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Rust Free? 1963 Dodge Dart GT Convertible


Prolific finder Charles H. sent us this cool convertible find from West Virginia. The seller makes it plain that there is absolutely no rust on this car, although it does have some other needs. It’s located in the town of Keyser, WV and is up for auction here on eBay with bidding currently just over $1,000 but the reserve has not been met. The seller tells us that they bought it after it had been moved from California to West Virginia by way of Texas. Perhaps this is one of those almost mythical “rust free California cars”?


I wonder if this is the original paint. I suppose it’s possible, given the worn areas, but it sure has oxidized a lot. If the picture had been taken with a dry body, it would be even more faded and flat. I do like the clean lines, though, and the authentic wheel covers. The seller states in the ad that they have been transferred and have to sell some of their cars; they have a dune buggy up for auction as well.


I suppose it’s nitpicking that there is some rust around the damage to the left rear, but I would call that rust. This might be a tricky repair to get perfect, but I think the original panel can be saved. I found a tail light housing here on eBay, and lenses seem to be readily available.


As far as I can tell, the upholstery is not original, and it looks in pretty poor shape anyway. The seller states that the top was replaced a couple of years ago but it needs replacing again, which I find curious–even the inexpensive JC Whitney tops I used to put on my MG’s and Triumphs would last 5 years before starting to look bad.


On the mechanical side of things, a lot of work has been done. The seller says that the slant 6 engine has just been gone through, along with a thorough tune-up. Additionally, the transmission has been freshly rebuilt with a new torque converter. The seller also tells us that it runs, drives and stops. Ultimately it will depend on the reserve price as to whether or not this is a bargain, but I know it would be fun to drive next summer!


  1. Avatar photo Joe T

    you know, most of your “barnfinds” are not. Anyone can find ebay!

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    • Avatar photo Jim Mc

      Bet you’re helluva lotta fun at parties, kid.

      Now go get me a sammich.

      And to the other commenter, my last MoPar was a ’67 Belvedere sedan w/225 slant 6 and three-on-the-tree. It most definitely was not red. I seem to remember a blue valve cover like this one. Good grief, that thing had torque for days. You could even start out in 2nd and run it up to 50-55 mph before shifting to 3rd. Best engine old Detroit ever made. Bulletproof in every sense of the word. I owned six Darts/Valiant/Volare/Belvedere over the years. Got to where I could change a starter in 20 minutes and do brake pads and a bleed in an hour per axle. Leisurely. Miss those cars.
      This looks like a good deal for $3-$3.5K.

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      • Avatar photo Ed P


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  2. Avatar photo Rex Kahrs Member

    This is my favorite series of the Dart, 63-66. I’ve owned 5 of them over the last 30 years. Great lines, good handling, and the 225 has good power and is of course dead reliable (unless you drive it through too much water, as the distributor is very low on the engine). In 64 the GT got the 273 V8, itself a great little motor.

    These cars are prone to rust (like everything else from the 60s!), but if the CA and TX provenance are true, then this would be a great little runner for about 3K. And, the push-button tranny really blows the youngster’s minds…they love it because pushing buttons is all they know how to do.

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  3. Avatar photo Frankie Paige

    I’ve looked at cars for sale where the owner says the car is rust free, the one I looked at was a 68 firebird, it looked rust free and mostly was, except under the rear window plate/valance. The owner was surprised too. Maybe this seller is thinking rust through? There is surface rust on the damaged taillight area, easy to clean off. Like any car purchase do an inspection.

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  4. Avatar photo Ed P

    This looks like a good buy at the right price. I would check the car over carefully to determine if rust is lurking somewhere.

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  5. Avatar photo charlie Member

    Rust free is possible – I have an ’02 Audi, always in New England, garaged in the winters, rust free, and a ’93 Allante, also always in New England, but not driven in winters and always garaged at night, rust free. I had a series of ’60’s GM cars that rusted everywhere, garage or no, some beyond repair in just 5 years of driving in the salt.

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  6. Avatar photo Steve

    1963 Slant 6’s were almost always red, with the exception of Canadian models. Blue usually means 70-82 motors, although there are exceptions. Just sayin.

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  7. Avatar photo stillrunners

    $2500 would be a good buy….it is a GT but only the bucket’s are the deal….64 was the first year of the 273…that would be a plus……and for me a 4 speed….just not allot of people getting hard on these old Darts…..or Vals…..

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