Rude & Crude! 1963 Chevrolet Bel Air Hi Rise

What folks will do to an old car continues to astound me on a regular basis. This unsuspecting and unassuming 1963 Chevrolet  Bel Air has been rudely and crudely jacked up with the chassis from a C/K20 truck shoved underneath. As the seller states, “Work on it this winter and you’ll be ready for “Rednecks with Paychecks” in the spring.” I couldn’t say it better! It’s located in Weston, Missouri and can be yours by bidding on the auction here on eBay.

I have to admit that at least the wheelbases look compatible between the body and chassis. The Bel Air’s wheelbase is 119 inches, while the C/K 20’s is 117.5 inches. I wonder how much alcohol was involved in the design period — “close enough for guvment work” and “hold my beer while I weld this here thing” come to mind as phrases that might have been uttered. Please understand, I’m NOT being critical — this is more from the standpoint of, I’ve been there! And don’t you like the visually pleasing rake the fabricators added?

“Yup, Jake, that rear bumper will cover those mounts nicely, just put ’em right ‘chere.” If you meet the buy it now price, which the seller thoughfully did not include in the listing, they will throw in a set of full rear quarter panels, which implies that the rust you see is more than just cosmetic. Not surprising! However, the body in general has a pretty solid look to it.

Guessing here that part of the truck cab floor was cut out to create this tunnel. A really nice job (no sarcasm intended) here. The seats are pretty ragged but look original. It wouldn’t take a tremendous amount of work to have the interior and exterior looking nice. The seller says it will run and drive, but there are no functional brakes at the moment so you’ll have some debugging to do before Rednecks with Paychecks. Which, by the way, is a real event that looks like a whole lot of fun if you like outdoor powersports — and who doesn’t?

The seller has just added a new water pump, aluminum radiator, a new Holley 600 cfm carburetor, and a new billet HEI distributor, as well as a new set of headers. There’s no other components to the exhaust system yet.

The seller also mentions that you might want to mount the fuel cell properly. What could possibly go wrong with this setup now? I see no failure in this plan…wink-wink.

Although I’ve been poking some good-natured fun at this project, it actually is quite promising if you go for this sort of thing. Let me know if it pushes any of your buttons, good or bad, in the comments below!


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  1. Bruce Joslen

    why wouldn’t you, if you live on an high country ranch with rivers to cross, and then a cool vehicle to go to town in, where everyone else are just driving pick-ups.

  2. sir mike

    Ruined that 63 didn’t he???

    • Frank Redmond

      How do you figure? It’s not a highly desirable car other than being a post coupe, but it was a low end car. For the record, it’s not as easy as being on a weekend bender to build something like this. It takes figuring out what pieces and parts will work, it takes welding skills, mechanical ability.

      This is why we have car culture, a bit of everything for everyone. I really wished people could be less critical of those of us that do things outside the box, myself being one of these guys that do different.

      As for me, the car I’m “ruining”, it’s a 1953 Superior Cadillac Hearse! It had sat since 1972 and the cost to restore was way and above ANY resale value, so I’m building it as an all wheel drive, twin turbo’d LS V8 live passenger limousine. Why? Because I can!

      • Joe

        I’d like to do a hearse too ! Share pics please :)

  3. Steve R

    He’s listed it several time with a BIN of $4,950.

    Steve R

    • Frank Redmond

      From the look of the engine, he could have a bit of his BIN wrapped up in the engine bay. Aluminum radiators aren’t cheap. I know for a 62 Impala SS, I paid about $900.00 and was my business price.

      • Steve R

        There are universal aluminum Northern Radiators on eBay starting at $137.99, shipped. I’d be surprised if there weren’t some for less, that’s assuming they didn’t buy the one in this car at a local swapmeet. Name brand direct fit radiators are expensive, I just don’t see them spending that much on this car.

        Steve R


    I wouldn’t touch that thing with a ten foot pole. If you are going to ruin a car pick some Japanese piece of junk, not a valuable American car.

