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Resto-mod Wagon: 1952 Chevrolet Styleline Deluxe


How many of you at one point, or another, have dreamt about a modern drivetrain in an antique automobile? We know that we have, though some executions aren’t as pleasant as others. This ’52 Styleline Deluxe is just plain cool having undergone a minor restoration. The biggest change to this Styleline being its modern drivetrain. In ready to roll condition, the bidding on this Chevrolet has reached $23,000 with the reserve unmet. Find it here on eBay out of Labanon, Tennessee.


Fit nicely into the nose of this Styleline is a 6.0 Liter V8 Chevrolet LS type engine backed by a 700r4 automatic transmission. This new drivetrain offers a great deal more power than the original, and also has power steering and power brakes improving this Chevy’s drivability. We like and appreciate how clean and simple it looks under the hood. There is some mild surface rust here and there in the bay, but it mixes with the patina’d look. The front end on this Chevy is a mustang 2 unit, and in the back is a Chevrolet S10 rear end.


Viewing the inside of this Chevrolet Styleline reveals a very nice interior that has a very welcoming appearance. This interior has obviously undergone some work, but it is not to outlandish in appearance. The seats have been reupholstered in a warm brown, lending to a comfy looking bench. There is also a matching third seat that has been reupholstered as well.  The carpet looks to be newer, but with some minor wear in the driver side foot well. The dash has a beautifully alluring originality to it, but with some modern gauges added to keep tabs on the new drivetrain. The modern gauges are quite helpful as each unit is muliti-gauge with plenty of information. There is also a modern chrome tilt steering column installed to aid in offering comfort to varying drivers. The door panels and door hardware look to be in good shape and offer a little of an aged look maintaining the resto-mod appearance.


Heads will be turning if you pick up this Chevrolet. How often do you see these Styleline wagons, much less modified? Much of the original paint is present and the exterior looks very solid. The bottom of the tailgate it crispy with some rot, but it is minor. The floors have been replaced, so the underbody of this Chevy is solid. The only other thing to point out about the body is that each rear fender has a dent. The varying size American Racing Salt Flat wheels look the part, and have new rubber. Larger diameter wheels can sometimes be a little over powering on an older car, but we rather like the look and think these wheels look non-offensive.


For those of you that want a vintage car that can operate in modern day traffic and speeds, this Styleline is a cool and unique car that is ready to be driven more than 55 miles per hour. There is plenty of space inside so for those of you with families that need something family friendly, think hard on this Chevrolet wagon. The only drawback we can see about this old Chevy is that would be great if somehow, someway, air conditioning could be added to this old wagon. Perhaps a swap cooler, or something similar could be employed to keep the family happy on long hot trips. What do you think of this Styleline wagon? Where would you go in this cool old Chevy?


  1. packrat

    Fix the rust in the tailgate, bolt a little bronze lizard to the hood–you’ve saved yourself a lot of money…

  2. Joe Defelice

    I love it, except for the wheel/tire choice, but to each their own. I’d rather see a set of Smoothies on this…

    • St. Ramone de V8

      I have to agree. The work on this car is well done, nice stance. Wheels are ugly, though. Smoothies would work!

      • Mark-A

        American Racing 5-Spokes on mine please.

  3. george

    I think it is cool but very over priced when you consider that the builder saved $10-15K plus the body work by not painting it. The absence of air conditioning would make the interior an oven. If the seats are not leather, your shirt would be soaked with sweat because vinyl does not breathe. There is no mention of a killer stereo, which would not deter me, but that is something most of the modified rigs have, and the absence here saved the dude at least a thousand if there is not one in the wagon. So that ads up to over $20K this Chevy does not have. You could probably find one that does have all of the stuff for $30K. Therefore I think it is overpriced by $ 10K + or -. But I would love to have it-just not at his price. I realize that the bid is already up to $23K, but I never said it wouldn’t sell but only that the price is too high. I don’t want to pay $10K over market because I don’t want to loose money when I sell.

  4. Mark S

    I love the drive line work its quit professional looking. I would not be able to leave the body looking like a rust bucket. The tail gate needs to be repaired before its to late. As I’ve said many times before this does not need nor should it get a $10k base/clear paint job. These cars did not come with B/C paint work when they were built. Single stage paint is not that hard to do and not that expensive either. A DIY guy should be able to get this done. Rustina is the early stages of disintegration Just look at the tail gate. As far as I’m concerned every time I see a car like this I view it as half finished.

  5. Bob Hess

    Agree on the need for paint and the wheel choice. Do love the ’39 taillights. Single light in the rear never did it for me. Great car.

  6. The One

    At first, naaaaaaaaa, look a little deeper hmmmmm, deeper yet , ah haaaa! I It is kinda cool!, OK not really knowledgeable about the Vortex, but I see a lot of them in hot rods like this. What is the fascination with these engines any how? Can someone fill me in?
    Thanks gang.

  7. CKKurtz Member

    Oh man, I love it as is – I could use it for a number of years and *then* deal with the rust/patina/old paint. – OR – I could chop the top (a little or a lot), repair the rust and paint it black. Yeah, that feels good to me.

  8. Randall

    Being a old guy born the same year as this old chevy and lived through the years of buying these cars so cheap I am having a hard time getting my head around the prices now days. 23,000? I am gonna have to find a new hobby.

  9. Lion

    Right on, Randall, I’m a little older than you but I bought several cars at under $100.00 in my teens and many more at under a $1000.00 after high school. As a Canadian I cannot believe how the prices in the US have jumped in the last few years. My ’49 Monarch that I restored years ago for a few grand was last appraised at over $12000.00. I saw one recently (a Merc though ) in Hemmings for over 20.
    I’d be worth a fortune if I could have stored all my old cars.
    Love this Chev Woodie but the wheels gotta go.

    • Randall

      You’re so right Lion. Prices in the U.S. has soared to unbelievable levels for the old cars and trucks. Love those old Mercs I had a 51 Monterey.

  10. Joe Haska

    Went to $23,600 and didn’t meet reserve. I’m not surprised, wagons are very popular , so is pitna, late drive train, super stance, and a trick tire and wheel combo, what’s not to like! I think I know,I read the comments. I also think I’m the only barn find reader that likes the current trends in hot rodding. Super low stance, trick tires and wheels, and a drive train, so you can drive it like you stole it.

    Like 1
    • Randall

      Don’t worry Joe. You are not alone. In fact I would say you are in the majority nowdays. It’s all good.

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