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Replacement Parts Included: 1970 Dodge Charger R/T

The 1970 Dodge Charger R/T is one of the more popular of the collectible cars because it combines winning style with very impressive performance figures. This one will need some pretty major restoration work, but the owner at least gives you a point from which to start. Barn Finder Patrick S spotted the Charger for us, so thank you for that Patrick. Located in Minnetonka, Minnesota, the Charger has been listed for sale here on eBay. With a BIN price of $22,999, or the option to make an offer, this is a car that is worth taking a closer look at.

The new pieces of steel sitting on top of the Charger will give you some indication that there are some rust problems with the vehicle. This includes rust in the trunk pan, the quarter panels, the rear valance, and a small area in the floor on the driver’s side. That is a bit of a list, but the owner is including a full set of replacement parts from AMD, which should help the next owner to address all of these problems. While the glass that is present looks to be quite good, the next owner will also need to shell out some money on a new windshield. One positive is that it appears that the exterior trim and chrome is pretty well all present, and most of it looks like it is in quite reasonable condition.

The interior of the Charger is a bit of a mixed bag for the next owner. While the original radio is missing, the rest of the dash and pad look like they are in good condition, including the rally gauges. The same can be said for the floor console, headliner, the rear seat, and the rear trim. The front seats will need new covers, while the upholstery on the door trims will need replacing, along with the carpet. So there’s some work to be done, but once again, it looks like there’s a solid base from which to work. One bonus with this car is that it appears that it was also fitted with factory air conditioning.

If only the good news continued under the hood. What usually occupied this void was a 440ci V8, pumping out a healthy 375hp. Shifting duties were handled by a 3-speed TorqueFlite transmission. Sadly, it appears that both the engine and transmission have gone AWOL, which is a real tragedy for this car. The owner does include an A-833 4-speed manual transmission as part of the deal, but things would have been so much nicer if the original components were still around. I guess that leaves the next owner with some choices to make regarding the final specifications of the car. Do they at least attempt to source date-correct items to return the car to as close to original condition as possible, or do they go their own way, and build the Charger of their dreams? I would be interested to hear our reader’s thoughts on that.

There’s no doubt that everything was looking pretty rosy with this Charger until the moment that we lifted the hood. Interestingly, the owner makes what appears to be some pretty wild claims about the potential value of the Charger if it were restored to original, and they really aren’t that far off the mark. Certainly, there are any number of non-original 1970 Charger R/Ts kicking around today that are fetching prices north of $45,000. So if the next owner can manage to locate date-correct components, then these sorts of prices are definitely feasible.


  1. Gaspumpchas

    23 large , no drivetrain, but its in kit form. The real $$ is in the labor. No good pics of the car or extent of rust. SMH. Good luck to the new owner.

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  2. TimM

    Yeah I’m with you another high priced mopar shell with boxes of parts!! No thanks!!

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  3. Troy s

    Very sporty dash as this car should have, the always menacing stance these second gen Chargers project, but nothing interesting to look at mechanically. A person made of money could build an interesting driver/show/fiddle with car here in a situation where smiles per mile and trial an error performance mods out weigh resale value. Just sayin’.

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  4. Keith

    23k? Wow…….LOL!

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  5. Sandy Claws

    22 trillion, not enough.

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  6. David

    Amazing seller prices, no doubt the newer vehicle related television shows that make moms 4 door slant 6 Dodge Dart a $14,000 prize possession found in a barn aremaking these cars gain value.

    I grew up on these were a $3,500 car.

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    • Sandy Claws

      By the early 80s, a car like this was often crushed, and if left to rot, the people next door got grumpy and called the township to see that it was no longer an eyesore.

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    • SumtingWong

      New $3500, back then.

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  7. George Mattar

    $23 maybe. Mopar folks are more insane than Chevelle people. By the way, I work in a body shop. While it is admirable AMD makes new metal, it is junk and does not fit. A now retired Pontiac expert told me in 2004 and I quote, “Do not buy rusty cars. They will always be available. Buy NOS parts and factory manuals. They aren’t making anymore.” One of our metal guys said by the time he gets AMD or any other repo sheet metal to fit correctly, you may as well just repair the old or get NOS. Hours of needless work and frustration.

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  8. 433jeff

    Thank you George for spilling the beans on AMD an repo metal.

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  9. Jeff

    George you are correct about replacement parts i ordered lower rear quarters for a my 66 coronet. 120 bucks a side. Not even close they looked like they were formed with a shovel. and a 2 by 4. Sent em back. We did a lot of. 70 chevells puttin on aftermarket cowl lnduction hoods. Wierd crown to em. 275 bucks back then still had to take a block of wood and a sledgeamatic to em to get a decent fit .I recently put on two half pannels on a 75 nova. Had to severly slice and dice em. Guy paid 250 per side for parts had to make outer wheelhouses .they dont make em for a 75 ..I coulda got him a Nice rear clip for 550 bucks but guy thought he was saving money doin its HIS way

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  10. stillrunners

    Guess if it was $2200 it would be gone already and the slammers of any MAKE would have to suck in on their comments.

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