Real 390 X-Code: 1969 AMC AMX

There’s something so unique about an AMC AMX. In a world full of Camaros, Mustangs, Chevelles, and Chargers, seeing an AMX out on the open road can be a rare sight. That sighting becomes even rarer when it turns out to be an X-Code AMX, much like this one from 1969. Found here on Craigslist and submitted by Ikey Heyman, this one looks like a great project.

The AMX could be had with a 315 horsepower 390 V8 in 1969. With a curb weight of only 3,000 pounds, this was a solid performer out roaming the streets. This particular AMX listed here is stated to have just under 70,000 original miles, with the X-Code 390 being rebuilt in 1991. The seller states that the car was only driven about 9,000 miles after the rebuild and before it was parked. That leaves some questions as to why it was parked. Unfortunately, the listing doesn’t give much detail on the running condition. One could easily assume that the nearly thirty-year-old rebuild might now be irrelevant.

The seller does state that this AMX is a super solid project and even with limited pictures, that appears to be so. Although it would be best to give this one a complete restoration, at least starting with a decent project helps in making that restoration happen. And while restoration costs typically exceed the value of the car, this one at least has a rare automatic with air conditioning combination, per the seller. That at least would seem to make the car a little more valuable.

It’d be interesting to know if this one could, at a minimum, be cleaned up and driven with a little work. If that’s possible, it’d be cool to see it running around before restoration in its current condition. The average onlooker will notice that this a very different car, but the true enthusiast will know what it is and what those 390 badges mean. With a nearly $13k asking price, is this real X-Code worth that as it sits?


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    $13K for a 390 Automatic trans AMX that still needs a total restoration? Total as in everything. I mean the patina look is a bit overdone here. A trip to the car wash is in order.

    An AMC V8 needing a rebuild at only 70,000 miles doesn’t seem right. Then why after the trouble of rebuilding only adding 8000 additional miles. The blocks are tough. Graded steel tough. The only way to hurt them was to run it out of oil. Forged rods and cranks on the 390 and the 1971 up 401 too.

    Black exterior with black interior IS a plus though. But if I were in the market for an AMX I might want to hold out for a 70……that is a driver. The updated front suspension is the major benefit along with the Ram Air hood and many other upgrades.

    You will pay more for a decent 1970 but would offset the cost of the ask here AND the restoration needed.

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    • Timmy

      13k need a full resto. Thats a steep step in price. Especially when parts aren’t easy to source.and end value doesn’t make financial sense.

    • Jamie

      You are right about holding out for a 70. I had one when I 17 in 1997. I wondered when I sold it why the guy came with a trailer to buy it. And I’ve been hunting one ever since.

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    As an original Frost white car and an auto you would have to repaint the car. AC is a plus but parts are scarce. It depends on what it needs but 10k tops.

  3. Poppapork

    I wasn’t around in that era but always liked two seater cars (have a c3 and a 280z) how did the AMX drove lets say compared to a camaro or a mustang? It looks pretty short on pictures ( nobody has one in my neighbourhood so im not sure) plus i think the prices on these are a lot friendlier compared to fastback mustangs or camaros. Not to mention AMC is a damn cool brand! But i only see big block gremlins on my local shows :(

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    • redwagon

      Like its muscle car peers the AMX drove very well in a straight line.

      Seriously, no one is going to be doing any canyon carving in these or a Camaro or a Mustang or a Challenger, even if it has the ’70 upgraded suspension. Better? Yes, but no where near what you are used to driving today. However, they are unique and with a bit of modding can be quite respectable in terms of HP, torque and time to whatever speed your testing. Always best to make sure your brakes are fully functional.

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      • Poppapork

        people “canyon carve” in vintage cars all the time (just look at youtube) hill climbs, rally, you name it…(i compete with a datsun)

        And why the reference to modern cars? Nobody asked about that nobody implied that,

        I simply asked if the only two seater muscle car handles better due to being more “square”?

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      • AMCFAN

        My reference for opting out for a 1970 AMX isn’t to “go on a canyon carve”

        It’s obvious everyone here has no knowledge of or with the old style Rambler holdover trunnion front suspension on the 68 and 69 AMX. If you had ever hammered on one just once you would know. Find a good mechanic that STILL remembers them…..that would also be a trick.

        Ronny Kaplan had a hell of a time making the 68/69 Trans AM Javelin take a curve. He modified a Mustang front suspension to get it to stick.

        AMC took note. The 1970 AMX and Javelin including the full line was updated to the typical upper and lower ball joint suspension.

        Nothing against buying a 68/69 AMX. I like all three. I only implied IF I were in the market for an AMX after owning and beating on all three I would opt for a 1970. Expect to pay more for a nice one.

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    • David Bailey

      ..I’ve had several AMX’s and the ’68-’69’s are a bit tighter once you get them sorted out. The 1970’s are more of a pure muscle car–A little more brute force despite the HP figures. A good running ’68-’69 will out handle any similar muscle/sports car, well..At least equal to a Z-28, or Boss 302. AMC’s in general used a lot more plastic to save tooling/production costs, but the CLASSIC AMX’s are the real deal..(Officially rated a classic by??I can’t remember Vintage Antique Club of America??)

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  4. Steve R

    It seems expensive, but is located in a very dry area. If the seller is willing to negotiate the buyer could pick up a solid car that doesn’t need endless rust repair.

    Steve R

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  5. jerry z

    Seems like a solid car from the pics. I’d change it back to the original white and add the red stripe down the middle of the car.

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  6. Sloth

    I’m 67 years old (!). Back in the 60’s and 70’s guys would buy new cars to drive and most of the time to hammer. I had a friend that went to ‘Nam and when he got back in ’69 he bought the hottest Charger there was and just beat it till it was done. Guys in the fifty’s bought cheap used cars and mod them to what they considered a hot rod looked like and/or performed like. People now buy cars for an”investment”. Personnelly, being born in 1953,
    cars were built to use and enjoy and, yeah, sometimes hammered.

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  7. TimM

    What did the X code consists of??? Anyone know???

    • Retiredstig

      The engine code for the ‘AMX’ 390 engine, nothing more.


      390 engine

    • AMCFAN

      390 v8

    • David Bailey

      Tim..Not sure , name meant American Motors eXperimental. Pretty cool as they even had the AMX rumble seat where trunk was-Nearly made it to production. Also, like several stranger cars, you could buy a tent that attached to trunk are. Any sold?..

  8. Paolo

    Buyer says it was originally Frost White which looks very nice on these…… I would restore that.

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  9. Pete Phillips

    Anybody notice those rare mag wheels? Don’t know if that was an option or standard equipment on the AMX, but definitely rare! And seller says they have all four of them. That upholstery is original on the seats so I believe the low mileage claim. Lots to like with this car, except it is too far away from me in Texas!

    • Paolo

      They look like deep dish Magnum 500s. Have not seen them on other cars, were these special exclusives for the AMX?

  10. David Bailey

    Pete phillips…Theey do look kind of original but maybe ‘too deep’?..I don’t know. If not original very close period mags.

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