Restored And Forgotten: 1927 Ford Model T

left front

Many folks say the model Ts are hard to drive. They do have a different pedal arrangement, but when equipped with an electric starter like this one they are fun and easy to master. This Model T was updated and restored some time ago and like many others, the heirs have no interest in it and it sat for 10 years. Sadly, while it sat, the head leaked and now the engine is stuck. You can see more details on this T on the California Auto Museum website. It’s a great 20 foot car, but up close there are flaws in the paint, chips and worn places. The $8,000 asking is high, of course, but I think it should bring closer to $6k.

This T is still rust-free and pretty much like the day restoration was completed. There were lots of updates – including the electrical system, starter and wire wheels. There are lots of parts available for these, including running engines, so it should be an easy repair. This will be a fun little car for someone. Hopefully it will be driven and enjoyed.


  1. RayT Member

    Looks like a decent amateur restoration. Have to wonder what was “tweaked” up front, though, as the bumper and headlight brace appear to be sitting at odd angles. Hope it’s not frame damage, which at least should be a straightforward repair.

    Given space and funds, I’d consider it, but would have to get rid of the red, as I don’t think that’s anything like a stock Model T color. It would be fun to work on the engine and transmission! Not a lot of complexity there, and if it took dismantling to “unfreeze” that wouldn’t be terribly time-consuming.

    I’m sure someone will get a lot of enjoyment out of it. While I’m not into cars of that era, I’d prefer it to a Porsche Iron Oxide Coupe.

  2. Jason Houston

    Funny, all the ads I ever saw for Model T’s show them in black. Never knew they came in bright red body and radiator. Must be cuz they didn’t have color ads back then! Gee… learn something new every day.

    • Arthur

      Black was the only factory color between 1913 and 1926. There were a number of color options before and after. That said, Model T production was highest during the years when black was the only color choice.

      • geomechs geomechs Member

        Black was chosen because it was the easiest color to apply. When Edsel Ford finally convinced Henry that they MUST offer other colors, blue and green were added but the fenders remained black. I don’t think red was available again till the 30’s.

      • Mark S

        Who cares if it isn’t the correct colour, the guy that restored it probably liked red. I think that the red gives it some bling, I seen plenty of black model T’s and they look quite boring. We have plent of examples of historically correct colours. I say well done to the guy that painted this red.

      • geomechs geomechs Member

        Mark, I agree with you. Truth be known, I kind of like the red color myself. If I had this car the color would be the last thing I’d change.

      • Mark S

        geomechs red is my favourite colour if I had the means I’d buy this one in a heart beat. I would fix the engine and drive it on nice days.

    • Francisco

      Henry Ford himself said his customers can have his cars in “…any color they want, as long as it’s black.”

  3. Rick

    Why are Model Ts so cheap? $8k seems like a bargain because all the expensive work is done, even if the motor is stuck. Pretty sure that you could overhaul the engine w/o pulling it out of the car, unless the stuck cylinder(s) is/are so corroded that honing wouldn’t be adequate and it had to be bored out. Still, where can you get a fully restored car with updates that would attract so much attention for so cheaply?

  4. Charles

    This T makes a lot sense at 8K compared to the insane prices being paid for rusted out VW buses and 356 rust spots theses days. This T is complete and will make an easy restoration back to factory specs, or one could make the needed mechanical repairs and enjoy it like it is.

  5. geomechs geomechs Member

    I really like this car. I’ve ridden in Model T’s but never had the opportunity to actually get out there and drive one. Fixing the engine would be a chance to get to know it better. Win-win if you ask me…

  6. booya

    Driving a T is really fun. More fun at 30MPH than most modern cars are at 120.

  7. milo1303s

    cut it up make a nice hotrod !!!

    • Charles

      There are an abundance of aftermarket parts for T’s to build hotrod’s from. No need in cutting up a complete car.

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