Someone Restored This 1988 Yugo GV!??

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Update 7/26/19 – The price is slowly dropping on this restored Yugo. It’s now down to $6,000 or best offer here on eBay. How low will it go?

From 4/22/19 – I’m probably one of the few fully functioning adults here who would publicly admit that they like Yugos. Have I ever owned one? No, maybe that’s why I like them as much as I do. This may be the nicest 1988 Yugo GV that I have seen and it can be found here on eBay in Port Saint Joe, Florida. It’s also the most expensive Yugo that I have seen with a buy it now price of $8,888.88 or you can make an offer.

Sadly, for such a nice example at a top-dollar price, the photos are iffy for the most part. There are basically two exterior photos, both showing the same left-front corner and no interior detail photos. But, there are two engine photos which are two more than most seller show. This car has been restored, believe it or not. I love the fact that someone loved this car enough to restore it.

The seat covers really should have come off for the photos, but I’m not here to critique the photos. Wait, yes I am. It’s not my job to do that, but I can’t help but do that. Let us see the condition of the seats on your $8,900 Yugo, and they had better look like new for that price. I don’t have any reason at all to question their perfect condition but online buyers want visual proof, not a statement that this car was restored to showroom condition, which the seller mentions in a description that’s almost shorter than this 11.5-foot car is.

There’s the engine, or what half we see of it that isn’t almost totally in the shade and not visible. It does look good and it’s been rebuilt so hopefully, it runs as good as it looks. This car also has a new clutch, new transmission, and new tires. There may have to be an unbelievably precise aligning of the planets before this car or any Yugo sells for $8,888.88 but I could be wrong. That being said, if a person were looking for what may be the nicest Yugo GV on planet earth, this may be it!

Auctions Ending Soon


  1. Bakyrdhero

    There is a corner of my brain that wants this. Furthermore, I’d like to park it next to a 1986 Hyundai Excel hatchback with the fancy alloy wheels and two foot long stick shift!

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    • Mike

      There is a corner of your brain that wants this? I think it might be a tumor. Contact your doctor immediately.

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      • KenB

        I’d love to own this! How many do you see anymore???

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      • canadainmarkseh

        Mike I laughed and laughed good one.

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    • JIm Muldoon

      Make me an offer, Jim Muldoon

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    • JIm Muldoon

      Bakyrdhero, Make me an offer. Wife said sell !!!

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  2. LARRY

    I drove one of these for 127 miles when brand new…had to feed it 3 quarts of oil in those 127 miles took it back never looked back

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      I think these were brand-new at like 2500 or $3,000

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  3. dmose dmose

    We bought one on Gas Monkey Garage “FAST & LOUD” and sold it for profit at my dealership! Plus had loads of fun with it and sold several other vehicles because of it! Our particular Yugo was very good to us!

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  4. Tirefriar

    Seller is about 21 days too late…April fools has come and gone

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  5. Coventrycat

    That’s the mark of the devil in Yugoslavian. I’ll offer $666.

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    • Ed P

      Way to much money.

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      • JIm Muldoon

        Ed P “the way too much money guy” Make me an offer Jim

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    • JIm Muldoon

      Coventry cat-the devil :-))) Add a Zero to $666—$6660 and I will say the devil came and got it. Jim

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    • Wolfgang Gullich

      You of course mean Serbian-Croatian. There’s no ‘Yugoslavian’ language

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    • Gary

      I’m in @ 300.00

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      • JIm Muldoon

        Gary, Move the dot in your offer to $3000.00 and we will talk. Jimmyugo

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  6. J.S.

    Every time I see a picture or mention of a Yugo I think of the one that died (not an uncommon event) in the middle lane of I-85 north of Atlanta during rush hour. It was rear ended and a family died so I have no use for them. As an aside, I traveled through Bosnia and Croatia (part of the former Yugoslavia) after the Bosnian War in 1996-1998 and never saw a single Yugo. I saw lots of Volkswagens, Mercedes, Renaults and others, but not a Yugo. That made a statement.

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    • Wolfgang Gullich

      They’re called Zastavas there, that’s why you didn’t see any Yugos 😆

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  7. Mountainwoodie

    “Restored” Yugo? The world has gone mad.

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    • Mike

      Back when Yugos first came out the dealer in Tucson had one on display in the front of his dealership. It had a weed growing under it that came up through the front grill and extended about 5 feet above the hood. I kick myself for not having taken a picture of it. Would have added some class to this blog

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  8. David

    The yellow halo Good Sam Club decal on the battery is an ancient design…wonder if the battery is original?

