Roadtrip Delight: 1979 Chevy Trans Van


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To me, this 1979 Chevy Trans Van here on eBay is the perfect sized conveyance for attending track events and camping out under the stars. You can maneuver one of these around a parking lot and still keep it parked alongside the garage when not in use. Plus, a modern R/V just wouldn’t look nearly as cool with those awesome 70’s graphics stuck on the side. It can be yours for $3,500 if no one else bids on it! 


The seller claims he just drove this rig cross country with no issues. The overall condition seems to indicate despite being used as a recreational vehicle and long-distance cruiser, this Trans Van was cared for along the way. The interior remains stock and un-hacked up, and the carpets and seating surfaces look clean. The true mileage is unknown but I can’t imagine it has done multiple runs over 100,000.


The dining area is clean and the fixtures appear to retain a factory-like finish. The porthole window allows you to gaze out at the mountains as you whip up some scrambled eggs or do the dishes. Heck, there’s even a spice rack nearby for storing some paprika and hot sauce. There’s a propane stove and also a propane heater on board should the weather turn chilly. The original bathroom has been removed, however, in favor of extra storage space (and likely less of a maintenance nuisance at the loss of some privacy and convenience).


Given this Trans Van has resided primarily in California and Alaska before coming to New Hampshire, I’m guessing it has visited some beautiful vistas and been an active participant in its owners’ outdoor lifestyles. Now it’s time for the next adventurer to take ownership of this rust-free rig, with a reliable Chevy 350 on board. Where would you take the Trans Van next if you were to buy it?

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  1. JW

    I really like these as they are not too small to feel cramped nor to monstrous to park in your driveway. Hey who needs a bathroom to deal with, plenty of truck stops & rest areas along the interstate while any decent camping areas have bathrooms / showers. New tires with the dependable GM 350 what more could you ask for except maybe Bob Seger riding shotgun.

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  2. The Walrus

    I’ve been looking for a vintage RV to fix up with no real agenda. Having looked at many I’m down to either a Transvan or Chinook. Although a mid-90’s Dakota or Diesel Ram based 4×4 Scotty Serro at the right price would work too… Love the Transvans though and this one’s relatively close to home. If it were a Dodge of the same vintage with a 440 you’d have trouble outbidding me.

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  3. Paul R

    Bruce Jenner van .LOL

    Looks like some type of Chrysler sourced tail lights were used?

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    • van

      Ok I have to call foul on that one
      Now take a lap
      He he he

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      • van

        Talk about disturbing
        Just go to wallmart
        See how many women with kids don’t look as good as Caitlin
        I’m just saying
        Dam gouge my eyes out
        Slap me and call me Nancy

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    • JW454

      Tail lamps, I believe, are 1978 Pontiac Catalina.

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      • Alan (Michigan )

        Good eye!

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      • JW454

        Thanks Alan.

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      • boxdin

        They are actually full size mopar sedan but I’m having a hard time finding the pic to prove it…….

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  4. jim s

    looks like a nice unit at a starting good price. i would put back in a bathroom, add aux. a/c, and remove the platform that is bolted to the roof rack. seller is getting questions and is willing to provide more photo plus video. with no reserve this will be an interesting auction. nice find.

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  5. van

    If I was in a padded cell would I be hear
    Think about it

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  6. boxdin

    Tailllghts are late 70 full size Chrysler, still looking for photo of 79 Polara or similar. My co was a warranty station when these were new. I vote w the Chinook too as I have a Chinook on a Ford chassis 1990 model w EFI and overdrive. These old carb engines get half the milage of EFI w OD. If we get to the point where we live in a van down by the river, I’ll have one of the nicest vans around.

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    My son used to have a 70’s Dodge Trans Van Go cart. Found it at a garage sale and was mint. The old couple that was having the sale said it was a promo of some type. They got it when they bought their new TV camper. At the time he was too little to ride it but soon enough grew into it. Sure miss those days.

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  8. Doug Towsley

    Thats a late 70s and early 80s graphics thing. If it was a true 70s love machine it would have some murals with amazon women and lightning bolts on it,,,or big pot leafs. Friend of mine did a big mural in his apt and his van. Bostons “More than a feeling” and all kinds of images around cannabis leaf. His landlord LOVED him!. Everyone else thought it was the coolest.
    I do LIKE this!… Add in a beefed up Turbo 700R4 (overdrive) and optimize the motor for low end power and fuel economy (its all about the carb, intake and Camshaft) with a free flowing exhaust and you can pull some serious MPG on the freeways.
    Update the interiors. The micro house movement has some really awesome ideas for small scale living and some really cool ideas coming out. IKEA has some great products as well for living in small spaces. Spend some time looking at their stuff and adapt the good stuff.
    I Do not understand you guys and your bathroom fetishes. Why not just get a porta-potty and tow it behind this on a trailer? Get a plastic one,Stop at RV parks to empty, and Truck stops to open her up, fire up the pressure washer-steam cleaner for a periodic washdown and sterilizing. But living and driving one with the plumbing & tanks is just weird. Ive worked facilities mgmt and maint and people have some weird ideas about their personal business habits, I totally get it. Some people are just Sickos, Just sayin’, but this discussion is about vehicles as projects and or reselling or offering the opinion of what something is worth for sale and I am just saying, Working in acft maintenenance, vehicle maint, and facility maint, The idea of my own traveling sewer and septic tank is just gross. Im also a first responder and have you ever seen a RV thats been rear ended that had a full tank? Do i need to paint that picture? Can you say one massive biohazard? Been there, done that, Multiple casualty, and medical trauma. Something you dont ever want to see or experience. A vehicle thats had the bathroom removed is a big plus to me.

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  9. Greg in Ca

    Wow, not much else to say except the “Park it beside the garage.” Not happening in my neighborhood! Other than that, I can think of about 1,000 places I’d want to go in this rig but my other half would say no way, baby,!

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  10. HeadMaster1

    As the owner of a 39′ travel trailer with a slide out and 2 bedrooms, I can say that this is all you need, maybe even more than you need. Restrooms are everywhere, and true camping requires cooking over a fire, not popping a hot-pocket in the microwave. If you have to have a toilet, get a composting toilet, no plumbing no tanks. RV showers suck anyway, unless you’re in a megabucks bus. I like it, yank the motor and trans for an 5.3 LS conversion and enjoy :-)

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  11. Kyle Pemrick

    I am now the owner of this TransVan, It is getting a complete going thru mechanically. new seals headgasts transmission seal u joints, the works, I have already put 3 new fantastic fans in the roof. removed 12V fridge and install a bigger ice box. I did install a small porta potty back in the toilet spot. It runs awesome, It was a 5 hour drive home thru the New Hampshire mountains.

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  12. Robert Gibson

    Absolutely love these babies, I had a 79 23 foot transvan with a either 360 or a 318 dodge power train. We called it the love schack! I put around 70,000 miles on it in the 6 years I owned it….. believe it or not i used it as my everyday car for a few of those years, handled great, pulled my 21 foot boat no problem….only if the walls could talk….alot of people would be in trouble….lol

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