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Rickenbacker Connection: 1915 Maxwell Racer

1915 Maxwell Racer

The seller of this Maxwell Racer purchased it under the pretense that it had history linking it to the legendary Racer Eddie Rickenbacker. Sadly for them, the previous owner was never able to provide any evidence linking it to the legend or to any racing history whatsoever. Rather than seeing it sit in their garage, the current owner has decided to part ways with it. Instead of misrepresenting its pedigree, they are offering it with full disclosure and without reserve here on eBay. We doubt it has any history, but you never know…

Maxwell Racer

Even without any race history, we think this would be an interesting project to have. It is more likely that this is a Maxwell Roadster that someone pulled the body off of. It wasn’t uncommon for aspiring drivers to take the family car, pull all the nonessential parts off, and take it racing on the weekend. Obviously, this is all just speculation, for all we know it could be one of the few Maxwell racers that Rickenbacker raced in the Vanderbilt Cup.

Maxwell Racer motor

Finding any connection to Rickenbacker will be extremely difficult, but if a link was made it would make this a very important and valuable piece of automotive history. For someone looking to build a fun Pre-War speedster, this would be a good starting point regardless of its history. We will turn to your collective wisdom for identification on this one. Perhaps someone here knows their Maxwell history and can identify the exact year and model just from what’s here?


  1. Jean-Louis Enndewel

    Love it sweet find

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  2. Mark H

    I can tell you it is not a 1912 as that is what I have. T-head 4 cylinder engine instead of this flat head. Also has cast aluminum engine block/transmission case all in one piece. Quite an accomplishment for 102 years ago. Interesting project regardless! Doubt you will see another at any given event.

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    • Wayne Schmiedeknecht

      The Maxwell Racers, such as the car that Eddie won the Providence Race of 1915, were rear springover suspension. Framerails were also significantly beefier. Many differences. I actually live on the Narragansett Speedway sight. It was also the sight of the first circuit race on record in the country. It was called the Narragansett Trotting Park, Cranston, R.I. owned by the Governor Amassa Sprague. This was a horseless carriage race.

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  3. Charles H

    Good tires!

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  4. Charles

    If it is not a famous racer, it would be cool to see it put back to original.

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  5. Bryan Cohn

    A+ to the current owner for his honest listing and taking a obvious hit, selling it without reserve and starting at a low dollar amount. 35 bids as of 8 am Thursday and its only at $2746. No idea of the value but that seems low for a 100 year old car that needs restoration.

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  6. jim s

    seller has 5 interesting cars/truck for sale on ebay. i do not know what to make of this car but at current bid it is very very interesting. i do think it would take a very brave person to drive this at speed! great find

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  7. Tom S.

    Sold, $4,051.00.

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