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    • JIm Muldoon

      DAVID, The Good Sam Club Decal Was for laughs at car shows. There is a new battery in the car now.

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  9. Mark Tuovinen

    I passed on buying one at an impound auction in the early 90’s for $1.00. No one wanted to bid on it and even at one dollar they had to work to get a bidder. The car looked like it was in running condition and had no identifiable damage.

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  10. Kenneth Carney

    You’ve gotta give the owner credit for restoring a car that’s as desirable as a
    boil on your backside, but I can’t honestly
    think of anyone who’ll give him or her the
    rediculous amount they’re asking for it.
    And you have to wonder where they got the new parts here in Florida to pull off
    a restoration of this car in the first place.
    I remember seeing brand new Yugos in
    Gershwin’s U Pull It in Auburndale in ’91
    or ’92–many of them still had the original
    window stickers on them! The yard guy
    told me that all of them had been driven
    from Jim Adams Ford in Lakeland directly
    to the salvage yard to be scrapped! Of
    course, those folks who owned buy-here-
    pay-here lots made a killing on them once
    word got that they were ripe for the picking. They took and sold ’em for $3K
    or more. These lots would charge $1,000
    down and $350 a month for the privilage
    of driving a piece of crap. And if it stayed
    running long enough to be paid off, you
    got a salvage title for your efforts. I knew
    a young lady who got ripped off for $15K
    after buying one in ’98. Talk about your
    predatory lenders! This car is too nice
    and costly to drive and should be placed
    in a museum where our kids and grandkids can get a look at a modern-
    day Edsel.

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    • Bob

      Fellow Poll Countian here. I used to go to Violett’s U Pull It a lot when I had a microbus, as they had a lot of ’em. Don’t recall ever going to Gershwin’s, though I remember it being nearby.

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  11. Steven

    Total junk..they used to fetch an average of 450 at the car auctions with under 10k miles..really total lemons and no one in their right mind should mess with one..Buy an old rambler if you like abuse..

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  12. angryjonny


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  13. Bob McK

    Sorry $88.00 is too much!

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    • JIm Muldoon

      OK bob, JUST SEND $8800. Jimmyugo Muldoon

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  14. ACZ

    The only car to make a Treblant or a Lada appear reliable.

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  15. scooter6

    Read this book by Jason Vuic several years ago about the Yugo. Pretty interesting read – does NOT make you want to buy one for sure. I seem to recall a representative from GM being asked back in the late ’80s if they had an answer for the Yugo in terms of price. I think the Yugo was $3999 or maybe $4999 new. The guy from GM said a “a 3 year old Buick”.

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  16. River

    Worked on one at a used car lot back in the ’90s. Absolute junk.

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  17. Ron

    We bought an 1988GV new off the lot and paid full retail $4050 to drive it off the lot. That was tax, title, plate. Gave us good service. We ended up having 3 that we drove. The 88 died after rear ending a combine on a rural highway. The other 2 died due to rust issues. The engines were solidly dependable units. There was an issue with the supplier of the camshafts in 87/88 and some 27,000 were improperly heat treated. We had one. They are actually a Fiat 128 but made in Yugoslavia using the original tooling. The company was Zastava motor works. They were a large – heavy industry company who made many items – including military arms. The USA bombed the auto plant and claimed it was by mistake rather than the intended target over 10 miles away. The transaxle is not the same as the Fiat but interchanges. Many people who bought them had never bought a new car and treated them poorly. Or parents bought them for their children who often did absolutely nothing to them by way of maintenance Lack of oil changes on the new – very tightly built motor lead to some problems and rough handling of the doors lead to others. If taken care of and not abused – they were a decent car.

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  18. JIm Muldoon

    That is my 1988 Yugo GV that is for sale. I have had a lot of fun restoring and taking the Yugo to car shows. I do not play golf so I could afford to spend some money on rebuilding the Yugo mechanically. At this time I don’t really want to sell it, but , we barely survived hurricane Michael in Mexico Beach, Fl. House is gone and now that I am 85 years old, I am willing to let someone else have fun.

