Riverbed Roadster: 1967 Amphicar 770

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The Amphicar was the answer to a question nobody asked. Even though it couldn’t do either task very well, it could traverse both land and water with ease. They are collector’s items today, especially if you can find one that has survived with its steel body still intact. The 1967 model available near Boston, Massachusetts has a remarkably low 9,900 miles and is very original. Find it here on eBay with one day left.

Today, the high asking price for an Amphicar is not unusual. It was not a runaway sales success, and production ended in 1965 with just under 4,000 cars produced. However, Amphicars could be titled the year they were sold rather than the year of production, so this example was manufactured some time between 1961 and 1965. As a later model, the seller notes that it benefits from being equipped with the bilge blower interconnect required by the Coast Guard and the DOT-mandated non-glare dash and interlock navigation light.

The Amphicar made its way on land and water without much gusto. The powerplant was pulled from the Triumph Herald 1200, and puts out a modest 43 b.h.p., but it was enough to propel the amphibious cruiser to 70 m.p.h. on land and up to 7 knots in open water. If an owner wanted to hot-rod their Amphicar, later versions of the same engine cranked out upwards of 75 b.h.p. The low mileage and original equipment indicates that this example made few trips down to the docks in its lifetime.

Like anything that sits in water, some Amphicars are heavily rusted when pulled from their slumber. Though little is known about this car’s history, its owner obviously took the proper storage measures as it is rust-free with perfect panel gaps. More importantly, the doors and windows fit tightly, which becomes a life-safety issue when river-bound. The seller also notes that there are no hobbyist modifications and that the car retains its original undercoating in the engine compartment.

With bidding already over $34,000, this German-made Amphicar will likely reach its lofty asking price. When you consider its original condition and all the recent mechanical work, including a new clutch, brake cylinders and refurbished carbs, it is also likely one of the best examples available on the market. Rumor has it that President Lyndon Johnson liked to terrify passengers by driving  down a hill towards the water yelling that the brakes had failed. Stories and memories like those make owning one of these literal land-yachts all the more tempting.

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  1. Larry

    WHY ?????

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  2. DonaldMember

    This one is about the best example I have seen. Good panel fit is important because one of the biggest problems with these—apart from the inherent difficulty of making a vehicle that does well on both the road and on water—is water leaking past the door seals.

    OK, it needs to be said: These were neither a good car nor a good boat.
    But judging from the bidding, the oddball factor means a lot.

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  3. Bob B

    During the 64 – 65 New York Worlds Fair…..we sampled a dry/wet ride..into the water at Wonder World…the water came up real high on the belt line…we did get wet ..Thank’s for the memory ..

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  4. Bill

    “the DOT mandated non- glare dash and the interlock nav light which only work when the props are engaged.”

    Does this mean that “the DOT mandated non- glare dash” doesn’t work when the props are not engaged?

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  5. ed

    This is the same car that sold on ebay just a couple months ago for $30k. I HATE IT when people snatch something up, just to turn around and make a huge profit! Just drives up the prices of classics for those of us who actually want to drive and enjoy them! If someone pays a dime over $30k for it, they’re just getting ripped off.

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  6. Foxxy

    I got to ride in one of these in ’65 I think. He drove it right down the boat launch and we went up and down the river for a couple hrs. I thought it was the slickest thing you could get. I was in 7th grade. I agree with ED, the super rich have squeezed out the working man again. I watched a few of the B-J auctions and most of the buyers are just showing off with money cause they have no heart for cars in any way. It’s just a game.
    I think these cars look better in the water than out. they look like a ’57 chevy Ragtop going across the water. lol. One more thing for Larry,,, Why not????

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  7. 6point3

    @ Ed

    I agree, but these Flippers are living off other’s ignorance.
    THEY will drive this ‘Classic Car Bubble’ ’til it bursts.
    Car was relisted as the profit wasn’t high enough for this guy ($34,300 the first time around). He got $39,770 with a buy it now , that is if he got paid.
    I am just wondering where the battery tray and jack w handle for an Amphicar come from 60 days after the car sold………..

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