Restorable 1970 Pontiac Trans Am Ram Air III

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Up for sale is a numbers matching, 1970 Pontiac Trans Am Ram Air III. The current asking price is $19,900 and it does have a VIN listed. There is no word on a title and a location is not listed, but the car does have an Iowa plate on it, so that could be a clue to its whereabouts. It is listed for sale on Restore A Muscle Car.

The beastly engine that lives under the hood is a 400 cubic inch, Ram Air III V8 and that is connected to a 4-speed Muncie, manual transmission. It is a numbers matching vehicle, although the engine isn’t in the car because it was recently rebuilt and pained.

The listing notes that the interior is not in the vehicle currently, but that it is in decent shape. Looking through the photos, it is a blue interior that could use a lot of assistance. The whole car does actually. Paint is chipped and flaking and there is rust sprinkled all over. It has a lot of potential, but the large price tag might be a deterrent.

This listing lacks photographs to back up the claims made within it. For having no interior, yet saying they have it, and especially claiming the motor is rebuilt, but not showing it, there are a lot of unanswered questions. Maybe calling or emailing the number listed on the site will guide you to some answers.

Auctions Ending Soon


  1. ACZ

    Restorable? Sounds like an opinion.

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    • steve

      19 grand for SCRAP IRON????? I really don’t think so……..AND NO ENGINE OR TRANS???? PLEASE!!!! I’M NOT SEEING THIS??

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      • ACZ

        Oh, but it’s such a bargain!
        Just ask the guy selling it.

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  2. stillrunners

    Ok – show me what you got to back it up. Is there a PHS doc somewhere as well ?

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  3. R.P. Pettibone

    Ran when parked. Needs interior and exterior work to bring to concourse level! 🙂

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    • ACZ

      Needs a little detailing.

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  4. Frank Adams

    It’s a rust bucket… 1/4’s shot. Nice drill holes from old repairs. Rear valance, rusted away as in gone. Floors gone. If you could see under it? You would walk away shaking your head. Stuffed under a tree in waste high weeds for the last 20 plus years. With the same old story. Nah! Not for sale cause I’m a gonna fix her up. Yeah… and donkeys are flying past your windows. Just sad to see another possible great car wasted from neglect.

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  5. JoeMac Joe Mac

    A shame that this car ever got to this point.

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  6. Gaspumpchas

    Friend had one that had the body work done professionally on and had trouble getting 9 grand for it. This guy is fishing. Another dreamer, from the pics it looks bad, for 19 large? Nah.


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    • Steve R

      A real 1970 Trans Am? When, 1986?

      Steve R

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  7. CCFisher

    This car is part of a collection you previously featured:

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    • Harry A Hodson

      Yep! The 1st photo in the article shows 2, on the left hand side. I suspect that this is the one with a ‘For Rent’ sign duct taped over the hood opening.

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  8. Skorzeny

    In my opinion, the most beautiful American car ever. I completely agree with Joe Mac, a shame it ever got to this point in it’s condition. What is wrong with people? I do hope it gets saved…

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  9. Rick M.

    We are supposed to be impressed by the matching numbers but this person wants rid of it. Need a vehicle to go with that drive train and there isn’t enough left of this one. Try $1,990 for the engine/trans and throw in the shell, you might get some action.

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  10. Troy s

    The early Trans Ams were really lousy sellers, especially compared to the mid to late seventies. For that reason of rarity I can kinda get the high price tag…nah.
    I’d hate to see the price of a similar well kept SD 455 or ram air IV powered model. What a waste.

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    • sprayman

      Troy S, white ram air IV cars in perfect shape are $300k range for them, blue ones even more and if it was blue RAIV 4speed with black deluxe interior even more yet since only 2 were made

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  11. MJF

    Looks like a lost cause…

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  12. Stinger

    Holy Mopar Pricing Batman !

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  13. Rob

    Even I’m not that brave… the reality is that it’s likely worth the change at this point, but you better be an expert body person. These guys are professionals, they know what they have. It’s not so much a collection as a restoration que. they make big money restoring these cars, but, as we all know sometimes we have more than we can handle. I haven’t seen an early 70s T/A go for under 20k in many years now, especially not a numbers matching 4 speed RAIII car.

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  14. 69gto

    I am a professional auto body tech. There is not much to fix, it’s all replace. The rockets are most likely roted away as well that’s a big problem.

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  15. Dallas

    One look at the front fender did it for me…the rot shown made me cringe.

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  16. Tom Henderson

    Engine removed, fender rusted away, rear wheel wells rusted away on both sides, interior rotted out… I wouldn’t give you $50 for this POS. Good luck getting $20K for it.

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