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Recently Restored: 1972 Chevrolet K10 Pickup

With classic Pickups remaining a hot ticket in the market, it is common for the right vehicle to attract considerable attention. That makes this freshly restored 1972 Chevrolet K10 an interesting proposition. Following an unsuccessful auction, it was recently relisted here on eBay in Escalon, California. It attracted forty-seven bids on that occasion, with a closing price below the reserve of $35,601. The seller has decided to take that second bite at the cherry, with the Chevy receiving a single bid of $1,000 at the time of writing. There is a BIN option of $58,000 for those wishing to bypass the auction process.

The history of this Second Generation K10 is unclear, although the listing suggests the seller has been its custodian for two years. They performed a comprehensive restoration, including some progress shots in their listing. The process included replacing the bed and front clip with fresh AMD steel. This was cloaked in a dazzling combination of Yellow and White. The seller doesn’t indicate when work ended, but the overall condition suggests the Pickup has seen little action since. There are no signs of significant marks or defects and no evidence of rust. It appears the bed received a chip-resistant coating before the Yellow was applied, protecting it from future physical damage and deterioration. The chrome and trim look virtually flawless, and the glass is crystal clear. The K10 rolls on a set of 15″ x 8″ steelies wearing restored dog dish hubcaps.

The K10’s interior presents as impressively as its exterior, with a total retrim returning it to a factory-fresh state. However, this is one aspect of the Pickup where there have been wholesale changes. The SPID sticker in the glovebox confirms that the original Green vinyl trim has made way for the current Brown. The result is pleasing, and it would undoubtedly receive favorable comments at a show or a Cars & Coffee. There is no visible wear or other problems, but those seeking creature comforts might be disappointed. The seller added a tilt wheel during the build, but there are no factory options, like air conditioning or a radio. I don’t consider that a negative because modern technology means that throwing a Bluetooth system onto the seat for entertainment on long journeys is an alternative that will retain the factory appearance.

The SPID sticker confirms the original owner ordered this K10 with a 350ci V8 and a three-speed Turbo Hydramatic transmission. The small-block would have produced 175hp and 290 ft/lbs of torque in its prime, allowing the Pickup to haul heavy loads or climb effortlessly into harsh terrain. This is one aspect of the listing that creates a genuine mystery. It lists the engine as a 350, with the owner referring to updates. However, they don’t elaborate on what these are. It looks like it may include an aluminum intake, and I think there might be headers feeding the spent gases to a dual exhaust. Beyond that, your guess is as good as mine! The seller says the vehicle runs and drives smoothly, and the video embedded in their listing allows us to hear the engine at idle. It sounds sweet and clean, with no smoke or odd noises.

This 1972 Chevrolet K10 Pickup presents beautifully and is as close to an as-new example as you will likely find in the current market. It needs nothing and would suit an enthusiast who is not in a position to undertake a project build. That leads us to the question of the seller’s price and whether the BIN figure is justified. It is well above the market average and sits around the figure suggested by Hagerty for a #2 example. The closing price from the previous auction stands at about what a buyer might pay for a tidy and solid survivor, but this vehicle is undoubtedly better than that. They could potentially secure a sale, but they may need to be patient for this to occur. Do you think the price is realistic, or do you have another figure in mind?


  1. Roland

    $58,000 will buy a well loaded new pickup with many creature comforts and a long warranty. As nice as this one is, its competition may be hard to resist. However, someone is out there with $58k burning a hole in their pocket and new vehicles in their driveway.

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  2. geomechs geomechs Member

    Very nice! I like everything about this except for the engine bay. I can’t understand why everyone wants to run headers. They’re prone to failure; they leak and they heat the engine bay up to melt down. A good set of manifolds, dual exhausts, with a Quadrajet feeding it is a good way to make that engine breathe, and all you’ll ever need on a 4×4. You could run a 300 hp 327 camshaft along with a set of .194 heads (the latter which it probably came with) and have plenty of zip. I might add that a completely stock appearing engine, complete with snorkel, is a sale booster. However, I wouldn’t kick this off my driveway…

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    • bobhess bobhess Member

      Headers are only a problem if you buy the cheap ones. As for heat, not a big problem in an engine compartment this big but in the smaller cars, like our race cars, we use header wrap to contain the heat. It also adds a little power as the hotter you keep the length of the header tubing the engine is more efficient. Not sure about the asking price but this is a very nice truck.

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    • Al camino

      For 58k this should have the white stripe,the moldings on the sides,the white letters on tailgate,the rally wheels,and what geomechs said to get close to the price he wants instead of a plain Jane truck! If you’re paying big money,you want your money’s worth.

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  3. Troy

    Nice truck I think they are late in getting it posted to sell less than a year ago someone would have hit th buy it now button however the market is cooling off for a bit I think the first attempt to sell showed that. Good luck to the seller I hope you find your buyer

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  4. Sherm

    At half price – maybe.

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  5. Matthew Dyer

    It seems to be a physical oxymoron. A truck that you wouldn’t use as a truck. That is nothing new with the bubble fender oldies but…
    Just my 2 cents or whatever it is worth these days.

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  6. Dan

    $58K for one that’s not a Cheyenne Super…Given that I saw a “72 Cheyenne on BJ not long ago selling for just over $50K this Plain Jane example is waaaaay overpriced and I don’t care if the seller has that much invested in it.

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  7. scrapyard john

    This is one of my favorite body styles, I suppose because by grandfather had one that we used to feed hay out of. Plus, they’re just a pretty attractive design anyway. His was a 2 wheel drive long wheel base in a seafoam green color that was sort of beaten on, had a loud exhaust (probably glasspacks), and smelled like Lucky Strikes. I don’t think he ever pushed it over 1500 rpm, he just kind of eased around in it with the exhaust making that blub, blub, blub sound. If I ever find one like that for about 10% of the price of this one, I’m going to try and buy it!

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  8. Larry

    I have owned several of body these style trucks. I had a 72 with a 3 speed on the column. Sure wish I had held on to that one. Beautiful trucks but unrealistic on the price, Good Luck.

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