In The Family 60 Years: 1925 Maxwell

The Maxwell was one of many automobile brands to populate the U.S. market in the early 1900s. They were built between 1904 and 1925 and – at one time – were the third best-selling cars on the road. Eventually,… more»

The Only 1906 Maxwell Model S

I don’t remember where it was I heard this, but at one point I read that in the early 20th century, there were more American car companies beginning with the letter A than there are total today. Before this,… more»

Turnkey Pre-War Collection: Iowa Museum Hoard

A hoard of mostly pre-war American cars and trucks was recently unearthed in Villisca, Iowa by Heath Rodney and Dereck Freshour, part of a defunct museum collection that has stood idle for years. The stash features many marques that… more»

Dusty Treasure: 1912 Maxwell Touring Car

This Maxwell is listed on eBay in Mariposa, California for $12,000. It was last registered in 1957 and still has a 1915 Pennsylvania license plate. This Maxwell was in a museum for many years until 10 years ago when it… more»

94 Years and Still Kicking: 1923 Maxwell Model 25

As America became more engulfed with the automobile, prices and availability finally were within reach for middle class America. Many of the cars of the 20’s lived a lifestyle that no other era of car could relate too. Muddy… more»

101 Year Old Beauty: 1916 Maxwell Touring Car

In our life time, it seems like the cars of our youth are still new, even though they have become classics. Our love affair with the automobile seems like something fresh and exciting, but cars like this 1916 Maxwell… more»

Rickenbacker Connection: 1915 Maxwell Racer

The seller of this Maxwell Racer purchased it under the pretense that it had history linking it to the legendary Racer Eddie Rickenbacker. Sadly for them, the previous owner was never able to provide any evidence linking it to… more»

Endurance Champ: 1916 Maxwell 25 Tourer

Update 7/24/13 – The auction ended at $770 with 6 bids and the reserve was not met Most of us don’t know much about pre-war cars and even fewer of us have memories of them. That is a sad… more»