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Resting Since ’66: 1957 Chevy


Even though it’s rusty and been wrecked, I’m sure since this is a 1957 Chevy and a 2 door, someone with the means, time and lots of ambition might restore this or build their dream car. It’s listed here on craigslist in Waterton, Wisconsin for $4,400. It looks mostly complete, but it has some issues. Thanks to Ethan B for the tip.


There’s no daylight apparent through the floor. One could hope it’s surface rust, but there are repairs to be made. It will be interesting to read what knowledgeable folks have to say about this one!


This Chevy appears to have led a hard life for the nine years it was on the road. It’s probably a good thing the collision damage wasn’t repaired. One can only hope that that’s original paint and not a respray over layers of bondo, although little of the bodywork appears salvageable. It’s scary to think what might be under those quarter panels or what might or might not be left after media blasting.

front seat

It looks like rodents have enjoyed a happy home for many generations, but it appears the interior is all there. The engine seems pretty complete as well. The Chevy seems to have lived a short, hard life before being stored and forgotten. Do you think there’s any hope for it?


  1. Marty Member

    Duplicate submission, same car featured last Sunday. (Nov. 29)

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  2. Tom Member

    Does it really matter if it was parked after 9 years of use, in 1966, when it was obviously parked outside and not protected therefore a total piece of rat trap crap? That is IF I believe it was parked in 66, which I don’t believe for a minute. Cars and stories like this aggravate the crap out of me, not sure about your other readers. Look at this car. Who cares if it was on the road for 9 years. It is a total piece of SH__! Brag about something you parked after 9 years and took care of it.

    I have a 64 olds Ninety-Eight my dad purchased 9 months old, I was born in 66, we used the car every day until 1973 (9 years) and we parked it. I still have it in a warehouse, 58K miles with the plastic still on the seats. My story of parked after 9 years of use is meaningful. this story of parked after 9 years of use….they may as just as well parked it on the bottom of a lake! Sorry, just venting.

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  3. Tom Member

    One more thing. “has some issues”. ??. This car has a very very short list of “pros”, honestly, almost non-existent list of pros. This car has such a long list of issues (negative) it is not even funny! The rot in this car is ridiculous. “has some issues” a comment made by someone who has never restored a car before. This car will need EVERYTHING….and “then some” somehow. It will take so much money and time that it will have exponentially more sunk into the resto than it’s worth. Making this thing drivable will require investing more than the car is worth at ANY level. Please, let’s start calling some of these cars what they are. I am a total fan of “don’t crush them, restore them” but come on. If this is VIN production #1, or was a Fuelie or had some pedigree it MIGHT be worth restoring. Again, Might. Yeesschh!

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    • Mark S

      I love a good rant ! Been known to pull off a few myself, your right it is a POS but there is enough metal here to make at least two rusted out Porsche’s and at a fraction of the cost too. Cheers.

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      • Tom Member

        Hey Mark, thanks for validating me. Not sure what happened but this one caused me to snap! Yikes. Ok, rant over. Car is still a POS and a day older.

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  4. scott m

    I like it for what it is it’s not a bondo queen I know it has rust issues but there is enough there to see how it was built and make proper repairs nothing hidden but still a little pricey for cost to rebuild

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    • Grunt0331

      Mark has obviously not done much (if anything) in the way of auto restoration. It would take some pretty serious skills for a DIY project and still require a fat wallet, as one of the other guys mentioned. If a full-blown restoration was farmed out to a shop, the cost would probably exceed the completed car’s value by 400%. Totally in agreement that if it were a fuelie (with original engine/drivetrain components, etc) it “might” be worth restoring if you had the skills( weld/paint/glass/interior,etc)…but even then the total cost could never be recuperated. There’s a lot cars out there for $4,400 that would be a much better choice in ALL areas!

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  5. Jason

    Rusting Since ’66

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  6. JW

    That car & building sure look familiar.

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  7. Vince Habel

    Never knew there were this many Bel Air 2 door sedans this color.

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  8. 64 bonneville

    Have seen this one several times. Having gone thru about a dozen tri-5s’ this will need floor pans and new body braces for starters. Most likely a trunk pan, along with inner and outer rockers and quarter panels, and front fenders. that being said, the hood and roof are in good condition. fortunately there are enough vendors of Tri-5 parts that you could rebuild this from 2 or 3 different catalogues and a very fat wallet, even doing all the work your self. If you are going to buy this particular vehicle, first invest in an assembly manual and an original shop manual, so you don’t butcher it up.
    IMHO I would do at the most, $2500. I have bought car in much better condition than this for that kind of money.

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  9. piper62j

    Definitely parked in a swamp.. Looks like a water line on the drivers seat back..
    Just kidding.. !

    More rot than sheetmetal.

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  10. Jason Houston

    Haven’t seen a 1957 Chev in this condition in twenty years!

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