Running 340: 1972 Dodge Challenger

The ad for this 1972 Dodge Challenger says it’s unmolested and unrestored! No kidding, it’s definitely unrestored, but it might actually be worth saving. Listed here on craigslist, this Challenger is listed for sale for $10,000 in Covina, California. The car was originally a green metallic with a dark green vinyl top and green interior.

The car is said to run and is equipped with a 340 cubic inch V8 engine with a 4 barrel carburetor and headers. Power is sent to the rear 8 3/4 rear end via a console-mounted automatic transmission. It’s also a factory A/C car with power steering and power brakes. For ’72, the 340 was the highest performance option for the Challenger, with the other engine options being the inline six and the 318 V8.

This interior is trashed and sun-baked so bad that you can see the springs in the bucket seats. The dash and console are going to need some work but the door panels look OK. The seller states that the dash lights and all the gauges are operable. I like the two-spoke wheel and deluxe interior. Pictures of the VIN plate are included in the ad.

The car is rusty and will need a hood, roof, and trunk lid. Apparently, this is not a barn find. It is an “under the tree” find as the car was stored under a tree too long. The rockers and bottom of the doors have rust but the frame is said to be good. If the roof didn’t have holes in it, I would restore the drive train and install a new black interior and drive it with the exterior as is. I like years of wear on the outside and flat black paint.

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  1. Tim D

    Never seen duel fuel fillers before was that an option?

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    • Matt G

      The second picture has been flipped for some reason.

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  2. K Gun Offense

    Lot of work to be done but also a lot to work with to restore the car.. I hate that it is a flipper selling that. They only know the basics of a car and not the history of the car. Floors and trunk don’t look bad at all. Being a 340 car, definitely worth restoring. I would try to get the process down a little if I could.

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  3. Nick

    Nothing to see here, the only worth while option is A/C and that’s missing, none of the talk about anything else on the car means anything.
    No Rallye gauges, seller says it’s a 340 but the VIN (and paperwork) all say it’s a 318.
    Maybe a good parts car at best.

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    • bone

      Just because the car has no A/C its junk ?
      I’m constantly amazed at the amount of people on this site who dismiss and trash cars because they weren’t originally equipped with A/C or are missing A/C components .

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      • Nick

        No it’s nearly junk because it’s basically a POS that’s all talk and no actual walk. What does so called HIGH OPTIONED LOW NUMBERED car really offer if it’s none of that and some parts (AC or otherwise) that could be valuable (on another car that someone may be restoring) are missing?
        What does this offer but a basket case?
        It is not a special car in any way.

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      • DON

        Its a Pony car , low option or not, they are all desirable – GM Ford or Mopar , they sell for big money in poor condition

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  4. Leland

    How did these get so expensive? I had one in the late 70s, think I paid a grand for it or something like that, and it ran great with only the smallest hint of rust in the rear quarters. Of course, that was a 225 3 speed. That car never let me down. Had it for 159,000 miles (total miles on the car) and a drunk ran into it sitting on the street while I was eating dinner. I guess we had too many drunk drivers then too. Maybe if we raised the bounty on them like the price of this car has gone up, they would be rare too.

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    • Lou Tripper

      The force of Ken Jennings is strong with you sir.

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      • PRA4SNW PRA4SNW Member


  5. Timmyt

    I want to know more about the el Camino in the background I’m willing to offer a good price for the pair

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  6. Rustytech

    If the VIN is for a 318 it’s not worth the asking price. Worth saving yes, but it’s a $3500 car.

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  7. PRA4SNW PRA4SNW Member

    They put a 6 cylinder in the ’72 Challenger?
    If so, I wonder why they didn’t do that in the Barracuda too.

    • DON

      They did , the E bodies had a six available from 1970 – 1972

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      • PRA4SNW PRA4SNW Member

        Okay, they stopped in ’72 so that makes sense why I was confused. I had a ’73 Barracuda and I don’t recall it being an option that year.

  8. Mike Adams

    JH23G. It’s a 318 car. I’m thinking the advertiser and I have different definitions of the word “unmolested.”

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