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Ripe For Rescue: 1970 Chrysler 300 Hurst Edition

Back in 1970, Detroit manufacturers were still willing to add some performance to their special edition cars as well as paint and tape striping. Naturally, when the co-branding involved Hurst, you knew that a shifter would be involved! This 1970 Chrysler 300 Hurst Edition is being sold here on eBay, with no reserve bidding having reached $7,400 so far. As you might guess from the rust in typical places, this huge car is currently located in the Northeast in Endicott, New York.

Chrysler only made 502 of these beauties, and all featured the 440 cubic inch “TNT” V-8. The engine was rated at 375 horsepower, which would move the “fuselage” series Chrysler from 0 to 60 in just over seven seconds. Pretty good numbers from a car that wouldn’t fit in my first house!

As with all the fuselage series MoPar cars, I’m a big fan of the smooth styling. Although I like some of the other fuselage front ends slightly better, this car happens to have my very favorite rear styling. It’s a shame about the rust, but given the original paint you know exactly what you are getting, and perhaps it will keep the price of the car affordable enough that a competent welder can pick the car up.

This is the rear end that I like so much! The integrated rear spoiler may not have much functionality (who knows?) but it sure looks great!

The car features its original engine and according to the seller actually runs, drives and stops, although the last of those three isn’t that great. They say a non-rookie driver will be required to get it onto a transporter to get the car home due to the brake issues. It’s a good start, though, as that way you know most major systems are repairable and you won’t get any huge surprises. In the same vein, the seller has taken a lot of close up pictures of the rusty spots so you know exactly what you are getting into.

One of the best features of the original interior is the uncracked dash pad, although the seller states it will need to be dyed. That’s another great plus for this car as far as I’m concerned — that’s a lot of dashboard disassembly that won’t need to happen! I think this is a great project for someone–ripe for rescuing–is that person you?


  1. Avatar photo ed the welder

    I had a ’70 fury bought in ’89…the front subframes on these rust to beat the band …and the lower fenders and rear quarters as well as the rear shock mounts…I’m down state from Endicott so my guess is that it’s pretty crunchy underneath…

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  2. Avatar photo dgrass

    I love these big beauties! Thanks for the post.

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  3. Avatar photo King Al

    My least favorite year for big 300. 66 was the sleek year, like the 300 convertible Van Williuams drove in the Green Hornet tv show.

    I’d restomod this. Keep the interior, and restore body to original, but toss the 440 boat anchor and shove a new 840 hp Challenger SRT plant under the hood.

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    • Avatar photo scottymac

      I liked the ’65 letter car and the ’66, but every time I look at this picture from the ’68 sales brochure, it grabs me.


      I had a chance to buy a rough one for $2,500 in Oklahoma City a few years ago, just didn’t have room for another project. Still kicking myself!

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    • Avatar photo Dave Wright

      The green hornet car is an Imperial

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      • Avatar photo King Al

        The Black Bueaty was based on an Imperial, true. But the wealthy citizen Van Williams portrayed drove a 66 300 convert by day.

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  4. Avatar photo sparkster

    Just watched the show FantomWorks which had one of these on it. Man that’s huge car.

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  5. Avatar photo sparkster

    Just found another 1970 Chrysler 300 in the Seattle Caraigslist. Red in color for $9999

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  6. Avatar photo sparkster

    Seattle Craigslist

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  7. Avatar photo Ed P

    There is a lot of rust on this one. I liked the fuselage styling but it was lukewarmly recieved

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  8. Avatar photo King Al

    I did like the 73 Chrysler and especially the 73 Fury coupes, as well as the Imperial. Seems like it took Chry Co a couple of years to hone the fuselage styling.

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  9. Avatar photo DrinkinGasoline

    Owned a 72 New Yorker Brougham with the restrained 440 which was not far from this platform. Thin metal and it ate starters (MoPar replacements). Bumpers rusted prematurely. Made Me wish I hadn’t parted with the 70 Olds 98 :(

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  10. Avatar photo G.P.

    Ya know, For a big ol’ girl, she does have a nice looking rear end.

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    • Avatar photo DrinkinGasoline

      Ya hate to see her leave, but You like to watch her walk away :)

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  11. Avatar photo Steve

    I like turtles.

