Roadside Sighting: Cheap 1963 Ford F100

Reader Steve S recently drove past his local Pick-n-Pull and spotted this Unibody Ford in their parking lot with a price tag. Salvage yards typically don’t sell the vehicles that come in unless they are in good enough shape that they feel they can make more selling it as a complete car than parting it out. With a price of just $1,399, this seems like a decent deal if the truck runs and can be made to drive with minimal work. The yard was closed when Steve was there, so it wasn’t able to get more information, but this Pick-n-Pull is located in Sherwood, Oregon.

Due to the lack of information, I had to just guess the year, but based on the grille mounted turn signals and fender badge I’m fairly certain this is a 1963 model. The fourth generation F100 was the first unibody truck from Ford and while it looks great, the initial response wasn’t as great as they expected. Complaints about the doors jamming when the bed was loaded hurt sales and in ’63 they stopped offering this unibody design. This one is going to need work, but could be a great rig to restore or turn into a rat rod! Our thanks to Steve for sending over his Roadside Sighting. If you come across a classic along the road with a killer price, please share!


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  1. Chebby Staff

    If it runs well, seems you could eBay it immediately for 2-3 times as much.

    • whmracer99

      Don’t think so. The just sold a fully running unibody here with a pretty straight body and it lasted for several weeks listed under $3000. Existing price on the truck seems pretty fair.

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      • Steve R

        Was your a long bed or short bed? This appears to be a short bed rleetside, that’s what the market values at this time.

        Steve R

    • Gerry Rhoades

      Good price, wish it were here in Ohio

  2. Jose Delgadillo

    This would be a great truck to fix up. The unibodys are pretty rare and more likely to go up in value. These are the precursor to the Ranchero. I love the styling of these trucks though I think these still had the solid axle and Y block V8. I had a ’66 F250 and that was a nice truck. It made me a Ford fan.

    • Steve65

      “Precursor”? The Ranchero came out in 1957.

      This is closer to the current Honda Ridgeline. Purpose built as a light truck rather than adapted from an existing car chassis.

    • Steve65

      That’s started me wondering. In the interim between this and the Ridgeline, did anybody else try to sell a purpose-built light duty unibody pickup? All the ones I can think of off the top of my head (VW, Dodge, Subaru, etc) were variants of an existing passenger car.

      • Todd Zuercher

        Not that I can think of.

      • Rodent

        These trucks aren’t unibody. The cab and bed are welded together, but they sit on a conventional frame.

        Since it has a gear and lightning bolt on the hood, I would expect to see a 223 I-6 under the hood.

      • Todd Zuercher

        Maybe the Chevy Avalanche?

      • Todd Zuercher

        Unibody is a bit of a misnomer. Unitized body is a better, and proper, description.

      • CanuckCarGuy

        Lamborghini built one, can’t think of any others.

      • dodgedude

        The Ford Unibody’s are actually body on frame contruction. Jeep made an actual Cherokee unibody truck during the 80’s.

      • Steve65

        Right. Jeep Comanche.

        There’s some talented metalworkers out there who have created crewcab Comanches by welding the bed onto the back end of a Cherokee. Awesome, although the proportions are odd. Looks like an automotive Dachshund.

      • Russ

        Leyland Sherpa from the mid seventies in the U.K. might qualify. On a frame but factory made in van or pick up style. Only made the one piece body for two or three years before going to separate flat bed style box on the back and one piece cab.

  3. Derek F

    Cool truck for the money. Though potential buyers should know that it may carry a salvaged title coming from a dismantler- they don’t always go to the trouble to also have a resellers license also.

    I purchased an un-wrecked, running Honda CRX Si years ago from a salvage yard in California and had to jump through a LOT of hoops to re-register it, all for the pleasure of a salvaged title. I won’t do that again.

  4. mike D

    am pretty sure it is a 62

  5. Pete Phillips

    Isn’t that a ’62 Ford truck, instead of a ’63? (the green and white one)

  6. Rube Goldberg Member

    It’s a ’62. ’63 had a checkerboard grill, and amber turn signals, I believe. Great find, I’m sure it doesn’t run. That price indicates, it must have sat in the back of a car lot, and finally hauled it in, for whatever reason. These are kind of rare, they sold a bunch, but as they rusted, many were junked. I’d love to have it. If it was in Colorado, I’d go for it.

  7. RichS

    Pick and Pull does list many of the “builder” cars on their site but because inventory is always changing it’s usually not all that accurate. Here’s the listings for that yard:

  8. Mike

    It rains a whole lot and snows there in Oregon plus they use salt in some places. Cool truck. Hope somebody rescues her. Lotta work.

  9. Metoo

    Decent price. And no extra charge for the patina. But what’s under the hood?

  10. charles

    holden (gmh) and ford in Australia made them along with 1 tonner cab and chassis

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