Rotisserie Ready: 1972 Dodge Challenger


“Needs total restoration” is not an uncommon phrase when it comes to project vehicles, but in some cases, the seller really isn’t kidding around. Here on eBay is a 1972 Dodge Challenger equipped with the desirable 340 engine, Rallye package, and Pistol Grip 4-speed manual transmission. But this is definitely a question of whether the juice is worth the squeeze. 


To the seller’s credit, he doesn’t waste much time letting us all know the car is rough. It’s sat outside exposed to the elements for at least 20 years, which has done a number on the body. The interior actually looks fair, with the seats sporting typical rips and tears for the age. The center console and tachometer are desirable factory features on the inside.


The engine is said to be stock, with the exception of an aftermarket ignition and air cleaner. The seller doesn’t confirm if it is a numbers matching unit. They do say that the car is “original” aside from the aforementioned deviations. It’s also missing an OEM front bumper, but that and the air cleaner should be easy parts to source.


It’s a shame this Challenger is so rusty, as I love these cars from this angle. The exposed quad exhaust pipes cap off an already intimidating presentation and the classic haunches of these muscular Mopars make them appear ready to rip off the line at a moment’s notice! This car needs everything, but I think it’s equipment list warrants restoring it to original condition. Do you agree?


  1. Luke Fitzgerald

    Jesus it’s F$%^ed isn’t it? – did everyone see the wheel brace? – even the dog doesn’t look too keen about the damn thing……

  2. packrat

    Yep, the 1960 Valiant that he’s aging under a blue tarp to get it “done” to this same crispy perfection, looks to be a better prospect than this one, Someone offer to buy it before it is sorted into individual ferrous oxide molecules as well.

  3. Blindmarc

    The guy should jump on the single bid. The parts are worthy, but the shell needs everything.

  4. Rick

    Good luck. Might be easier (and probably cheaper) to find a solid 6 cylinder Challenger and do VIN swap. As rusty as it is (and it is RUSTY), its not as bad as some of the “Barn Find” early Porsches that people are paying big $$$ to restore. On that note. if you did swap VINs, somebody would buy whatever was left

    • ric

      i restored this car 4 years ago…

  5. 64 bonneville

    the “easy” way to restore this would be to buy the reproduction body from, I think, Dynacorn. only about 20 grand, and refurbish what you are going to swap over. you would already have a VIN tag, and could probably get a reproduction fender tag. take it B-J with before and after phots of the restoration” and watch the money fall in your lap.

  6. Frankie Paige

    Yeah, if you are hot for this car inspect it first, otherwise just send me the money your going to spend on it, I’ll use it for a good cause

  7. Ed P

    Rust bucket. Move on, nothing to see here

  8. PaulG

    I cannot believe that the doors actually open…
    I left this part of the country 40 years ago, and after residing in the desert Southwest since cannot fathom working on anything rusty again!
    Someone spending 5K on this should be a surprise, but with what these cars bring restored…

  9. Don Holt

    Rick isn’t doing a vin swap a crime .

  10. randy

    I would have guessed it would go to 10K. Must not have enough European DNA in its blood, er I mean rust.

  11. Vince Habel

    Putting the vin tag on another car is illegal.

    • packrat

      “Putting the vin tag on another car is illegal.’ Not if you’ve got enough money for a Dynacorn body, apparently. Bodyswaps are what their complete shell business is based on. It’s not illegal at that point. It’s more ‘eccentric’, (to quote Dennis Hopper in Speed)

    • Jason Houston

      Not necessarily. Using the VIN to reconstruct the car using all new sheet metal is 100% legal in all jurisdictions.

  12. Stang1968

    Wow this is rusty. Probably will buckle putting it on the rollback to haul it away.

  13. hhaleblian

    Looks like a nice dog

  14. Skloon

    Remove shorter, attach to other car, recycle remains that an hour all to do here

    • randy


    • Jason Houston


      Run that by me one more time, sober.

