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Restovivor: 1966 Impala Super Sport Big Block


This gorgeous 1966 Chevrolet Impala Super Sport has been the benefit of a single repaint, but wow, it sure does look spectacular! It’s listed here on eBay and is for sale in Rochester, New York. Bidding is hot and heavy at the moment but is still below $5,000, and there’s no reserve!


One of the things that makes this particular car special is that it’s equipped with the 396 big-block V8 engine rather than the usual smal block 327. The seller tells us that there are no dings, no bondo and that the car came out of California, so the Northeast salt has not ravaged the car. There’s a good video of the car here.


The seller calls it a #2 car. I’m not sure about that, but it is very nice. Apart from the paint, radio, hubcaps and carburetor the car is pretty original. And it does come with the original SS wheel covers. There’s even one set of the original keys!


The seller says that everything inside works except the original clock. Can you believe this interior has 93,300 miles on it? Someone must have really loved this car! It shows all over.


Here’s the 396 V8 engine. It sure sounds great in the video! Originally this was an air conditioned car, but the under hood components were removed years ago. My inclination would be to replace the compressor with a more modern one and make the air conditioning functional again. I like the lightly used look under the hood–I don’t think I’d change anything. The carburetor was replaced with a Holley (the original comes with it), the radiator has recently been re-cored and a complete brake job was finished. That burble is staying with me long after the video is finished–it’s got a new custom exhaust and I like the sound! This seems like a true “turn key” classic car that would need nothing right away–I’d love to have it burbling in my driveway right now! How about you?


  1. 68 custom

    looks almost to nice for a no reserve sale. I also think the paint is newer. but it should be a 5 figure car for sure. carpet looks new as well.

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  2. L.M.K.

    I like it….

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  3. clyde davis

    Ive got a friend that wants to buy this car right now.

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  4. Tim Wyrick

    My first car was a 66 Impala 2dr ht with a worn out 283 in 1976, Bought it for 100 bucks, drove it a while and put a 400 sm blk in it. Big difference, 3sp w/od, 4:11 posi 10 bolt. Been sitting for 40 years waiting for me to get to it. This is one nice car. Big Chevys are way cool.

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  5. Dean

    Love it, love it, love it. But it will be WAY out of my price range when it sells, and in US greenbacks to boot. Not a lot of risk to the seller with a no reserve auction on a beauty like this.

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  6. Jumping g

    It’s a nice daily driver . With it missing the a/c compressor and paint damage below the rear window and a few other small issues would knock the car down to a 4 not a 2 . To get top dollar for this great car I would fix all the small issues . Don’t get me wrong it’s a great find …

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  7. Prowler

    This car is way too nice to go No reserve on Ebay
    He’s.got a buddy bidding on it

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  8. angliagt

    I really like the way the factory painted the
    front valance in silver on these.
    Is it just me,or do those wheels/tires just seem

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    • Joe Howell

      Stock tires were 8.25×14 and now days look really skinny on this full sized car. I turned a lot of them into smoke with my 65 396, 4speed Impala.

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  9. moto dog

    I believe that the interior has been redone as I have never seen two tone vinyl seats in these cars.

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    • Ross892

      At least the rear seat has been re-done it’s missing the oblong chrome escushions, had 7 1966 impala, caprice, belairs since 1980, would re-do a/c and drive it,don’t like the after market gauges under the dash, get a stock set from e-bay or re-manufacturers

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    • JW454


      The seats did come two tone… here’s a brochure picture.

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  10. RoughDiamond

    Real nice Impala and the color really pops. Another ’66 Impala “SS “auto. Seems most ’66 Impala “SSs” were.

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  11. JW

    Definitely a nice cruiser and a SS too.

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  12. Richard Prokopchuk

    15k now..nice car.

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  13. Alan (Michigan)

    Beautiful car. I really like it, and have always had a thing for the Marina Blue. There is so much goodness here.
    A few observations:
    This car is not what I’d call a “Survivor”. While it may not have undergone a normal restoration, it has indeed had a bit of work. The paint is part of that, but you can bet that prior to painting it had a significant amount of prep work. For such a clean and original body, I’d have suggested going to even a higher level of preparation before the respray, maybe even a strip of the old paint down to metal. As it sits, by viewing the video, one can see the mistakes made. Besides the peels showing the lighter (but maybe faded) original shade, at 1:50 in the video there is obviously a problem behind the RR drip rail. The same issue is seen on the left side at 4:54. There may well be rust under the paint at both locations.
    At 5:04, it is very easy to see that the car has been re-carpeted. The old, faded carpeting is still on the bottom of the console, drastically different than the stuff on the floor.
    At 6:26-6:27 in the video, there is a brief view of a not-small piece of what appears to be headliner fabric missing, right at the edge of the upper left windshield trim. Since the video does not pause, I can only guess that it may be a visor flaw instead.
    The engine and under-hood area have obviously been dressed up with paint and some refinishing.
    This is the same version of the 396 which was in my ’69 SS Chevelle. Dang, it ran really good! I would love to have this car in my garage, and fix my nitpicks, along with sourcing the missing AC parts so that would work too. My experience was that the original Quadrajet worked better than the Holly, so I’d likely rework that and get it back on the motor. The clock is no big deal for me at all, I learned watch repair over 40 years ago.

    The only real gripe to put over to the seller: Get a better camera, unless you are trying to hide something. 480P @30fps just does not cut it these days!

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  14. MikeK

    Well it didn’t take long for the bidding to get even hotter and heavier… 15,200 now with 6 days to go!!

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  15. moosie Craig

    Barn Find ?

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  16. Paul R

    Anyone notice the chrome oil pan in the video? Also mentioned 3.73 gear ratio that would be make the big block sing on the road. Nothing a 700R4 overdrive would not fix.
    Still a nice one!

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  17. patty

    This is a real nice piece of history!

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  18. Joe Howell

    Sweet, had a 65 Impala with a 396 and 4 speed in 1967 :)

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  19. Chebby

    I’m glad the seller talks during his video, walk-arounds where nobody speaks are creepy.

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  20. Paul B Adams

    Hello chevy owners, needing help. In 1976 I bought a 66 chevy impala in nashville, tenn. A dealership got the car , because of a nut that I was traded it in at Capitol Chevrolet. I’m wanting her back. I have no clue on how to fined out where to start. I no longer have the recites or registration of her or anything. Please help she had 327 motor , 350 powerglide, position rear. Baby Blue metallic, baby blue interior automatic on the column, with only 46,000 miles. The dealer offer me $3,800 on a trade. Was I so ever stupid. PLEASE HELP IF YOU CAN. CHEVY ROCKS

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  21. Symon Thurlow

    I bought this car and shipped it to New Zealand! I put new bushes, brakes, shocks throughout. 4 months later a lady in a Honda did a u-turn in front of me and I couldn’t avoid hitting her at fairly low speed, but enough to dent the bonnet, bust the radiator etc. it’s been at the body shop since, had all rust removed from around the rear window, front window and drip rails (otherwise no other rust in the car) has a full bare metal respray, and I should get it back before Christmas. Will send in pics once done.

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