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Rebel with a Cause: 1981 Chevrolet C-10

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The aftermarket customizer known as Choo Choo Customs produced some highly memorable products back in the day, but you’d be forgiven for not knowing every vehicle they blessed with their personalization techniques. This 1981 Chevy C-10 pickup here on eBay is supposedly one of only 200 “Rollin’ Rebel” editions made, and it’s up for grabs in South Carolina with active bidding and the reserve unmet. 

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These Choo Choo conversions pop up from time to time, but they’re never terribly valuable. This truck essentially amounted to the bodyside graphics, a nicer interior and some custom aero touches like the front air dam and side steps. It certainly looked the business but didn’t have any extra power to back up the added flair.

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The interior does look like a comfortable place to spend some time, and I dig that period sport steering wheel. Wasn’t expecting to see that in a truck! The seats remain in nice shape, as does the dash panel. The seller notes that while the truck has 91,000 miles it has been marked “exempt” according to the state of South Carolina due to a paperwork hiccup.

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While I am generally not a fan of vehicles that look like they’re packing extra power when in actuality they don’t differ all that much from stock, I am willing to give the Rollin’ Rebel a pass. Why? Mainly because trucks like these aren’t seen on the roads anymore, and it harkens back to an era where you could intertwine history and truck sales without igniting a riot.


  1. Avatar photo BEAVERHOUND

    my dad had a few of these and always seemed so plasticy(for lack of a better word) and i never really cared for them much.

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  2. Avatar photo JW454

    I don’t remember this offering but, I do remember other cars customized by Choo Choo. A certain El Camino comes to mind. I already had the maroon “Members Only” Jacket to go with it. I bought a red ’88 Camaro Tee top instead.

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  3. Avatar photo Chebby

    My buddy had a late ’80s Choo Choo Camaro in high school. It was all show…very tarted up, but still only the 2.8 V6 and automatic.

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  4. Avatar photo Mark 'cuda man

    Here’s a 1981 C-10 short bed that I found (and plan on buying). It shows 41k miles and the original owner’s 65 year old son owns it now. It is all original and has an incredible solid almost al rust free body. I know it looks rough but it just needs a nice paint job. The red interior is still quite nice.

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    • Avatar photo Jesse D

      Is she for sale?

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      • Avatar photo Mark 'cuda man


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  5. Avatar photo Prowler

    Be proud to be a rebel cause the South.is gonna do it again and again

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  6. Avatar photo jaygryph

    I imagine there are plenty of people here and in general that would not agree with this statement, but I believe stuff like this will find a niche in a few years. The 80’s and early 90’s oddball cars are finding buyers that remember them nostalgically. Weird aero mods that do nothing, panel paint jobs and model names of questionable political correctness have a kind of charm when everything now days is a dozen airbags and stability control.

    I kinda like it, just for how quirky and obviously 80’s it is. I say polish it up and put a more modern hopped up engine in there so the power matches the brashness of the cocaine mullet paintjob and go have some fun.

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  7. Avatar photo Berry Tweedell

    Anyone who knows the owner that listed that truck I am very interested in it I was the winning bidder but his reserve wasn’t met I would like to talk with him thanks

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    • Avatar photo Jesse Staff

      You can contact seller right through eBay Berry. Good luck!

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      • Avatar photo Berry Tweedell

        I tried he was a newer eBay member and must not check his emails thanks though!

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  8. Avatar photo James

    My mom owned #142 of 200 . I loved it . It had a Dixie horn also and a camper cover on it . Only seen 1 more like this . She traded it in on a Dodge Daytona . Big mistake . She bought hers at Ward Smith Chevrolete in Seneca SC , which is no longer in business, I wish I could find it . She had it for years and repainted it solid gray because the paint job was going to cost $1500 in late 80’s .

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  9. Avatar photo Michael Greene

    A buddy of mine had one of these Rolliin Rebel Trucks…. The one he had was nice as hell… It didn’t have the same paint job as the one on here… It was like a solid gray with the Rollin Rebel decal ‘s, spoilers and a pretty sharp custom interior, pw, pb, tinted glass, a definite upgrade for sure … It wasn’t brutally fast , but it wasn’t no slouch….the one he had, had a V8… A 350… I don’t know if it came that way, but, it was a 350… It was a badass truck in its day .. it was a nice truck… I wish I had it… I remember the plack that was on the dash… But I can’t remember what number it was…

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