Reduced To Parts: 1937 Chrysler Airflow

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“Car is fully GUARANTEED!” proclaims the seller. Then adds, “Guaranteed not to run, start, idle, move, make a sound, period“. No point in beating around the bush, right? In spite of that warning, a 1937 Chrysler Airflow is always worth a review. Located in McDonough, Georgia, this vintage Chrysler is available, here on eBay for a BIN price of $500.

A Chrysler Airflow is a car that you recognize the moment you spy it. It was part of a trend to streamline that originated in the Art Deco era and the Airflow, while not the only automotive example, may have been the best representation. The low drag coefficient concept spread to other forms of transportation too, like railroad locomotives from the New York Central Railroad and the Milwaukee Rood too. A unibody-designed automobile with challenging, specific welding requirements, the Airflow’s all-steel structure proved to be an expensive design to manufacture. Unfortunately, the consuming public wasn’t enthralled with the Airflow’s unique appearance, and between that, and some early manufacturing defects, the Airflow never got the necessary wind under its wings to reach the needed sales take-off. Total production from the Airflow’s mid-1934 introduction until its 1937 conclusion was less than 30K units.

The seller is insistent that this Airflow is a parts car at best. Besides what’s represented by the listing images, this car comes with extra body panels though some are admittedly, badly rusted. The seller feels, however, that the panels, “can be revived by any qualified metal worker. 4 doors, 3 fenders, hood, trunk lid, roof, etc“. That’s probably one of those “remains to be seen” matters. Unfortunately, the grille, the Airflow’s most distinctive feature, is missing.

The 324 CI, in-line, eight-cylinder, flathead engine has been pretty well stripped down. The seller suggests that the manifolds, which he has and are hard to find, are in good, usable condition. The three-speed manual transmission, as with many other components, is missing.

The interior is really just an inside, it is completely gutted and there appears to be nothing that is usable, other than maybe the window cranks. It’s suggested that the “floorboards” are redeployable but the front toe board is missing and what remains of the remainder looks to be heavily rusted.

The seller states, “I didn’t make any attempt to clean up the car so it is very dirty but usuable“. And that’s understandable, there is no reason to clean up what is essentially, a worn parts collection. But that said, the viability of the parts looks to be minimal. Admittedly, some of the body panels, those lacking the noted “badly rusted” character, may be of value but that’s it as far as I can determine. What do you think, is there any remaining value to this hulk?

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  1. mike b

    I guess you can have too much air flow.

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  2. Rodney - GSM

    Looks like those two chrome curved vents above where the grill use to live are worth the $500 price of admission if you are restoring another one. How about the light housing over the rear license plate…

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  3. A.G.

    Someone got a bargain likely as a parts car. It would take some time, effort and money but I can see this as a street rod.

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  4. no juan

    Good one for a 4×4 cassis

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  5. grant

    The Charger shaped pile of rust is up to $8700. This for $500? Hell yes. Use the body for a hotrod.

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    • Robert White

      Two Chargers are for sale as one deal. It’s a good deal still at the current bid.


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      • Gary Rhodes

        They are turds

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  6. Mike

    The word protuberance popped into my head when I saw those headlights.

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    Major deal for $500.

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  8. Fred W

    Best car I’ve seen here for the price. This would have been worth $100 in the 70’s, $500 today makes it a steal

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  9. Jack Quantrill

    Love those “mammary-gland” headlights! Designers, had a lively sense of humor.

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  10. jerry z

    Those aren’t the factory headlights. Guess they made a kit to convert to sealed beam headights. That would make a epic street rod!

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  11. 86_Vette_Convertible

    IMO this one will take a tremendous amount of work to get it into shape, assuming you can find or make the missing pieces. This one I would consider updating the frame and drive train to something modern mainly because unless you could find those missing engine parts it could become a big flower planter.
    I think the Airflow’s were too far ahead of their time, they never got the love they deserved.

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  12. Robert White

    Totally smitten here.

    $500.00 USD is far too good to be true.


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  13. Gordon

    Those sealed beam conversion monstrosity’s caught my attention , right off .. surely they could have done better than that . . . My dad had a 37 Ford with conversions that didn’t look half bad . .

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  14. HCMember

    Not a bad price for someone with the mechanical and bodywork and welding skills to do a custom hot rod or rat rod. At least with some imagination, it could be a driver again.

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  15. Mark

    SBC and a 4 speed.
    Rat Rod…

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  16. Gary Rhodes

    I can see this with the roof restyled into a ultra classy sedan delivery. Black with red interior, wide whites with red wheels and trim rings, Morrison chassis and a Hellcat engine/trans. Ridler Winner.

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  17. Brandon Dennis

    I am now currently the new owner of this exact ’37 Chrysler Airflow. Its a little more beat up than it is now. The remaining fender is bent in, and the open quarter window is broken out. It had sat for a few years in the woods since being sold back in 2021 to previous owner, it is currently in SC.
    I plan on trying to fix it up, but I have several projects going on ahead of this one, so it will be on the back burner for now.
    I do have a Youtube channel called “Project Rescues”, and it will likely end up on the channel at some point if I work on it, and for the heck of it, I will give it a much needed pressure washing.

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    • Heck DodsonMember

      Maybe you should keep us all updated on your progress with this great vehicle.

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  18. Heck DodsonMember

    Keep us updated with your progress

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    • Brandon Dennis

      I will. Not sure if the guy that had it before in Georgia pulled all the parts off of it, but it looks to be pretty well stripped of its original interior parts. Would likely be best to possibly restomod this one with modern interior and drivetrain if original parts can’t be located.

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  19. Brandon Dennis

    I have this ’37 Airflow up for sale currently for $2500obo. If anyone’s interested.

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    • Jesse Jesse MortensenStaff

      @Brandon Dennis – Why don’t you send it in and we will auction it!

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