    • J Holt

      beauty is in the eye of the beholder

      • Steven Dacke


  5. Jdjonesdr

    So… Level it out, put some normal size tires on it, finish what it needs and make a daily driver out of it

  6. David C

    What a waste!

  7. John M.

    In the words of Charlie Brown,

    “Good Grief”

  8. Andrew not amember

    Why oh why?

  9. wuzjeepnowsaab

    Never understood the want for putting a car body on a truck chassis. But…your car, your wet dream I always say

  10. Mark

    Definitely unique, no other car like it in the world. I hope.

  11. jw454

    I can appreciate the work it took to build it but, I’d rather have the ’63 two door Belair with a six cylinder and a three speed on the column.

    • Butter

      Prefer the 283 and 3 on the tree

    • 68custom

      Or any 409 even a 340up with a powerglide!

  12. Robert

    Blows my mind when someone ruins a classic chevrolet …hell of a drunk…..

  13. Ron

    Include me in the camp with those that would rather have the car without the truck chassis.

  14. glen

    I guess the original frame may have been rotted. I think I prefer the car on the trailer.

  15. Jim

    Ruined that 63 horribly! Hoping that he doesn’t put his un-talented hands on the white Chevy in the last picture

  16. ACZ

    A total and complete waste. Should show others the evil of alcohol.

    • glen

      I’ll drink to that, cheers!

  17. Frank Redmond

    This is awesome! It’s not an overly valuable car whatsoever! It was most likely an inline 6-banger as the BelAir in 63 wasn’t a coveted Impala SS. With exception of getting the nose up and getting the brakes operational, the interior cleaned up and the fuel cell/trunk area done, I’d leave it as it looks….Rude & Crude!

    • Kornmanone

      I’m with you what a cool driver.

  18. Elwood

    I like the author’s writing style. Awesome.

    • Jamie Palmer Jamie Palmer Staff

      Thank you, sir :-)

    • Bellingham Fred

      I like the line “the rust you see is more than just cosmetic.”
      Maybe the term cosmetic rust could supercede the word patina when it comes to describing the paint (or lack of it) on vehicles weathered like this.

  19. chad

    well described, FR (R&C) and just might B done to get the reaction ya’ll R havin right now.
    Those boys between D/FtW, TX and OKCity, OK sure no how ta have fun – let em!
    I think I’ll put an AMC Pacer wagon on my spare sm bronco frame! go out there’n tear up some turf.

    • Frank Redmond

      I lived twenty or so miles from Rednecks with Paychecks land. It’s not only a wild place to go, should see the vehicles that attend! You’ll see professionally built monster trucks like the original Bigfoot to low budget Mudder Rats!

      As to your Pacer Wagon, I’d sure go for it! I built one using the fishbowl Pacer on a CJ frame many years ago and was a fun car to drive. Never once got that “you ruined a car” said to me.

  20. DB

    Some folks are just not pleaseable. I like it!

  21. Ken Carney

    Oh my God! what a waste! When I first saw this poor exploited car this
    afternoon, I thought some dumbass here in Polk County Flotida built this
    awful thing. Here in this part of Florida, they’ll take almost any car and put
    it onto a 4-wheel drive chassis. Once, I saw a Chevy lifted so high that he could drive it out into a lake, sit on the roof, and go fishing! I’ve seen everything from hearses to fire trucks defaced in this manner. And if they
    don’t put the car on a truck frame, they donk ’em out by putting ’em on huge
    24″ rims, which lifts the vehicle at least 6 feet in the air! Saw a 2001 Buick
    LeSabre done up this way in St. Pete, and let tell you it was the most awful
    thing I’ve ever seen! It should’ve been left alone, and the builder should be
    banned from any other building projects for life.

    • Kornmanone

      Your not very nice

  22. Classix Steel

    Wow what a way to ruin a Chevrolet !

  23. Stu

    It’ll only get lost in the parking lot at Walmart.

  24. Mark

    I would imagine some of the haters here, like the “ruined” look of a classic sitting on the ground.

