Running Project: 1969 Dodge Charger SE

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This 1969 Dodge Charger SE is still in the project stage, but quite a bit of work has already been performed, so if you’ve been in the market for a late-sixties B-Body to work on that’s had a good head-start this one may be worth a look.  There’s still a way to go before it will be the Charger of your dreams, but at least things appear to be at a decent taking-over point for the next owner.  The car is located in Chardon, Ohio, way up in the Northeast corner of the state, and can be seen here on eBay.  So far, bidding has reached $30,790.

The owner says the car was mostly original when he acquired it, but some good news is a lot of the bodywork has already been completed.  The Charger was originally green, but sometime in the ’70s, the color was changed to yellow.  Obviously, being in the geographical area where it is now isn’t ideal for a car in the rust department, but thankfully, some of those issues have already been dealt with.

In addition to new quarter panels, it also looks like some work has been done underneath, plus the trunk pan is specifically mentioned as having already been swapped out.  3-inch mini-wheel tubs have been added, but that should be easy to revert back to stock if the next owner isn’t feeling them.  A couple of things the seller points out that still require attention are the front floor pans, which will need to either be patched or replaced, and there’s an area inside the driver’s side inner fender that needs to be addressed.

Gone is the original factory 318, and under the hood now is a 440.  We don’t get much background about the big block, such as where it came from or whether or not it’s ever had an overhaul.  But apparently, the motor swap was done around the same time as the color change.  It is running, but a tune-up is stated as needed, and there’s no word at all on the state of the transmission or rear end.

The interior doesn’t look like it’s received much attention so far, and while it appears pretty complete overall inside there, items like the steering wheel and dash are going to need to be replaced, along with some upholstery work.  There’s also no mention of whether or not the gauges are functioning.  Is this a Charger project you’d have any interest in taking over?

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  1. Craig Walker

    Under no circumstances do this need painting !!! Uprate to disks, rack & pinion & an od box is all it needs

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  2. Mustang Sally

    I was 19, the year was 1975 and I had just sold my first real hot rod, a 55 2dr hardtop Chevy. Classic hot rod then…..Classic hot rod now. Had a 427 super T-10 4 speed and 4:11 posi rear end. I thought not too many other cars could compare to the torque and raw power. That is until I bought my first Dodge Charger. 1969 R/T model. Built 440 magnum, 727 automatic, Dana rear end with 3:54 Posi. Comparable 1/4 mile pull, mid to high 12’s depending how well you hooked up ( traction back then was not comparable to today’s tires and chassis setups) but to me back then the Charger was a way better car all around, and had a lot more top end than my 55 Chevy. When I bought the Dodge it was customized with button tuck interior, hand painted picture on the console of the car driving up to the mountains. Had 9 coats of clear on top of the console. Beautiful! Had fat meats on the rear (Not jacked up) lowered a bit in front by twisting those front torsion bars and smaller tires up front. Nice slot mags all around and a lot more. Back in 1975 I had to pay $1750.00 for this gem. Sure wish I had it today. I have owned a lot of muscle cars since, back when they were affordable, but that 69 Mopar will always be my favorite. This one for sale could be a great project with unlimited potential. Anybody want to loan me $30K?

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  3. Robert West

    If I’m going to pay ten times the original showroom price for a 50 plus year old car, it would have to be an all original example that had been parked in a garage and forgotten about til now. $30,000 plus for a car in which the bodywork resembles a jigsaw puzzle is going a little too far. For this price they should be selling an original, rust free example that only needs little stuff to be nice.

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    • Gary Haas

      A “good” condition 69 SE Charger would be in the $65-75,000 range.

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  4. Robert Levins

    Robert West was right. For $30,000.00 This car should be about 70-75% ready to be finished. ALL PAPERWORK present, no questions, no surprises and everything VERIFIABLE. I’m sorry it’s 2023 now. The “era of stupidity” is over. This car should top out at around 15-18k the way it sits. Good luck, try not to follow stupidity.

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    • Danny

      Sorry Robert, take it from someone who works within the industry. It does not matter if it’s 2023 or 2030, the era of what you consider stupidity is far from over. I would wager, you have just witnessed the top third of the market, at best. You may not like it, or want to accept it, but that is the true reality. I keep repeating the market is driven by supply and demand. Low supply high costs, high supply low cost. In this market you have a very low supply of 50 plus year old muscle cars still in existence, and young investors are buying them up in record numbers, at very high prices, which transfers down to low end vehicles you see on this site, simple economics 101.

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      • Gary Haas

        You hit the nail on the head.

        These 2nd gen Chargers have never been cheap due to low production, outstanding drivetrains, torsion bar suspensions, and some of the best styling you’ll ever see on a muscle car. I’ve owned 3 from age 18 to now, 68.

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  5. Gary Haas

    That is NOT an SE dash. XP29 denotes a 383. Alphabet soup doesn’t match up. Buyer beware!

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  6. Shuttle Guy Shuttle GuyMember

    The price of “Real Chargers” these days has jumped the Shark! Uff-Da.

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  7. Eric P Akins


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  8. John g pflaum

    30 grand for this, wow some idiot will still pay. This car has parts on it from everywhere. Motor, fenders, and I does not look like an se to me either?

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