Rolls Royce Silver Spirit For $5,800!


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I suppose the Silver Spirit isn’t the most desirable Rolls Royce. And this one has certainly not been treated in typical cossetted Rolls Royce fashion. And yes, I’ve heard horror stories about maintenance and repair for these generation of Rolls Royce cars (and the corresponding Bentleys). But I can’t help but wonder if this could be a reasonable entry price to an unreasonable car? It’s located in Palm City, Florida and is listed here on eBay, with a buy-it-now of $5,800 but even lower offers are being listened to. If you are now gnashing your teeth, you have Jim S. to thank, as he sent in this find!


Here’s one of the reasons the car is priced so low! There are numerous spots of small body damage (ok, this one isn’t small!) and there’s some rust…and bent trim. But it’s a Rolls Royce! Even if it has been stored (indoors) in the Miami area for about five years.


Here’s a better shot of that whole rear end. Based on the shut gaps, I’m guessing this wrinkle in the side could be a little worse than it looks at first. Also, the seller reminds us that they own two restoration shops that specialize in Rolls Royces. I have to wonder; if that’s the case, why don’t they restore the car and then sell it?


Unlike the exterior, apart from being dirty, the interior isn’t too bad. I’m sure the seats would respond to cleaning, and that burgundy leather would look gorgeous.


Unfortunately, when we rotate the shot a little, the right side of the wooden dash looks damaged. That will be difficult to repair, especially if you are set on matching the veneer on the rest of the dashboard.


Rolls Royces of this vintage actually have a pretty reliable V8 engine, but everything about this car is complicated. I’m really leery of the stories I’ve heard about deferred maintenance and trying to resurrect one of these that has been off the road. The seller mentions brake problems on top of what we can see, and no claim of a running engine is made. I’d have to know that before bidding. Would you be willing to take a chance on this Silver Spirit?



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  1. Van

    I too wonder what it would take to own one. Years ago a Rolls mechanic at the dealer told me he couldn’t get a gear for the window regular, for the 5 year old car he was working on. That sounded nuts for what I guess was a 1976 or 77.
    How many parts could you substitute to keep the car on the road.
    Assuming the main suspension components are good. Replace engine, trans, brake master, after market power windows, wiring etc.
    I know to much work, but it is a Rolls.
    I guess you should find one without body damage too.

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  2. p

    Gees. Who would neglect one of these in the first place?

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  3. Roselandpete

    Good point as to why the seller doesn’t simply repair the damage. I also collect pinball machines and it reminds me of an old, long-running ad where the seller said the pin just needed a fuse. I often wondered why he didn’t just put in the fuse and say it worked 100%.

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  4. JW454

    I’m a bit surprised to see the Frigidaire type 6 piston compressor on a Rolls Royce. I know nothing about these cars so I’m wondering if that was original or an A/C add on once it crossed our shores?

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    • mat

      Rolls used GM compressors. Also used GM turbo hydramatic 400 transmissions.

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    • Lionel

      I have the more recent version of this car, 89 Silver Spur, it has a Sanden compressor, and Citroen accumulators for the dual circuit brakes and rear suspension.

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  5. Zaphod

    I’ve had 2 Royces. Nice cars, hard on tires and brakes. Prone to hidden rust, heavy, 5 mpg, no resale. Service records are everything withese cars. To flip one you must find the right buyer. Tough. The cars are thick on the ground and over valued. Basically, compared to a Cadillac, they’re not very good cars.

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  6. Dan h

    What we have here is what seems to be a very neglected Rolls.
    My advice, run.

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  7. Charles H.

    Rolls-Royce used Frigidaire A/C compressors for years, so I would say it’s the original factory air setup.

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  8. Ed P

    Whoever put the 100+k miles on this car certainly did not appreciate it. The leather front seats are going to need more than a good cleaning. How did they manage to do so much damage to the burled walnut dash? The past owner should be forced to use public transportation.

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    • Charles H.

      I agree 100% Ed P, the kind of moron, who would treat a car such as a Rolls-Royce in such a manner, is completely beyond me! They obviously have no real appreciation, knowledge, or passion for automobiles…….