      In English, please!

  15. Nessy

    Only 20 years outside to get like that? I know these era Mopar bodies rusted out fast but this looks more like 30+ years under the trees where leaves collected in between the hood and trunk gaps with a damp dirt leave covered floor under it to top things off. Since it lasted this long and since it’s pretty rare, I guess it’s still worth saving.

    • randy

      It probably had a high dollar blue tarp over it to “save” it.

  16. JW454

    It looks like someone tried to sit in it and nearly ended up on the ground. That is one rusty hotrod. I do like seeing the old muscle cars with the snow tires… that’s a hoot. Too bad it’s gotten so bad.

  17. piper62j

    Holy Guacamole!!!! Rot worms from the hood right thru the “A” pillar and beyond… UGH!!!! But then again, replacement parts are available and this one could be a gem when completed… Mark Worman is perfect proof that it can be done at Grave Yard Karz…

  18. Dave H Ia.

    Wow!! I turned down a convertible for $500 bucks that wasn’t that rusty.

  19. Jim

    Two things, anything can be restored if you have enough time and a place which most if us don’t have for a project like this. This is pretty close to being invisible already but a great donor car for someone with a good she’ll.
    The idea that you can’t take the vin tag from one car and put it on another is illegal, however when doing a restoration there’s no rules for how much of the old car must remain with the vin. If you transfer the vin tag and the metal behind it plus the pieces of structure that have the vin or parts of to the new car and document the restoration being done overall it’s not a problem, you MUST retain paperwork showing ownership of the “parts or donor veh” which is mostly the finished veh. Always back yourself up with paperwork. Stealing a car and swapping vins is illegal doing a restoration and using a donor car isn’t. No states here in the northeast laws spell out the percentages of original vs donor car is legal.

  20. Jason Houston

    As they say, “Jack up the VIN plate and slide a new car under it.”

    On the other hand, this is pretty convincing evidence ownership of a vintage car should be restricted by law to qualified individuals who can prove they know how to preserve them. This idiot sure as hell failed. But I’m sure he’s had twenty years of booze to enjoy while watching his rare and valuable antique car soar in value each year…

    • Mark S

      Jason it is possible that he had no where to put it, he also may have been ill and unable to do a proper job of storing it I’ve herd you use this reference before regarding someone being a boozer, not everyone is a boozer so why don’t you ease up on the character assassination that you like to throw around all the time.

  21. Wayne

    I would pay $500.00 for the transmission (including the bell housing, flywheel, etc.) and the shifter. The rest of it can go back in the ocean whence it was drug…

  22. maserati

    looks like Steve Wonder placed that $ 5,000.00 Bid.

  23. Dylan

    I’m just amazed at the hood rust on that thing.

  24. Jim

    I love Barn Finds, but boy, it hurts to see so many wonderful cars that were destroyed by the elements! This Dodge must have been a looker in its time! I don’t remember this color on the Challenger; might have looked better on a Coronet! Was it bright yellow to start?

  25. RoughDiamond

    Swapping a VIN to another car may not be wrong legally, but in my book it certainly crosses ethical lines. You’re keeping one car alive so to speak when the car it came off of is dead. Heart transplants, thank God for them. Swapping VINs is wrong.

    • Mark S

      What difference does it make which sheet metal body the vin.Tag is on as long as it is documented and reported. We’re not talking about a living being here just a couple of old SHEET METAL CAR BODIES. Once the transfer Is legally made the original car no longer exists as a car. The donor becomes the original car, and the donor vin tag no longer exists. I fail to see what is wrong with that, after all the original rusted out car would be scrapped either way. Some one told me once that you should not love something that can’t love you back, this is true of rusty sheet metal.

      • randy

        Very good synopsis Mark. Thank you.

      • Mark S

        Your welcome Randy just try to keep things in perspective.

  26. ric

    I restored this car like 4 years ago..I still have the snow tires,tow hitch and stupid air cleaner

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