Rust-Free Roller: 1968 Dodge Dart GT

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While this 1968 Dodge Dart GT looks a little rough in the opening photo, the seller says that it’s rust-free and that’s always a good thing. It may look like a gasser, but that’s because it’s a little light in the front end – yes, there’s no drivetrain, so it’s a blank slate. They have it listed here on eBay in Oakland, Oregon and there is an unmet opening bid price of $4,500 to get things rolling, no pun intended.

Dodge’s fourth-generation Dart was offered in three trim levels when it debuted for the 1967 model year, the Dart was the new base model, followed by the mid-level 270, and the top-trim GT, which came as a two-door hardtop or convertible. Later that year, the GTS was introduced in limited quantities, but the following year, the GTS came with a standard 340 V8 engine. The GT had a range of engines available, including a slant-six as this car originally had.

The new design had a unique concave rear window and nice details as seen in this somewhat rugged-looking example. It’s hard to tell really what this car looks like due to the quality of the photos, but clearly, there is work to do as there are visible dents and dings. The seller says that it originally had a vinyl top but it was removed and there were two quarter-sized rust holes up there that were repaired, and now it’s “rust-free.”

As a console-shifted automatic car before the drivetrain was removed, this one is now a blank slate for the most part. As with the exterior, it’s hard to tell what condition the interior is in, but from the photos that are provided, you can tell that this isn’t a weekend project. While the passenger seat appears to be intact, the driver’s seat is basically gone, and the back seat is a mystery. The trunk is filled with stuff and trim and sun visors and all kinds of things.

The engine here was a OHV slant-six, according to the VIN, and it would have had 145 horsepower and 215 lb-ft of torque. I’m assuming that this car will never see a six-cylinder in that engine compartment again, it’ll be a V8 of some sort. How would you restore this Dart GT?

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  1. Dan Cifalia

    Cryin’ out for a Crate Hemi !

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  2. Chipl

    A hyper pack slant 6 if anyone can find the manifold .

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    • Grant

      A 2bbl was a much better way to go with the 225. That is how I would go with this, plus much cheaper than a crate engine that the chassis probably couldn’t handle anyway. Plus, what tire size? The standard was 13 inches, but imagine the GT had 14 inchers. Not as easy to find anymore, but certainly harder to find in a performance tire. The 225 would easily get by with some nice Firestone whitewalls.

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      • Donnie L Sears

        The problem was the wheels on the Darts were small bolt pattern. Not very easy to find is correct.

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  3. BoatmanMember

    A GT with a console and a slant 6. Kind of an unusual car. Why steal a 6 from a car like this? Why steal a 6 at all, for that matter?

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    • Maggy

      I thought the same thing. These engines are nearly indestructible so who would need a replacement from a donor?

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  4. BoatmanMember

    This car was white. What is the back seat mystery, Scotty? It looks shot to me.

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  5. David Snodgrass

    340 with some good tweeks

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  6. Jim Muise

    The seller is giving this fine auto away! LOL He needs to move his decimal point to the left to get a realistic price not the $4500 one but $450 is more r sensible!

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    • Midway

      I would meet halfway at $2,000 if rear end is intact.

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  7. Bob P

    My first car was a 68 Dart GT, dark red with black stripes and the vinyl roof. 318 and a back seat that EASILY fit 2, even when you weren’t sitting. I named it “Mayflower”, with the caption on the rear glass “Don’t laugh, your daughter may have come over in this”. I replaced it with a 1970 Chevelle SS 427, and I’m not sure WHICH car I preferred. If this was even HALFWAY clean, I’d have it on the next trailer to Palm Springs… but this thing isn’t merely dead, it’s really most sincerely dead. Sad.

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  8. Donnie Sears

    From what I have read every GTS ever built came with a 340 or a 383. I did not know the 68 GTS with the 340 was that rare. I had one.

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    • Leslie MartinMember

      I think your right @Donnie. I remember the GTS cars came standard with the 340 4bbl and the 383 optional. I don’t know the production numbers, but it does seem like the 340’s are more scarce. Most of the GTS Darts I see for sale these days are big block cars.