  25. Peter K

    In central New Jersey there’s a body shop the put a caddy coupe duh swill on a 1/2 ton truck chassis. When done right it looks cool and is reasonably operational. This one on the other hand has a ways to go. I think that the owner needs to drink some more shine and put his thinking cap on. On the other hand he may have been watching one too many of those chop cut and build tv shows…. just sayin’

  26. Wayne

    Stu! I thought that I would bust a gut! Thanks for the laugh!
    Frank Redmond I am with you all the way. I appreciate all vehicles for what they are in their own context. I currently have a lifted FJ40, a lowered Fox body Mustang, a vintage Spec Racer Renault, a Mazda Tribute, an MGB, A MGB GT, A Massey Ferguson ok, you get the idea. It is like run what you brung. Enjoy the hobby the way that you like to and let everyone else admire, watch, envy, ponder, wonder, enjoy, turn away, wretch, scream and what ever hits them inside. We do this for our own pleasure.
    The attitude (butt end up) of this car reminds me of a 1962 Chev. Biscayne I noticed driving down the Edens Expressway heading for downtown Chicago one day. The cars rear end was jacked way up to where there was daylight between the tops of the rear tires and the bottom of the fender opening. Please remember that these cars used a panhard rod to locate the rear differential. So when jacked that high the right rear tire sticks out past the rear quarter panel where the left rear tire hides really far into the abyss normally reserved by the left rear tire and wheel. HOWEVER, on this car the panhard rod was either broken or missing. At first I was horrified to see the back end of the car travelling over into the next (left) lane while the front end was still in the center. Then once the driver corrected this attitude. The rear of the car was now in the right hand lane. Once I figured out what was happening I kept a safe distance and enjoyed the spectacle. First the left rear wheel and tire are completely exposed and then the right one. Evidently, the driver had been driving this car in the current condition for quite sometime. As he was doing all this correcting/driving at 75 MPH! and did not seem to be worried.

    • Jim Z Member

      As a Chicago native, I’ve seen all sorts of things on the Edens…on the Kennedy…on the Stevenson….and especially on the Dan Ryan!

  27. Rodney

    Dear Santa, I think I found an addition to your naughty list….

  28. Pete

    Well I’ll be damned. I wouldn’t think someone would to this to a Trey. You can get 5K out of a running one in Cali in this overall condition. So in the last month I have seen a 90’s series mustang jacked onto a 4 x 4, a 67 Camaro jacked onto a 4 X 4 ( I know insane huh? ) Also a 57 Chevy onto a 4 x 4. Yeah I dunno whats up with this trend.

  29. Rube Goldberg Member

    I think it’s really cool. People have been modifying vehicles into 4×4’s since the beginning. Needs a little finishing, but I bet it’s a blast to go flying over bumps, and such.

    • Frank Redmond

      That’s what I’m thinking too!

  30. Frank Redmond

    I shared the link on my Facebook Timeline and someone made the comment that it looks like Cheech & Chong turned Redneck!

    I also found that my car purist buddies on Facebook even like this car for what it is and not one lousy remark like what’s been written by some of the posters in this thread.

  31. David Gay

    I bet it will be in an issue of Roadkill magazine someday.

  32. Madmatt

    I think its cool,I’ve seen a lot of vehicles converted
    to off road use.There are still a ton of 63 Biscayne post 2 doors
    out there to restore if one wishes,but what if someone,
    would only go 4 wheeling if they could ride in this!,..that would be me!
    Also car would be pretty safe from “door dings”when done….
    I would lift it even Higher….!…why not?…
    Then I would drive to a lowrider event,….and scare the
    bejeezus out of some of the lowrider “purist” there!

    • Frank Redmond

      Thank you an AMEN for such an awesome comment! I love the thought of taking something like it to a lowrider event! That would be a sight to see for sure!

  33. Catherine Horsfall

    I think someone had a lot of fun building this and will have a lot of fun driving it. My son did something similar with a 1986 New Yorker. He wanted a four wheeler that he could take the family riding in. He had to boost his 5 foot mother (me) into it. I’d post a picture, but I don’t know how.

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