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Restored Gem: 1955 Dodge C3-B6 Pickup

Gorgeous is the first word that comes to mind when I see this truck. This is a 1955 Dodge C3-B6 Pickup and it’s listed on the Kraft Auction site and the auction starts Saturday January 7th at 10:00 am central time. The current pre-auction internet bid for this great looking pickup is $3,700, but it’ll go for much more than that.

This is a C3-B6-108 so it has a 108-inch wheelbase. I think this is a really desirable pickup, even if it has been restored. A nice original one would be almost better, but I wouldn’t turn this one down. This was a pretty high-end restoration and as such, I expect this one to sell for around the Hagerty #2 “excellent” range, which is around $18,000. Although, one thing that always lets me down on vehicle restorations is seeing badges screwed on, but other than that this looks like a nice job.

There isn’t much info given on this one other than it runs as well as it looks, which must mean that it runs very, very well. “C3” designates this as a post-April 1955 pickup when the new design started with the wraparound windshield and other more modern touches. The “B” means that it’s a 1/2-ton, and the “6” is for a 6-cylinder truck.

The interior looks as fantastic as the exterior does. The heater apparently wasn’t restored for some odd reason, but other than that it looks really nice in there.

Under that cool split-hood is a 230 cubic-inch inline-six with around 115 hp. The dependable 218 cubic-inch inline-six was dropped in favor of the higher hp 230 but the real news was a V8. Have any of you owned a Dodge pickup of this vintage? What do you think of this restoration?


  1. RayT Member

    Nice looking little truck. But not “restored” in the strict sense, unless Dodge was putting alternators in their trucks in 1955….

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  2. Mr. Bond

    Were they 12 volt in 1955?

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  3. JW

    Very nice truck, would love to have it in my garage.

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  4. Ryan Ankney

    Had one back in the mid sixties. Toughest truck I ever owned !! Stood mine on its nose one day when I accidentally drove over and fell straight down into an abandoned well. Lifted it back out with a tractor, straightened the slightly bent front bumper, tweaked the frame alignment, and drove away. Total cost of repair – thirty bucks.
    I could leave it outside in sub-zero weather, buried in a snowdrift for a month, walk out, turn the key, and that little six would start right up.
    Always wanted another, but too old now. Buy with confidence, this one will keep on ticking for a lifetime.

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  5. Ed P

    Nice truck, I half expect to see Timmy and Lassie.

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  6. Rod

    Already sold looks like a high bid of 17,500.
    Yes the alternator is an add on and it looks like a Delco altenator. This truck would come with a 6v system originally. Looks like they used the original starter which is fine. All lites and electrical components would have been changed to the 12v system.

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  7. Jim Mc

    She’s homely, but she’s loyal and will keep you warm at night.

    Like it.

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  8. RicK

    To be perfect it needs to have the side mounted spare upgraded to a whitewall so all the tires match – and a 4 inch chop on the roof

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    • JW

      Myself I would go with all black wall tires, IMHO pickups look better with black wall tires not white walls.

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      • Ed P

        Blackwalls would be fitting, but I like the look on this truck.

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  9. JW454

    I would have to remove that fender welt at the front fender. I don’t think that was there from the factory. Otherwise, I’d like to own it.

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  10. grant

    I want to love it and cuddle it and call it George. +10 to all the old guys who get that.

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  11. Rustytech Member

    Love the truck. I had several old Plymouth’s with the flat head 6, it was a great engine, you couldn’t kill it. I like that it’s been upgraded to 12 volts, I would upgrade to dual circuit brakes for improved safety then just enjoy it. I do think that was “all the money” for this Dodge.

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  12. geomechs geomechs Member

    That truck could be parked at my place anytime. While I prefer the older models these were still a very desirable truck. There were a lot of them out west when I was a kid. Still a few of them kicking around but they’re either not for sale or the owners watched too many car auctions on TV.

    There was a comment on the 12V conversion; Dodge didn’t change to 12V till ’56. If I was doing the resto I wouldn’t have changed it but if I got this the way it is, I wouldn’t likely change it back. Close enough. However if it was a ’49 or thereabouts, it would stay the tried and true 6V….

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    • David Montanbeau

      Dodge changed from a 6 Volt positive ground electrical system to a 12 Volt negative ground electrical system sometime during 1955 or 1956. Before the changeover, all WDX through C-3 Power-Wagons were 6 Volt, and after that point, all C-3 through WM300 Power-Wagons were 12 Volt.

      Looking through the Factory Parts Books, Service Manuals, and Service Bulletins, it looks like the change from 6 Volt to 12 Volt was made at serial number 83949001.

      Unfortunately, the production records for this era have been lost, and putting a date of manufacture on a given serial number can not be done. Because of this, it is not clear if Serial Number 83949001 was in 1955 or 1956. The best guess is the change was made early in the calendar year 1956, or mid-year in the 1956 model year. The earliest literature found so far to mention 12 Volt parts was dated February 8th, 1956.

      Here are a few clues to tell if a truck was 6 Volt or 12 Volt from the factory.

      The 6 Volt trucks have red tags that say 6 Volt on the Generator and Starter motor, 12 Volt trucks have green tags that say 12 Volt. Below are a couple pictures of the Generator and Starter motor 6 Volt tags on a 1955 C-3 PW.

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  13. Kevin Wernick

    Looks good, considering restoring old Dodges has to be quite challenging. The V8 would nicer than the boring and dated flathead 6. 1957 is a better looking pickup, and arguably the sharpest of the 50’s Dodges

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  14. newfieldscarnut

    I trailered this 48 from California in 09 after my Uncle passed away . It had huge racks on it and double leaf springs in the rear . My Brother in California cut the racks off and added the wide whites . My Uncle lived near San Diego and built a camp on June Lake . He hauled all the lumber and supplies with the great old Dodge . My Cousin used this truck when he went to college and the 76 parking stickers are still on it . This truck still runs great and is currently hibernating .

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  15. newfieldscarnut

    Another picture …

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  16. MGSteve

    I had a 58 D100 for 43 years. Biggest mistake I made was “restoring” it (OK . . . fixed it up), after an accident. Parts are surpringsly hard to get, other than engine parts. Once fixed up, it became useless as a truck . . . or at least, the truck I had known. That said, there’s something about these old Dodge trucks that is just endearing. I use to say “Anyone can own a Ford or Chevy”. Nice truck.

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  17. Tyler Emerson

    My dad has a 1955 Dodge pickup that sat in a field for 30yrs and also he has another one that is not put together yet under the tarp

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