Restore or Parts? 1964 Facel Vega III

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The Facel Vega is called a lot of things, but rarely is it labeled a parts car. Restoration candidate, sure. But a parts car? Well, these Vegas show up often as total project heaps, a phenomenon I’ve never really understood given they still remain immensely collectible. This one may be past the point of saving, and it comes with a Volvo-sourced B18 powerplant sourced from a P1800. Find it here on craigslist for $3,000, and thanks to Barn Finds reader Roger for the find.  

The seller notes the car has been stripped of its parts, which strikes me as a major detriment given how hard it is to find spares for a limited production car like the Facel. The seller thinks that it’s a project ripe for a hot rod or custom build, but it seems like a shame to let a historical car like this disappear into various garages that will struggle to find suitable replacement panels and glass.

The use of a Volvo-sourced motor was an interesting choice for Facel, which was trying to correct some quality control struggles at the time when it picked the 1800 mill. I don’t think it adds much value here, in terms of buying a parts car with a drivetrain and engine attached.

The listing goes on to note “…several components are missing including, windows, trims, lights, and many others. Frame appears to be in good shape but has typical trunk, floor pan, & quarter panel rust.” So what would you do? This Facel may not be desirable due to being from the era of Volvo power, but these were still gorgeous, limited production vehicles that remain collectible today. Is it worth saving or too far gone?

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  1. Maestro1

    They are wonderful impossible cars. This one seems to be too far gone. Maybe good for parts.

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    • Mike

      Good for parts? There are no parts left.

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    • Tony, Australia.

      I’ve ridden in one of these and I wouldn’t give you $3000 for a good complete driveable one, they look like something someone built in their back shed out of bits and pieces salvaged from junk yards, from all sorts of different makes and models and then assembled under their carport when the weather wasn’t too bad. The dash from memory was 2 sheets of patterned aluminum with gauges and switches that look like they were bought from the local cheap accessory store. Highly over rated and over priced, it’s all in the name, they look very amateurish up close in fit and finish. Everyone to their own opinion of course, but no thanks not in my lifetime !

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  2. stillrunners

    ’bout the only one I could afford…..can this on save the upper east coast one featured awhile back ?

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  3. Rovinman

    If we are left with a 3/8” nut and bolt, off a Facel Vega III, does that make it a restorable project, ……. I think NOT !, ……. best to let it go for the betterment of another Vega III in a better and more restorable condition.
    Who knows, ….. the parts may find their sister parts on the other cars, …. and you wouldn’t want to deprive them of THAT joy, … now would you ?

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  4. Superdessucke

    Ugh! Switch the “a” and the “e” to accurately describe the state of this one. Nearly as bad as a terrible alpha from the other day.

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  5. wuzjeepnowsaab

    This looks like what’s left AFTER it was used for parts. Shame

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    • Jerry

      It was used for parts. I’m familiar with the project. Sadly, this car came up for sale years ago much more complete around $4,500. A shame it’s this rough now…maybe a hot rod for $1,000?

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  6. Gay Car Nut

    Assuming parts are available, this looks like it has the potential to be a good restoration project. Otherwise, I would think a parts car. Maybe even a restomod.

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  7. Martin Horrocks

    The rustiest car I ever saw was one of these. I don´t have a photo, but the second rustiest was theAlfa 2600 sedan above. So the Facel was bad……If you want to spend the rest of your life chasing down hard to find parts, buy this! It´s only $3000…..

    They also built a (very) few Facellias with a Healey 3000 engine in it. A London-based heart surgeon ran one in endurance rallies about 25 years ago. Natural born optimist!

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  8. Gary

    It seems to me that you are getting a whole lot of nothing for $3,000. So unless the VIN plate and a title are worth $3,000 then I’d walk away from this one.

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  9. Philip

    This car is a joke at this price. They came with a Chrysler 383 and the interiors are superb!
    There is nothing left on the bone, nothing! So what’s the point? It would be less expensive to buy a nice one for $200k.

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    • Jerry

      Philip, this is the Facel III, not the larger V-8 Facels that preceded it.

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      • Philip

        Oh, I thought it was the Facel 11. So it’s more like the Facellia?

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  10. James P Bandy

    et al,
    Really, am a FV fan…have had one…I found one…I offered $1000.00 for it…and was COMPLETE! No, no, I would be ashamed to put this one out for auction. Oh, oh, by the way I have rear bumper for one….if anyone buys it…let me in FRANCAISE ” INCROYABLE!”

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    • 57Wayne

      @James P Bandy, you should sell the bumper to someone that knows what it’s for! I’ve had several Facellias, a Facel 3 that looks a lot like this prior to losing its parts, an Excellence and an HK500. I still have parts thinking I will find one some day. Maybe I need a bumper…

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      • James P Bandy


        Let me know….it’s your’s…..gartis…vive la Facel

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  11. 57Wayne

    James P Bandy; love to have it. 57WayneT at g mail…send me a note, please and thanks!

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