.

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