Running-Capable Project: 1967 Pontiac GTO

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Pontiac’s GTO is usually credited with starting the American muscle car movement, but that really should apply to intermediates (the Chrysler 300 in the mid-1950s came first). After busting sales expectations in 1964 as an option on the Tempest/LeMans, the GTO become a series of its own in 1966. The 1967 models were little changed except for the taillight treatment. This one appears to have been pulled out of a barn and the seller has gotten it running, but on a very limited basis. Located in Cuba, New York, it would be great if this old “Poncho” could be brought back to its original honor. A tip sent to us by “jonny”, the machine is available here on eBay where the price is $16,999 but offers will be considered.

The GTO had its second-best sales year in 1967 at 81,722, down from the high water of 96,946 copies the year before. Buyers couldn’t seem to get enough of these cars – and many others like them all across the land. The seller believes this to be an “HO” edition and paperwork comes with the car, so that should be verifiable. If so, it would be one of 13,827 units to leave the factory that year.

This ’67 GOAT looks to be wearing the majority of its original Tyrol Blue paint. The trunk floor was in the process of being replaced when the car found itself parked, so it’s just propped up for now. The rear quarter panels have some rust that needs eradication, and there is more on the lower portion of the front windshield metal (the glass is out of the car). The interior looks to be in disarray, but most everything is there and could be in usable condition.

When it comes to the drivetrain, this will not be a numbers-matching GTO. While the cars came new with a 400 cubic inch V8, this one sports a 400 out of a 1970 Firebird Formula but uses the original ’67 intake manifold. Using an external gas can, the seller was able to get the motor running and we’re told it sounds good, and the Muncie 4-speed will move the car forward and backward. With a few weekends of hard work, this Pontiac may be good enough to drive around the neighborhood. The seller says the paperwork will include the car’s original Michigan title with the first buyer’s name on it.

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  1. Yblocker

    Looks more like a $17,000 trash dumpster.

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  2. Stan

    ” a few weekends of hard work ”
    Well thats certainly an optimistic attitude Russ 👍

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  3. Grady

    Seen better deal here in Alabama with the metal work done. Just a few weeks ago. Well, motor need reassembled. Over all better shape.

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  4. Rod Lustila

    Way to much money!

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  5. Rod Lustila

    Way to much money!give me a breake already. And why every time I try to post do I get a already said this ?? duplicate copy?post it.

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    • Yblocker

      Because you’re not waiting long enough for it post. Touch the “Post Comment” one time, and give it 30 seconds.

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    • Brian Crowe

      cause you posted 4 times now. Are you clicking on the post button twice?

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  6. Shuttle Guy Shuttle GuyMember

    Man I hate seeing this happen to any classic like this one.

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  7. Kim in Lanark

    Seems missing the radiator? Dude doesn’t care enough to get the crapola of the top of the car, front tire is a snow tire. This car has been neglected and abused. Be afraid. Be very afraid.

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    • Mike

      And some stupid jacks•• with too much money to throw down the toilet will over pay for this pile, and make everybody think that others heaps of junk are worth a small fortune. Smh

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    • V

      you can tell this is a hurry up and wait for a new owner car. the rad is in the trunk ready to be repaired or needs a water pump. look at the chevy rallys on the car ( a bonus). the back window steel looks pretty good for a barn find. as far as the under carraige goes it needs a trans fluid bath to solve the thirst the under steel needs. it probably was a driver with a love for the right foot pedal (since the original engine is gone). it would probably get more interest if the interior floor was pictured. like a lot of people if i would have done this or that, would have got better offers. or is the interior still in to hide the rusty flintstone mobile???…

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      • 19sixty5Member

        The wheels are actually Pontiac Rally l wheels, similar to but different from the Chevy Rally’s. The Pontiac wheels are a 6 hole or opening design, the Chevy uses a 5 hole design. The Pontiac holes or openings have a stamped “lip” and a different type of center cap, trim rings are similar. Pontiac introduced the Rally ll design in 1967, used through 1981 used on virtually every body style. The wheel on the left front is a Magnum 500, called the Super Stock l by Oldsmobile.

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  8. Al

    Look at that underbelly VG! MIchigan uses SALT!

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  9. Lathebiosas

    A lot of “way too much money” comments, but that’s the market for these. It is actually in better shape than cars I see go for more money. Too bad the original motor is gone, would be interested to see if PHS shows it as an HO car….

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  10. ACZ

    Any new owner of this one has to be an accomplished welder.

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  11. Dan H

    Last eBay picture shows that this car is “outstanding in it’s field”!

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  12. john vititoe

    Show me it running . Because there is no way it ran it this decade.$5000.00 max.

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  13. 19sixty5Member

    A bit optimistic on the price I believe, but then again, we just watched a week of Mecum auctions. Factory headrest, reverb, rally gauge 4 speed car in Tyrol Blue, this *could* be a very nice car. The mostly junk photo’s aren’t helping the sale. The owner said “supposedly” that this is a HO car, that’s the reason any collectible GTO for sale should have PHS documents.

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  14. Scott Shepard

    I never got into the muscle car fascination. Historically interesting, but I would never pay the premiums others do for a GTO or some such. The classics I lust for have a personal appeal. I’d love a ’69 Karmen Ghia convertible. Or a ’65 Impala SS convertible.

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  15. Ed

    Wants all the money but won’t verify the original engine option.

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  16. Ashtray

    I had a 1967 GTO with 400 cu & AT. It was burgundy in color. It’s a car that i really wish I would have kept.
    This motor looks like it hasn’t been touched in years, and certainly doesn’t look like it would start up and run?
    I have decided i really don’t have an option on value? I suppose they bring what they are worth?
    I know from just doing a repaint on mine along with upholstery etc it gets really expensive to get a car to the point that you would drive it and go to a car show.
    This vehicle needs big dollars and possibly years to restore, depending on how much time you have available.
    I would love to own this vehicle after it is restored, but not in this condition. It looks like a good vehicle to restore?
    Just my oponion!

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  17. Rex B Schaefer

    More “junk”!

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  18. Rod Lustila

    More junk exactly.2000.00 worh.

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  19. John K Atkinson

    My comments will be brutally honest. First off, this car is in great shape. Since the engine has been changed, any talk of PHS documentation is moot?!! Will never be original no matter how much money anyone throws at it. I love GTO’s, and always have!! That statement runs all the way back to my jr. high school days. The asking price for this car is a very good price for what it is!! Keep in mind however, that it will require at least 35 to ?? thousand – who knows to restore her to it’s famed glory. IMO, worth it !!! I hope that whoever takes this project on has a lot of patience !? Parts are going to be next to impossible to buy, or even find.

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    • Lathebiosas

      Parts are easy to find for a ’67 GTO. Between Year One and Ames you could practically build one from scratch. I did a frame off on my ’67 which started out very similar to this car, parts were never an issue….

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    Need more pics of car ! Driver side, trunk

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