No Reserve, V8 And A 4-Speed! 1967 Pontiac Firebird Convertible


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Represented as a “driver,” I would be happy to be driving this 1967 Pontiac Firebird Regimental Red convertible anywhere! The seller is the second owner and has a lot of original documentation included with the sale, so you have a lot of history to go through as you drive it home with the top down! If you choose to buy it and make that drive home, you’ll be starting in Langley, British Columbia, Canada (unless you buy it from overseas!)


This isn’t exactly a low-profile car, and the hood-mounted gauge doesn’t help you go incognito either. But then again, you aren’t going to be buying a screaming red Firebird convertible if you are trying to go unnoticed. The seller tells us that the paintwork is from the 1970’s and is showing it’s age. From this distance, it actually doesn’t look that bad, but you might want to look closer.


Unfortunately, you’ll probably be repainting at least this part of the Firebird anyway, as rust has taken hold here. On the bright side, it seems to be localized to this one quarter panel. Based on the good quality under car pictures posted by the seller, I think that’s an accurate statement. The great thing is that the patch panel you need is available here for only $45!


I think I’d wait until after I had enjoyed topless cruising all summer before fixing the car, though; it just looks too inviting. I would replace the 1980’s vintage tires right away though!


Things get even better when you look inside–that’s a manual transmission and a darned nice original interior! I can’t believe the seller couldn’t be bothered to lower the rear windows for this picture, though! The power top makes going convertible easy!


That’s the original 326 V8 under the hood, and it’s said to run great. With bidding currently at about $1,600 and no reserve, I can’t see any reason not to go visit our neighbor to the North (unless you’re already there) and take this one home! You can find the auction listing here on eBay. Let us know if you bring this beautiful red drop-top home!

Auctions Ending Soon


  1. Joe

    Very nice example. I would re-route the duel exhausts from right under the gas tank to the side if possible. I also would get rid of the the towing hitch, that always signals a harder than normal life.

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  2. Dick

    says no reserve, but on ebay says reserve not met

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  3. Slidey

    I’d put on the Pontiac rallye wheels with the redwall tires. Or is that too much red?

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    • Van

      RWL 255/60r15
      Hood with scoups

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  4. sunbeamdon

    Dueling dual exhausts?? But a good point; I’m going to try to get my brother-in-law to look at this one (he lives less than five mi +- from location)

    Maybe 78 cent dollars make this a do-able deal; but price of poker is rising!

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  5. grant

    Bidding up to just below 4k US, but according to the Ebay page, there IS a reserve, and it isn’t met.

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    • Jamie Palmer JamieAuthor

      Sorry, Grant, wasn’t trying to mislead anyone–there wasn’t anything that said reserve when I wrote it up. I didn’t think you could add a reserve when on eBay?

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  6. sunbeamdon

    Grant – a little behind – now near $4,900.00 USD. Seller may be testing the water

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  7. Little_Cars AlexanderMember

    These are the kinds of cars I was buying and enjoying back in the late 70’s and early 80’s. Too bad this isn’t a no reserve auction. Someone will get a good canvas for a sleeper resto if it remains below $7000. I agree about some Rally II wheels and redlines added.

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  8. JW

    Nice find, love those first generation Firebirds. Not a convertible fan of those years because of noise when closed up but as a driver who cares. The 326 is a great reliable motor, had one in my mom’s 67 Lemans and it ran forever until I used it in one of my demolition derby days and the motor still ran after the car was demolished.

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  9. stillrunners

    one my dad wouldn’t let me have from an ex brother-in-law that had it in the mid 70’s still in good shape….did get to drive it though….4 speed and yellow with a black convert top…..

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  10. Robert White

    An old band member of mine had a 69 Firebird 454 and I got to test drive it one night which was fun. They are great cars with big blocks IMHO. They are not worth the money that people ask for them either.


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  11. DolphinMember

    For some reason I always seem to like first year cars the most.

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  12. redwagon

    nice driver. original hood tach, very nice trunk condition for a convertible (had a ’68 i should know) and nice interior condition. optional console, wide ratio 4 speed and a nice v8 with decent torque. 4 original hubcaps? you have to be kidding me. this would be a blast to drive.

    the mufflers have to be rerouted. an original dual exhaust would use a single muffler in front of the gas tank perpendicular to direction of travel. exhaust would exit just aft of the rear tires before the rear bumper.

    hard to tell if the cocktail shakers are still present but if they are gone and with the older style rear suspension found on the ’67s expect a lot of wheel hop. not an issue if you drive it within its limits.

    great color combo. this would look really sharp with a simple clay bar and wax or a bit of rubbing compound depending on how it was repainted.

    glws but why repaint the engine? looks like overspray on the alternator support rod.

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  13. Chad Pearson

    I would have been in on this even though it it isn’t my favorite bird. But now we crossed 10k US on eBay

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  14. Charles

    I’d love to restore it to original spec’s and use it as a weekend cruiser.

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