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Rust Never Sleeps: Black Hills Auction


This big car and parts auction is not anything like the Lambrecht Chevrolet Auction from a couple years ago, but thanks to reader Jim S., some of us here are pretty excited about this July 30th event coming up in Edgemont, South Dakota – it’s called the Black Hills Classic Liquidation Auction.


This is another inventory blowout, but it does not include any of those undriven, never-titled vehicles that were in the Lambrecht sale in Nebraska that got alot of media attention all over the world.


According to Hemmings.com, “Auctioneer Yvette Vanderbrink will be selling off about 120 collectible vehicles in unrestored (or in some cases, “parts”) condition, along with countless lots of spares, which have long formed the holdings of auto recycler John Crabtree.”


And the auction site tells us that John is selling everything off in order to devote himself to charitable works for children in the Ukraine – “A few years ago, John went looking for love in the Ukraine and instead lost his heart to the children that were in the orphanages. John saw the needs of the children and has been buying boots and toys for many of these children. He may not have found love, but the children of the Ukraine stole his heart. John is planning his 3rd trip back to buy more boots and help the kids this fall. The auction will bring added money for John to help the kids in the Ukraine.”


So the sales from this collection are for a good cause too.


Many of the cars appear to be from the 30’s and 40’s, and seem suited for rodding or parts, though some of the rarer cars could serve as restoration projects. It looks like alot of Fords here, but there are also a bunch of Chevies, a few other brands, quite a few pick up trucks, as well as a few very desirable panel trucks, and some sixties cars, including hard tops and convertibles.


While all of these cars appear to have considerable surface rust, if they were local cars, I think the undersides and floors might not be so bad. Builders and restorers will be attracted to the hundreds of parts from Ford Model A’s to Impalas and much more.


A row of pick up trucks. Given the prices trucks are bringing now, some of these look restorable.


And body parts. Lots of body parts. Frankenstein anyone?


You have to wonder about the outdoor storage and what the elements have done to the cars and parts over the years, but quite a few are stored indoors too. There are racks of lights and other trim parts for sale here.


The auctioneers point out that there will be no cell phone service and online bidding will be limited so advise in person attendance for interested parties. And you can combine this trip with a nice vacation to the beautiful Black Hills or other attractions like Yellowstone.


There is plenty of rust on the cars in these fields, so buyer beware is in order, but there are still quite a few gems here, if you ready for a new project or you need parts for cars you are already working on. This ’60 Ford convertible, flanked by a Plymouth hardtop, looks like it has some real potential.


Is this Pontiac restorable? The Buick behind it looks like a parts car.


Interested in this 1937 Ford or the really rare Ford panel truck next to it? If you like junkyards, this yard will be fun to visit. Bring a trailer though, if you want to buy anything.


  1. Scotty G Staff

    I would love to just walk around that property for a few hours (days).

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  2. John Sherman

    Wish I could get to one of these sites/sales so that I could snag one of these pieces of vintage tin… I have an engine and transmission just crying for an awesome hood to sit under. Can’t seem to find anything close by and when I do they want a small fortune for it. I’m not getting any younger but I have always wanted one of these rides, especially if I put it together….

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  3. Irish Bill

    I’m planning on being there and already have reservations to stay nearby. Of course things could change and waiting on the inventory listing.

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  4. John

    That is a rare 38/39 Ford panel truck, don’t recall seeing one before. Probably was special ordered back in the day. Looks like all those cars and parts are spread out over several acres!

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  5. al leonard Member

    Geez..he could save airfare and help the kids in his own area….and country…that;s NOT political folks…just fact….lots of nice project cars there!!!

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    • Dairymen

      Couldn’t agree with you more!

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    • Alan Brase

      One’s charitable dollars are certainly one’s own business. And the dollars would go even further in the third world than Ukraine, which might be properly called second world. I commend that he gives of himself as well.
      I might consider doing something similar.

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    • Cody

      You have a point. He lives less than 40 miles from the pine ridge reservation. Rose bud is a little further. Basically a third world country right out of his back door. I’m sure the kids there could use some charity.

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      • John

        He may be doing something already for locals, the reservations, and perhaps for years now, who knows? Helping innocent kids anywhere is great, better than feeding a slot machine in retirement.

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  6. ROAR Member

    What happened to your Viewers that were often condemning these “HOARDS”to the scrapper??
    The definition of a hoarder is someone that saves things of no value to them or others, Obviously this fellow doesn’t qualify!

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  7. Mark S

    There are less and less of these yards around. Soon they will all be gone and finding parts and project cars will become a thing of the past. I hate hearing about these yard liquidation sales it really is a dwindling resource that not enough people care about there is so much history here. I guess we can’t stop the wheels of time and some of it will make it anyway. I’ll stop rambling now Nice collection of car I hope some get saved.

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  8. Howard A Member

    NO CELL PHONE SERVICE??? OH NO, run for hills Ma Barker. IDK, you never know what some people will rebuild. What were parts cars years ago, which all of these were, someone may rebuild it now, just because this is all that’s left. Granted, I’m sure there’s bound to be some parts here that someone may desperately need to finish their restoration, but truth is, most of this stuff will be crushed. At least the Lambrecht stuff was mostly complete, just aged, this is pretty picked over already. I’m sure the “rollers” will go, but the hulks and parts not so sure. It seems these yards keep popping up lately ( I’m sure as owners pass away and kids want nothing to do with it), but like Mark sez, they are disappearing fast.

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    • Dave Wright

      Little of this hoard will be crushed. Wholesale buyers will take anything that is cheep and will be selling it at the big west coast swap meets all summer. Have you ever been to the Pomona, Turlock or Portland swap meet? Guys bring multiple semi loads of this stuff in to sell…..and leave with there trucks empty.

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