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      • Van

        When all you have to do is wright one check and it’s yours it’s just a tool.
        Money doesn’t make you smart or savy it just makes you rich.
        Gullwing Motors has all the proof you need.

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      • Ed P

        This one should be stripped of all usable parts so other cars can live on. Then crush the hulk with all the dignity you can muster for the occasion.

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  9. Peregrine Lance

    I wouldn’t worry about finding parts. Just use those from a Bentley!…….(Hmmmm……)

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  10. Fred

    Saw a similar one go through a classic car auction recently that appeared to need very little and had been well maintained for $9500. This one might be an ideal candidate to supply parts for someone’s restoration (for a couple thousand).

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  11. DirtyHarry

    All I see is a parts car.

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  12. jaymes

    youd be a fool to buy it, it better off being scrapped

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  13. Bill

    British engineering means you will likely find parts on Austin Marinas, Rover SD1s….I rebuilt a Rolls engine (inline 6) years ago using rings from a GM V8. Ya gotta be creative…There is one of these “Hot-rodded” around where I live… very nice actually.
    I’d love one of these, even as a parts car to use the running gear and various bits for another project. maybe a Rolls Powered model A?

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  14. Chuck Foster Chuck F

    I think it would look good with some chrome 24 inch wheels, jacked up and painted metallic lime green, 350 Chevy engine. Of course, that’s with a For Sale sign sitting in the hood.

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    • Keith

      If you did that, and took it to Philly, it’d be sold within hours ;)

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  15. Peter R

    I owned a 1976 RR in 1986. I bought it with low mileage and some service history – still a new surprise it seemed almost every week. Even then parts prices were sky high – power steering unit about 1100. for example. I was happy to take a small loss a year later. BTW they are great for the ego! I would not touch this one with a 10 foot pole – entry price is just the starting point for another 20k or more in repairs – ask the seller for an estimate to do the body and interior work alone – mechanicals to follow

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  16. DW

    I saw a RR grille on eBay not that long ago for 2000. Probably the only part of the car I really want to own anyway.

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  17. Steve B

    Who remembers the episode of Monster Garage maybe 15 years ago where they built one of these into a sewage sucker? If this is a model with a pressurized brake system, yeah isn’t a brake job alone like $10k?

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  18. HeadMaster1

    I had an 85 Silver Spur (the longer wheel base model)….Nice cars, fairly easy to work on and parts aren’t too ad s long as you et them from the UK……VERY WELL BUILT, I don’t care what anybody says…The wiring was like a work of art Fuel injection is German, A/C and transmission are American, Brakes and Suspension are French, and everything else is British…This one is JUNK, the rear end is bent, total loss… a really nice one for $15k and enjoy it

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  19. Junkfixer

    “The seller mentions brake problems on top of what we can see”. I performed a brake overhaul on one of these last year for a rather well-heeled customer. That invoice was $18,065. If the car has been disused for any length of time, it will require such a brake overhaul to be road-worthy again. I certainly know that many (or most) reading this are very technically and mechanically skilled individuals who are capable of performing the work, but I mention this because I don’t think anyone should have any illusions about this example. It is a parts car and nothing more.

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  20. Tony B

    This is one of the numerous cars out of the warehouse that was damaged by a hurricane in Florida… Would love to know the story behind these autos, as it seems that they were stockpiled, then (abandoned?)…. Perhaps there was an estate involved, where the settlement drug out for years while the cars rotted?

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  21. Mike

    Just purchased a 1981 Silver Spirit. Some electrical issues, but believe due to after market stereo. Love them car. Restored a 71 Silver Shadow, over 12 yrs of love and labor, over $20k invested, sold for $9k, was worth way more but needed to sell. The 81 I’m keeping for life. Guess you just have to love them to want one.

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  22. Double R car

    Back off from this bad boy! It is such less a headache if you spend (save?) enough to find one that has low mileage and a comprehensive service record. When properly maintained these are great cars.

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