Runs and Drives: 1941 Chevrolet 1/2 Ton Truck

This Chevrolet AK Series 1/2 ton truck hails from the first year of AK production. The seller of this truck is only its third owner, and he has been using it as a promotional vehicle outside his nursery business, but has decided that it’s time for it to go to a new home. You will find it listed for sale here on eBay. Located in Chico, California, it is being sold with a clear title. The opening bid has been set at $16,000, although there is also the option of a BIN price of $19,500.

This appears to be quite an honest little truck. The body shows a number of dings and marks, but these seem to be in keeping with a truck that spent the majority of its life serving duty on a ranch in Wyoming. There is some surface corrosion, but the only notable rust appears to be a small amount in the bottom of the driver’s door. The driver’s window is also quite badly cracked, but the wind-out windshield operates perfectly. All of the external trim appears to be present, and its condition seems to be in keeping with the vehicle’s overall condition.

The interior is showing signs of age, but it is quite serviceable as it stands. The seat has a blanket covering it, and that will stay with the truck when sold. Sound deadener has been added, along with a new and correct floor mat and shifter boot. The headliner and cardboard glovebox are both absent. The seller has added an aftermarket temperature gauge as the instruments don’t function. He does suggest that the truck will require a re-wire.

Unfortunately, there are no shots of the engine. The seller states that it is the original 216ci 6-cylinder, and this is backed by the optional 4-speed manual transmission. He believes that these have undergone a rebuild according to the engine tag. He states that the engine runs well, the transmission shifts smoothly, and thanks to a rebuilt front-end, the truck drives really well. He does say that the emergency brake will require a new cable. The truck rolls on period artillery wheels with new Firestone tires, but  he will also include the original wheels and hubcaps. The truck is also fitted with the optional heater, which would be nice on those cold evenings.

This 1941 Chevrolet appears to be a solid vehicle the is also sound mechanically. The main work required as it stands would be to sort out the electrical system, and then tackle the cosmetic issues if the new owner were to choose to. Otherwise, it would just be a matter of sorting the electrical issues and driving it as it is. I think that the seller probably had the right idea. As a character vehicle used for promotional purposes, it would be great. To just get in and drive it would be even better.

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  1. Dirk

    Very sweet little truck but worth $20K? I think, not so much.

  2. Jimmy

    If you look at the last couple featured vehicles with only a day or 2 left with no bids I wonder if reality is starting to set in to the hobby.

  3. Tyler

    Looks like Mr. Miyagi’s.

    • Nate

      I was thinking the exact same thing!!

  4. geomechs geomechs Member

    Now you’re talking! This would be a great progressive kind of project. Drive it and fix it. I could really enjoy this one. I might add that the windshield sticker looks familiar. I’ve seen lots of them over the years, my dad’s trucks included. Dad was a rancher and I was a gearhead. My window stickers were usually something along the line of STP or Crower Cams…

  5. Lawyer George

    $6000 should be plenty for this truck.

  6. Dean

    Heater would have been mandatory. Gets damned cold in WY and I believe this is the first time I’ve ever seen this particular setup.The green and black was a popular color combo “back in the day”

  7. James Martin

    When did everything go to 20 g’ s you better check yourself before you wreck yourself!

  8. Johnmloghry

    I owned one of these back in the early 70’s, but mine had a 392 Hemi with three speed manual trans. Funny thig couldn’t seem to keep u-joints in it.John

  9. John

    I doubt anyone will offer more than 8K

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