Reasonably Priced: 1935 Plymouth Deluxe

There’s not much information and only a few pictures in the listing here on eBay for this old Plymouth so there’s not much to say about it. It is completely original and all the interior parts are included. The $4,000 asking price could be reasonable and it appears to be a two-door Touring Sedan. It’s located in Jackson, Michigan. In 1935 the Plymouth was a completely new design even though it looks much like a slightly rounded 1934 model. The frame is stepped, giving it a lower center of gravity. The new design also gave the suspension more travel. This Plymouth drives like a modern car but the driveshaft had to go somewhere so it grew a hump. I love driving the museum’s 1936 Plymouth to various events. It drives more like a car from the 1950s than one from the 1930s.

Here’s the only peak we have of the interior. It appears to have seats, a floor, dash, and a steering wheel.

There’s some sad looking rust showing on this end. It might go all the way into the trunk. I hope someone saves this old Plymouth. This listing doesn’t give us much to go on, but it does look hopeful. If it’s original, complete and not too rusty it might be a viable project. Perhaps there’s someone who would love to restore this old Plymouth, or perhaps just do enough to make it a driver. It could also be that the new owner will mount the old body on a modern frame and create a resto rod. I hope this old Plymouth stays as original as possible.

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  1. geomechs geomechs Member

    Every time I see one of these I’m reminded of a farmer out west who bought a bunch of stripped out hulks to drop in the river to keep the bank from eroding away. He had several cars from Hudsons, Dodges, Chevys, one ’50 Ford and a ’35 Plymouth. The Plymouth really got to me because it was almost complete, with the exception of the power train. It even had the springs. All the stainless trim, though battered, was still there; two parts of the hood were in the trunk. It even had the spare still in the trunk. The interior was complete. Over a series of dark nights the cars got loaded up and hauled away. The farmer was rather upset but it was a time when I actually applauded the thieves.

    • Dairymen

      Why would you applaud the thieves? Anybody could of bought the cars and the farmer paid his money that he worked hard for! I hate to see a nice original car getting “updated” with a SBC but that doesn’t give me or anybody else the right to steal it!

      • geomechs geomechs Member

        I applauded the thieves because they saved the cars from becoming fodder in a vain attempt to stem the changing course of the river. This is something that has been tried before but it’s like peeing on a forest fire; it’s a waste. People told the farmer that it was a waste of time and effort; he would need at least 100 car bodies to accomplish what he wanted. He was approached many times to sell the cars but he refused. They sat there for probably fifteen years. That was over forty years ago and if you visited the same riverflat today you would see that the course of the river has completely changed; the cars wouldn’t have amounted to anything other than a bunch of rusty tin out in the middle of the old riverbed. No, I do NOT promote car theft (I lost a ’38 Ford 2-door and still mourn the loss) but giving the cars a chance at a new life instead of becoming an environmental hazard, makes one sometimes think that theft was the lesser of the evils.

  2. 86 Vette Convertible

    Hope it’s fixed up and hits the road again. Back in the mid 60’s, a neighbors father drove a 47 Plymouth 2 dr. I’d known him and done farm work for his son and son-in-law. Turned out Roy (the father) had a 33 Plymouth 5 window coupe parked in the corn crib on the SIL. I was down at the SIL’s place and had a chance to see it, it’s was totally complete. Turned out Roy had parked it because the u-joints on the drive shaft were shot and bought the 47 to drive out to the farms in its place, parking. I fell in love with it and made a deal with Roy the day I had a place I’d buy it from him (Dad wouldn’t let me drag it home to the farm unfortunately), not bad for a 16 yr old kid. Even when I graduated HS and left home I’d go drop by Roy’s place to say hi to him and confirm our deal was still on. Took a little time (6 yrs) but I got a place and went to see Roy, turned out he’s passed away a few months before and his SIL had sold the 33. I admit I missed Roy, but I missed out on the chance for the 33.

  3. Bob Mackie

    These were great old cars.I learned to drive on a 1936 P2 . Same color, Same body except the grill was a little different. Great cars. I remember my folks got it over hauled for about $35.00 when the time came.

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