Rocket Science: 1969 Ford Mustang Mach 1 Fastback

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Much like this Mustang, the seller’s description of the car available here on eBay is somewhat muddled and difficult to follow.  The car is claimed to have been previously owned by a rocket scientist (more on that in a minute) and it’s anything but a complete original.  In fact, if I’ve counted correctly this Mustang has had four different motors, three different transmissions, three color changes, and it’s on its third chassis!  Thankfully, a Marti report is included with the sale.  Located in Gainesville, Florida the car is being auctioned without reserve.  The auction ends today and bidding is currently at $12,875.  A BIN price of $19,995 is offered if you absolutely must have this Mustang right now!

This car was brought to our attention just recently so chances are the auction may be over before you see the post.  Sorry about that!  It’s too bad we didn’t find this one sooner.  The backstory on this Mustang is that it was purchased by the aforementioned rocket scientist who happened to be quite fond of things that go fast.  I guess when your job is to study the principles of propulsion that should come as no surprise!  It turns out that Mr. or Mrs. Scientist wasn’t quite satisfied with a stock Mach 1, so legitimate efforts were taken to make this car more like a racer.  That meant swapping the original subframe for a racing chassis, installing a roll cage, a rear spoiler, and most importantly, exchanging the original 351 motor for a fuel injected 429.

According to the seller, the 429 is long gone as is the original 351.  The current owners installed a 428 Cobra Jet engine but for reasons not specified, pulled that motor and have replaced it with a Big Block 390.  Originally a 4-speed manual (according to the Marti Report), the car is now equipped with a Ford C6 automatic transmission.  It still comes with all three pedals, however, and the seller is also willing to include a 4-speed Ford Toploader with the sale.  Just curious, but is that Rust-Oleum enamel spray paint in safety blue?

The car has been remounted on a Mustang subframe, however, if I am understanding the seller correctly it’s not the original.  Recently repainted to its native Gulfstream Aqua color, an extra roof is also included in the sale.  The seller provides a short video showing the car as it appeared a few years ago when it was painted black.  Bodywork still needs to be finished as does interior trim work.  Pictures are fuzzy and dark, so it’s difficult to get a true sense of the car’s overall condition.  Highback seats with covers are present along with a center console and electric power windows.  A new fuel tank has been installed and the seller mentions the trunk drops are in good condition.  As the auction begins to wind down it doesn’t appear the seller is going to realize his near $20K BIN price but we shall see.  What are your thoughts on this motley Mach 1?

Auctions Ending Soon


  1. TimM

    What’s the deal with the front seats??

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    • gkrone

      That was my first question. Looks like a cheap plastic seat cover.

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      • gkrone

        It looks like replacement vinyl was just laid on the seats. You can see the end sticking out near the console.

        It also looks like the original roof was cut off and a moon roof was added.

        Auction is now over. Sold for $12,875. Good luck to the buyer.

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      • walt

        4 all u couch/computer nerds/experts $12,875 w-toploader thrown in is a steal! Rip off seat covers & upholster, put in the toploader, rip out frt end & put in a Heidts Superride frt end & run it. They were made 2 run! U guys dream of a stupid matching # rig rotted out in a field [never will get it going] or find a matching # rig & u 2 cheap or ole lady/kids won’t allow it. I guess Hot Rodders like me r dead! I still have my garage & tools. U can have the couch

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  2. BoatmanMember

    What about the 390 valve cover perched atop the 429 valve train?

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  3. 68custom

    Could you get factory power windows in 69?

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  4. LARRY

    Frankenstang lol

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  5. Moparman MoparmanMember

    I got a headache from just looking at those out of focus pictures…nevermind the “FankenStang” aspects, LOL!! :-)

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  6. ChallengerChick

    Ummmm, yuck?! More like rocket surgery than rocket science. I hope the new buyer played a lot of “Operation” as a kid. Those fine motor skills (pun fully intended) would come in handy right about now. 😁

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    • Dave

      I see what you did there…

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  7. grant

    How can a unibody car be on its third chassis?

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    • Jim

      Yeah, the Mustang doesn’t have a frame or even a removable subframe.

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  8. TimM

    A weird combination of things with this ride!!

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  9. ccrvtt

    I once had a 1962 Cutlass with a 455 tuned for 750 rwhp. That motor got swapped out for a Chrysler turbine, then I put in a Mazda Rx2 rotary. I sold it without a motor based on the fact that it had so many really cool motors in it already, which made it really, really valuable.


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  10. Nevada1/2rack NevadahalfrackMember

    SOLD at $12,875. GLWT

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  11. Pat

    oh my…

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  12. Troy s

    So, they replaced a cobra jet 428, legendary Ford mill, with a 390.?!
    Make a street machine out of it…, its original days are long gone.

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  13. John Oliveri

    This car is like a woman that’s been around the block one too many times, had too many hands on it, was passed around quite a few times, has no originality to it, should just be left in the street, or if it runs, take it out for the weekend, run it hard, flip it Monday morning

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