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    • Avatar photo Chris

      Lol & lmao 😅

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  12. Avatar photo Mountainwoodie

    My Dad had a new 4 door ’70 Newport. When you went around the corner you slid from one side to the other on the vinyl seats……it was HUGE………

    it was stolen off the streets on NYC one day; why I dont know. It was recovered and he had to take it back! Should have stayed stolen!

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  13. Avatar photo ROTAG999


    I think this one is about 3 miles from me at local Wrecking Yard.

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  14. Avatar photo angliagt

    Our neighbor,who had a small used car lot,
    drove one of these for a while.Very cool car!

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  15. Avatar photo lawrence

    Would put it up against what the big three offered – Marauder ? no…..XL LTD ? no….Cadillac ? wait they didn’t have any thing….Lincoln Mark III….no again….remember my first siting at the old Pate about late 70’s or early 80’s…man they sure looked like they could run……..

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  16. Avatar photo Charles

    What a grand old cruiser that was back in the day. I have not seen any of this year with the floor mounted shifter. Factory AC to boot! All of that rust scares the H*** out of me.

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  17. Avatar photo Walter Joy

    I love how the rear spoiler blends into the fenders

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  18. Avatar photo 68custom

    There is a guy in Sarasota who let one of these fall victim to rust! Told me he will restore it someday. What a waste of a cool ride! This one should be saved.

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  19. Avatar photo Mark S

    Back in the 80’s I worked at a minute tune shop in Calgary AB the owner was trying to scratch together enough cash to rebuild the engine. So every morning we put it outside and every evening back in the engine had 2 dead cylinders with no compression and it could still lay down 30′ of burnout rubber. The spoiler on the back really is different it’s the only one I’ve ever seen likeit. It was a very cool car. One day the owner showed up and said he couldn’t get the money squared way he took it home and I’ve never seen another one. From what I can remember they only came in the one colour skeem as it appears here.

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  20. Avatar photo Stang1968

    These cars had a fiberglass hood skin over a metal frame. They are pretty difficult to repair properly. Check out the recent FantomWorks episode for more details on the Hurst edition 300.

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  21. Avatar photo Mitch

    My Dad passed on one (mint) in 1975 at a dealer because he thought they wanted too much. ($3K) As I grew up & became more Mopar knowledgeable, I told him what he passed up & he was kicking himself in the rear end. There was fabulously restored one in one of the Mopar magazines in the mid 80’s, & I happened to run into the guy that owned it at the Mopar Nats meet in Columbus (OH) I talked with him a bit, & he showed me unpublished photos of the car before he restored it, & it was 10x rustier than this one.

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  22. Avatar photo AMXSTEVE

    I want one of these bad but this one is to far gone.

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  23. Avatar photo Craig Rapoza

    I had a 69 300 rag top in college in 78
    Dark Ivy Green sunfire metallic over tan ,Tan top
    440 TNT Auto Buckets console
    Fast but she drank Sunoco 360 like an old horse drinking water after crossing death valley
    Not miles to the gallon, but gallons to the mile
    still a great car on a hot summer’s night in Newport RI

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  24. Avatar photo Moparman1123

    I always liked this monster. I always see at least two of these each time I am at the Chryslers at Carlisle national show.

    My dad had a 72 Newport 2-door so I am very familiar with the superb cornering…lol

    One feature (among others) to note on this car. Chrysler used the dual exhaust tips from the ’70 Challenger R/T on this edition. I had a B-5 blue 71 Challenger R/T 340 Four Barrel and know those tips well.

    A nice project car.

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    • Avatar photo scottymac

      Who do you suppose raided the parts bin, Chrysler or Hurst?

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  25. Avatar photo G

    A beauty. Save this car. Someone!!!!!!! If I had room I would bid, this car. Is. Just. An amazing Chance to get into the classic car hobby. it. Definitely. Will be. Expensive. To restore.

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  26. Avatar photo glenn

    i saw them do one of these on fantomworks and it was a fortune just for the fiberglass hood. this one is warped as well sometimes you just have to keep a driver a driver with very little restoration

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  27. Avatar photo Maestro1

    I am a previous serial owner of 300s and they were all wonderful, mostly 65s and 66s, this design is a beauty. I know how expensive they are to restore properly.
    Thanks for this.

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  28. Avatar photo Jim Bryant

    There is one of these on a trailer outside chicago that would make a good parts car for this one in Cal Park

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