      On the other hand cars like this GT seem to show up for sale with 225/6 and 318s frequently.

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      • Donnie L Sears

        Actually the 340’s were faster. That motor would turn 6500 RPM’s. The 383’s were no where close to that. You are right about the 4bbl. They never made a 340 with a 2 bbl.

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    • Jeff

      GTS with a 340 is not rare. This example is not a GTS though, it is a simple GT which did not offer a high performance engine.

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    • Terry Bowman

      I believe the 69′ 440 was also a GTS.

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  9. Gary Jones

    I had a 68 GT .. It came with a 318 4 sp..but was sent to Bo-Laws in Orlando FL to have a built 340.. It left his shop putting out 425 h.p. The owner did a lot other things 4:56 posi, traction bars etc.. It was bright red with a white vinyl top..Got lots of attention… Interior was black.. I purchased it in 71…It ran mid 12’s in Qtr mi.. Had lots of fun in that car.. This Dart GT brings back lots of those memories…

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    • Robert Holt

      I had a friend in high school who had a 69 GT, bright yellow with black bumblebee stripes, white interior, and a 340 sixpack/4-speed manual drivetrain. I remember one particular day my friend gave me and another buddy a ride home in that car, we were sooo excited to ride in that car! Along with my friends brother, there were 4 of us in the car, we passed 3 busses up a long hill at 140 mph! That little yellow beast had Gobs of power! Unfortunately about 3 weeks later my buddy Bobby ran a red light on a popular local cruise strip and hit 3 cars with that beautiful little ride. We all cried when we saw what was left of it, we were just amazed and relieved that Bobby made it out without a scratch ! I think it’s rusted hulk is still sitting somewhere on his family home place. If I get this one, it’s gonna be a tribute to that wonderful little car! My first car was a ’76 Dart custom, with a peppy little 225 and 4 doors. I learned how to drive in that car, and loved it! It would power brake and hide the car in a cloud of white smoke, an activity held in high regard in those days… good memories…

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      • William

        That was a great read. I enjoyed it.

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  10. Karl Reiser

    What a great clean slate ! I’d be looking for a RAM Ecodiesel to drop in this rat-rod . This daily driver would earn its keep trailering a killer Mopar to the drag strip .

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  11. Glenn SchwassMember

    I like these years of the Dart. A friend had a 67 4 door in high school so it brings back memories. This could be done up nice. The color is interesting. I prefer a stick.

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  12. Roger Liston

    The Dart GTS In 68 / 69 could be had with 318 auto or 4spd. But only Scat Pak cars had 340 / 383 autos 4spds gear ratios of 3:23 thru 3:91’s any M code GSS MR NORM’S cars 440’s Had a 4:30 4:56 Dana. 68 LO23’s Hemi DANA’S.

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    • Donnie Sears

      Every GTS came standard with a 340. They could be ordered with a 383. If a 440 was installed it never came from the factory. There were also a few GTS with 426 hemi. But no GTS was produced with a 318.

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      • Terry Bowman

        Donnie, I disagree with you. 440 did come from factory in the 69′ Dart. A old car friend has one (Don). He bought new when getting out of the service. The 68′ Hemi was never a GTS or even a street car. They were for the track only. You had to know someone to buy one.

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  13. Kent Krueger

    I think $450 is a more realistic figure for this fine vehicle. Just my opinion.

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  14. Floyd Ostrander

    Yes I had one. It was a 340 she was fast with lots of guts. Mine was maroon black vinyl top with black rear strip. Didn’t know what I had when I traded her in. About ten years later in they had a article in the Sunday paper about the 68 Dart was a rare car.

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  15. Scotty GilbertsonAuthor

    Auction update: the seller ended the auction because this car is no longer available – which one of you grabbed it?

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  16. William

    I would definitely put a slant 6 back in it. With today’s soaring gas prices and now having to fill er up with non ethanol is pricey. A V-8 would be out of the question .

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  17. J Jefferson

    My ‘67 GT convertible came with a 273 V8. When that died (and many did), it got a slant 6 that went forever. I gave up on the car almost 25 years ago and have no idea if it ever saw the road again. The frame had rotted out.

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