Room Full of Bugeyes: 1960 Sprites And Parts


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Barn Finds reader David B. writes: Came across this listing on my local CL. Thought it would be a perfect fit for the site. 3 Bugeye Sprites with loads of parts. Thanks for all your hard work. You do a great job and I really enjoy your site. Thank you for the kind words, David! The Sprites and parts are currently resting in San Luis Obispo County, California and are for sale here on craigslist with an asking price of $17,000 for the lot. Before you think that’s awfully high for three tiny cars, wait until you see what’s included!


This is the type of seller I only dream of. Incredibly organized, obviously knowledgeable from the description of the cars, and has stored and sorted things properly. That’s 14 cylinder heads in the picture, and I didn’t even try to count the carburetors. I saw at least 8 different engines in the pictures and there may be more; countless gauges, body panels and other bits all sorted neatly into bins on shelves.


As far as the cars themselves go, they are all 1960 Sprites and were originally all from the Pasadena area. The seller has had them since the mid-80’s, and they have spent all but one year indoors during that period. There are detailed descriptions of all three of the cars in the ad, which will help you if you are seriously considering going after this find.


The black car is considered the best one; it was in running condition back around 1980 and is still together except for the removed windshield. Interestingly, it was originally a green car, then painted white, and is now black on top of that. It’s said to still have the original upholstery and, most importantly, no rust!


You could use any of the three hardtops and maybe that Tom Colby Speedwell Engineering fiberglass bonnet when you were putting one of the projects together. The other two cars seem to be very viable projects as well. I think I’d keep one car and the parts for it, maybe a good set of spares and then finance the restoration by selling off the rest of the parts. What do you think of the seller’s presentation and what would you do if you were to purchase this collection?

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  1. Tirefriar

    This must be the after-Christmas sale everyone is talking about! Just duplicate the guy’s garage at your house, move all contents and have a Happy New Year for many years to come! This is a bargain at $17k but I have a feeling anyone showing up with $15k will be the new lucky owner

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  2. RayT

    What a tempting ad! Well, until I gave it some thought: getting just one of these Frogeyes right would take enough time and effort to make me doubt I could muster up the energy to take on three. I would probably restore one and sell off the rest.

    The seller seems to have a good grasp of the booty he has assembled and is asking a very fair price.

    Hard to imagine an easier restoration project than a Frogeye, and once you overlook the lack of speed, they’re great little machines to drive. Wish I still had mine!

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  3. snerd

    Hey better call Mike and Ed they know what to do with the “frog eye” Sprites

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  4. Stang1968

    This is the way to go for sure if you want to restore a bug eye. Your own private junk yard. Take the best bits to make your machine, then sell off the remaining inventory when you’ve completed your build. You’d get a pretty nice chuck of change back, especially if the vehicles appreciate at all.

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  5. snerd

    cali 1956

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  6. jim s

    this would make a great family project. do a PI then make an offer. shipping costs will keep me from doing so. great find.

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  7. Bobsmyuncle

    What a dream seller.

    Organized, clear, honest ad, and clearly aware of the challenges of Craigslist selling.

    An equally honest and forthright buyer will come out on top.

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  8. Mark S

    Not to often that you. See any one this organized. To gather that many parts for any type of car is no small feat, I am properly impressed, I can’t say that I’m that organized. As mentioned above buy the whole package take the best of car and parts plus some spares and sell the rest. Nice find.

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  9. bobhess Bob HessMember

    Can appreciate this find. We have 3 Bugeye SCCA H-Production race cars and probably 1/3 the spares these folks have. Actually found a totally rust free chassis in Virginia 2 years ago that’s going to be a Vintage car. Great little cars and quite an engineering feat by Donald Healy with one of the first unibody cars.


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  10. Leo

    This not just a STEAL, this is the deal of a lifetime if you are prepared!! Hardtop are with $1500 ea, the Spedwell nose if in decent shape 3k . Too little time in life ….

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  11. Brakeservo

    It’s only a deal if the parts are any good. If it’s all just worn out 948 motors, smooth case gear boxes and drum brakes, there might not be much value.

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  12. Robert White

    Very cool collection, and I respect the way everything is organized so well. Moreover, a clean, and organized shop, is the only way to work IMHO.

    10pts to the seller.


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