Room For 9: 1968 Pontiac Catalina

'68 Catalina wagon front

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In 1968 Pontiac produced 13,363 of the 9 passenger 4,408 pound Catalina Station Wagon, (which is really an 8 passenger with one “driver”, that is if you wish to go somewhere). Is a “driver” a passenger, we think not. Listed here on craigslist in St. Louis, Missouri  this Catalina Station Wagon is priced at $8,900 OBO.

'68 Catalina wagon engine

This example has a 400 2 barrel V8 engine, with a 400 turbo transmission and a 3.08 rear-end.  The electrical system has been upgrade with a 1 wire alternator, Pertronix III ingnition, 8mm Accel wires, and 2 1/4″ dual exhaust with Thrush Chamber Mufflers. Some images of this and other areas are with the ad for your review.

'68 Catalina wagon dash

The interior is original with new carpet. There is a tilt wheel, power rear window, a Kenwood stereo with 8 speakers and, wait for it, a custom made sub-woofer under the third-row seat. Are you looking forward to sitting backwards with the bass pushing the decibels from under your seat?

'68 Catalina wagon 3rd row

You can see the sub-woofer case under the seat in the image above. Hopefully whoever installed it, didn’t butcher any of the interior panels in the process of installing it.

'68 Catalina wagon rear right

There is a new 3-row radiator, power steering box, windshield wiper motor, water pump, drive-shaft re-balanced and new u joints were installed. The car was repainted at some point, the year is unknown. The owner has the correct 4 barrel intake and an extra steering column that will be included with the purchase. This seller only wants “serious buyers”. If you have to ask your wife’s permission he doesn’t want you to call. He is not interested in trades either. If you have some questions, have a “green light” from the wife, you may want to give the owner a call to get some more information.


Auctions Ending Soon


  1. randy

    We had one of these in the early 70’s. We took a family vacation to Las Vegas from The Rio Grande Valley and the transmission went out while we were crossing Death Valley. I’d love to have another. Ours was burgundy in color.

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  2. Luke Fitzgerald

    God – these things could be had for beer money once – any one driving one will be surprised how swift these things are – especially reg fuel 2 bbl with that rear end (surprisingly)

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  3. Luke Fitzgerald

    Factory a/c must be rare in a Cat – those wheels look f$&@ing rediculous on that car

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  4. Keith

    $8,900.00 is way too much for this car, try about 2k.

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  5. Slim Chance

    An 8 Track tape deck went in the center housing now hosting the new electronics.

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  6. DENIS

    I towed my ’66 442 drag car for several seasons with a ’58 Cat wagon…loved the old girl.
    This one is cool…just needs factory wheels and a little attention here n there….

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  7. Rick

    Had a ’66 Catalina 9 pass Safari for the first half of my senior year in high school in the fall of ’74. Paid $150 for it in the summer about two weeks before school started, had 389 4bbl TH 400 and that thing hauled ass. Would easily bury the needle, and handled and stopped great for a wagon. Anyhow, totaled it about three weeks before xmas when I hit a parked car on the way home from the company xmas party for the grocery store I worked at. Was 17 at the time, and walked away (luckily), but could you imagine the lawsuit against the grocery store chain if something like that happened nowadays? In the early 80s a friend of mine had a ’67 Bonneville Safari somebody had ordered new with a 428 and 4-speed, what a cool wagon that was, even had a read mounted antenna (factory), a real hot rod grocery getter.

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  8. charlieMember

    Had a ’69 Bonneville wagon, same car, same engine, seating for 9, vinyl roof, very fast, so much torque that the cross brace holding up the rear of the transmission broke while accelerating one day, not rust, metal fatigue, other side held, drove very slowly to a shop where the guy welded it back together. Water pumps lasted 40,000 miles, when engine was hot, and starter was hot, it would bind and not turn over. So if stopping for less than 15 minutes (as for gas) in the summer, you kept it running.
    Or, raised the hood to help it cool off. Tin worm go it in the end, engine and transmission were still just fine at 200,000 miles

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  9. piper62j

    My take is the bullet nose.. Love it..

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  10. Vince Habel

    For many years the driver was counted in the number.

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  11. Bill McCoskey Bill McCoskeyMember

    In 1967 the local Pontiac Dealer in Gaithersburg, MD ordered a special car for the owner of the dealership, W. Lawson King, of King Pontiac [still in business]. It was a 1968 Bonneville wagon, and was loaded with EVERY POSSIBLE option. [It had 3 – yes 3 – window stickers to list all the options!]

    428 engine of course, power everything, even vent windows, cruise, AM/FM stereo with 8-track, vinyl roof, rack, disc brakes [so it didn’t have 8 bolt wheels]. Was not equipped with the auto temp A/C system, I found out later that option was not available on the wagon.

    A family member was buddies with Mr. King, and often bought his “demo” vehicles when the new models came in. He bought the Bonneville wagon, trading in a 1967 GTO that had also been Mr. King’s car the year before [of course fully loaded with options too].

    I ended up buying the wagon around 1978 for $100, and drove it for about 5 years before a circlip in the rear diff failed on a high speed curve, and the entire left rear wheel/tire/drum/axle, let loose, tearing up the rear fender, busting the side glass and forcing the car to screech to a halt in the northbound lanes of I-95. Sold it to a friend who used the parts for his Pontiac.

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  12. David KirschnickMember

    Love it ! Wish was a 65 ABody.. how the heck did dad stop that thing!!? No power brakes . Surprised it’s still on site

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