Refurbished Survivor: 1941 Chrysler Royal

Described as “refurbished, not restored” this 1941 Chrysler Royal looks to be in excellent survivor condition. Leading further into its survivor status is a claimed 75,000 original miles. With great styling,  this Chrysler is offered at $9,000. Find it here on craigslist out of Yakima, Washington.

Beneath the engine covers lies a very clean and crisp flathead inline 6 engine and a Fluid Drive transmission. Everything under the hoods looks clean to a “T”. Even the paint looks wonderful where the fender meets the firewall. With no signs, of corrosion, chipping paint, or really any flaws at all, this Chrysler looks more like a show car under the hood than a survivor.

From the interior of this Chrysler all we see is a clean and original interior. Described as the original mohair interior, this Chrysler is really looking to be something special. It would appear the seller added seat belts and a steering wheel cover to aid in safety, and to perhaps hide a slightly blemished steering wheel? The dash and door panels look wonderful with no signs of damage.

Even the door jambs are pretty on this one, though we are sure those are new sill plates. The driver side of the front bench seat shows a little wear, but isn’t too bad off.  The back seat looks very nice as does the headliner. We are certain that the interior isn’t 100% original but we believe that some parts are original indeed. The dove grey color on the exterior is thought to be original and has a certain luster to it that modern paints just don’t have. We have yet to find any rust or corrosion on this Chrysler, so we think it is safe to say it is rust free. All of the trim and chrome work is present and has a lovely shine as well, though the bumpers have some mild hazy areas revealing some signs of age.

Recently receiving a lot of maintenance, and service, this Chrysler will likely be a fun, low maintenance driver.  Would you bring home this classy survivor?


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  1. Wayne

    $9k, snooze and you lose. I don’t think this will last long at that price.

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  2. KeithK

    Slap a Charger 440 emblem on the trunk lid and a rebel flag on the roof and this is a six figure car right? Kidding. Sweet ride. Good value at 9k.

  3. Howard A Member

    What a fantastic car. Personally, it appears to be a restoration, new wiring, for sure. Cars of this vintage had that funky rope type insulation, and the steering wheel, I’m sure was hard to find, so they covered it. Regardless, it must have been a clean car to begin with, and I don’t remember seeing many Chryslers like this at shows. Plymouth’s and Dodge’s, but not many Chryslers. These “Spitfire” 6 cylinders were silver, and Allpar claims, less than 7,000 of these were made before the war stopped production. They say these can bring $80g’s like this. Flippers are probably jumping over each other to get this. I hope someone buys this, gets a good deal, and enjoys this magnificent car.

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    • Wayne

      I have owned two of these and still have one of them. This is a ’41 not a war shortened 1942 model and many more than 7k of them were built. The Royal was the entry level Chrysler and while nicely appointed, are not a highly desirable or sought after unit. You are quite correct about the engine color – it should be silver. The wiring is completely wrong on this example, an indicator that it may have been converted to a 12v system. If not, I wouldn’t trust the wiring as it is for a 6v system. The interior looks terrific and the bakelite trim appears to be accounted for and in good condition. $9k is close to the top of the mark for this one.

  4. Fred W.

    Distance may be the only thing preventing this one from an instant sale. What a deal!

  5. leiniedude leinieduede Member

    What a car!!!! I just can’t stop looking at it, and the interior is killer. Man, I hope someday before I check out I can get a ride in something like this. The only thing missing is a violin case.

    • Scott

      ’40’s cars ride like old pickup trucks. They have character. I highly recommend riding in one or better yet owning one. They can be daily drivers. Just drive them like they would have been driven in the ’40’s. They can be driven on freeways but are more suited to surface streets.

      • DrinkinGasoline

        I’m not sure how many 40’s vehicles you’ve rode in but, in my 40+ years of enjoying vehicles, these were some of the smoothest riding cars to date.

      • Scott

        I agree with you. They are smooth and the inline motors are so quiet.

        I am always at a loss for how to describe the experience. To me the easiest one is an older pickup. That is because I figure most of those on this site will have been in one. The upright sitting, bench seat, bouncy seat, height, big steering wheel, column shift. They are so different from the 50’s and up cars.

        If you have a better way to describe it please let me know as I get asked quite often.

    • Howard A Member

      Hi leiniedude, yeah, that does look like a bullet hole in the left front fender.

      • leiniedude leinieduede Member

        LOL! Just what I thought Howard. Just did not want to burst Scotts balloon. Man, stay warm my friend, take care, Mike. P.S. Love the putz remark, I use it all the time.

  6. Scott

    The other day I commented that I would rather have a Packard than the ’40 Hudson. Then this comes along. The seller has done just what Iwould have done, except I would put in an alternator.

    Sent an email and going to arrange to take a look. It’s not a Packard, have zero experience with Chryslers, but it is gorgeous, is a starter model, and it is stock just how I like them.

    • Dave Wright

      I too love Packards but Chryslers are exceptional vehicles as well. I would prefer the straight 8 but the 6 is easier to get parts for and a gem of an engine. Lots of expertise and enthusiasm for early Chryslers good luck

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    • leiniedude leinieduede Member

      Best of luck Scott!

    • Howard A Member

      Let us know how it goes. I don’t think you will be alone. As a side note, I’ve had at least a dozen vehicles with generators, and never had a problem. Fact is, I’ve had more alternators go out than generators.

  7. David Montanbeau

    We have a customer that is selling his house and he is going to tour all of N. America and Mexico for 2 years with his wife and 2 young kids. Here is the car that he will be driving. A 1948 Chry.

  8. David Montanbeau

    Here is a 48 that we just rewired from the headlights to taillights.

    • Scott

      Could you tell me where I can find more info on these and the most useful forums.


      • Howard A Member

        A thumbs down on this one? Who ever you are, you are clearly a putz.

  9. Wayne Thorpe Member

    Scott, best of luck, but if you choose not to buy, I would gladly buy it and enjoy it. I am retiring shortly. Fly out there and drive it the long way home. Wayne in CT

  10. Paul B

    I would love this thing. Class and solid engineering throughout. A representative of one of Chrysler’s best eras.

  11. Steve

    What a car! Won’t last long at the price. Would love to see that in my garage in S.Carolina but my 67 Plymouth and 66 Dodge leave no room. Always wanted a 40’s or 50’s Mopar. To Whomever, good luck and enjoy.

  12. Mark S Member

    I can’t tell you guys how much I like this car, but then I’m biased I have a 51 dodge Mayfair a Canadian model exclusively. I’ve been through my car front to back, just needs final body work and paint. From my experience these 40’s and 50’s Mopars are about the most solid built cars of there era, and there simple to work on. I’ve truely enjoyed spending many hours digging through all the grudge and rust. The dodge is a smaller version of these big Chryslers with basically a smaller engine of the same engineering. These cars were the favourites of taxi company’s due to there resilience and easy of repair. Seeing this car makes me want to run out to my man cave and finish up the bodywork on my dodge but right know it’s to cold to be running an extra furnace so I’ll wait for better weather. Nice find and I hope this car lands in the hands of someone that really knows what they got.

  13. DrinkinGasoline

    Chrysler had what was advertised as “chair height seating” and it served them well as well their consumer base. The seats in my DeSoto sit better and firmer than my queen mattress.

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  14. Rex Rice

    Nobody mentions the Fluid Drive. Although there is a clutch, the driver could leave the car in gear while stopped. With the gear lever down, the car starts out in med range, lifting the gas allows a shift to high gear. With the gear lever up, it starts in low range. Holding the brake while winding the engine full out, I could burn lots of rubber with my brother’s ’48 Chrysler convert, when he wasn’t around.

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