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  19. JIm Muldoon

    Jim again, you know if you guys want to play with cars, but, can’t afford to , you should not make the car for sale look bad. You know, if you are short of cash, I could knock off the 88 cents. Also I have other YUGO items. Two YUGO watches, new. YUGO caps and shirts and other fun car show displays. Parts are no problem, because it is basically a FIAT. parts are easy, I have a new driver side indoor handle ordered that will be here Tuesday. Very easy installation 15 t0 20 minutes. Make an offer guys, I can even finance it. You already have 88 cents for beer. Jimmyugo

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  20. JIm Muldoon

    Jimmugo back again. I just read the article that accompanies the first page with pictures. The front seats were mentioned and the seat covers. the seat covers were so when we were working on the car they would not get dirty. They look like new under the covers. The covers come off very easy.

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  21. JIm Muldoon

    In the letter from Kenneth Carney, he says where can I get parts in Florida. Easy ! the YUGO is basically FIAT and parts are interchangeable. Midwest-Bayless in Ohio has always been able to help me. In fact, I am waiting for a package of parts from them today. And the price is ADJUSTABLE !

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    • JIm Muldoon

      Did the Yugo discussion stop because I wrote some about my restored 1988 Yugo GV. A Showroom Cream Puff. Any offers ? I might take less money. Wife says SELL. Jim Muldoon

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  22. Bakyrdhero

    Jim I would suggest listing the car for sale through Barn Finds classifieds. This forum is more of a general discussion.

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    • JIm Muldoon

      Bakyrdhero, The car is for sale and I will listen to all offers. We lost our house in Mexico Beach to Hurricane Michael, but, the YUGO survived. And wife says sell !! Jim Muldoon

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  23. canadainmarkseh

    Sorry to here about your misfortune and your having to sell your Yugo. I personally would not be interested these were never a great car and I can think of many cars I’d rather have before this one. I’m guessing that your asking price is close to what you have in it, but that’s not how it works. In all honesty in my opinion I think that your Yugo is only worth $3k to $4k just because of what it is. You have mentioned that it’s basically a Fiat and as a certified mechanic I thought that the Fiats were also a POS. As my dad alway said in these matters ( you can’t make a silk purse out of a pigs ear. ) It’s tough to sell a car that nobody wants so I wish you the best of luck finding a buyer.

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  24. JIm Muldoon

    canadainmarkseh, I’ll take $4000.00. Wife says SELL. You know what that means :-))) I have had fun with the YUGO, but, I am getting too old to play with cars. Jimmyugo

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    • Jwinters

      sorry, Gramps but I don’t think anyone in their right mind is going to buy that hideous pile of a car. maybe you should just keep it and have them bury you in it when the time comes.

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  25. JIm Muldoon

    Scotty Gibson, The reason the front seats are covered, is that me and my mechanic buddies did not want to soil the perfect front seats. They are in very very, good shape. Jimmyugo

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  26. JIm Muldoon

    Jwinters, Hey Grumps, you know where you can go before you die. I am getting calls from people, other than you, who have money. Jimmyugo

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  27. John

    52,000 miles. I shudder at what it took to drive it that far.

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  28. Car Nut Tacoma

    Was the Yugo *that* bad a car to drive? I remember when this, and the Hyundai Excel were first introduced to the USA market. I was too young to drive a car at the time. But while the Hyundai was more attractive to look at, being the open minded guy that I was, I was willing to give the Yugo the benefit of the doubt. If only I had a driver’s license at the time. I might have been able to test drive both cars.

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  29. John B.

    There was a movie in 2000 entitled Drowning Mona where most of the people in a small town drove Yugos. After watching the movie I always laugh when I see a Yugo. I never had a desire to own one but to each his own. Some folks can drive anything with good luck and get decent service from them-good luck to both buyer and seller!

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  30. JIm Muldoon

    HEY, John – Car Nut Tacoma – John B I have had a lot of fun with my YUGO GV, but, now our car club fell apart and I do not use it as much. I have been asked if it is new and are they making them again. Fun Car !! I saw the Movie about all driving YUGOs. Jimmyugo

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    • Ed P

      Most of the cars used were disguised Omni/Horizons. They could not find enough usable Yugos.

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  31. Roy L

    I was just thinking, I could use a Yugo fix. It’s been too long. LOL

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  32. JIm Muldoon

    I have been saying I had fun with my YUGO and now that I have found this discussion group, I am having more fun. One of the times I was over town with the and stopp at dealership for parts, all the salesmen and saleswomen came out and took pictures, fun times. Jimmyugo

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  33. Charles Mack

    Jim Muldoon…do you still have this? I owned an 88 and drove the snot outta had one of the soft camshaft and died on vacation in Wisconsin.Got it fixed and drove it to 98,000 miles when the second clutch gave up.It was an ok car..oh ..I was one of those guys who didn’t do any maintenance on it,not even oil changes…..

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