Rusty But Cheap 1957 Chevrolet Nomad

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Rusty and crusty, that is all this 1957 Chevrolet Nomad amounts to. The real trick comes into if you want it, how much will you offer for it? You can submit an offer, or buy it now for $4,800. It has no title but there is a VIN on the car. While it seems like a project, it is more than likely a parts car. You can take it home from West Creek, New Jersey, once the polar vortex moves out. You can view more here on eBay.

There is currently no engine in this former wanderer. There is also no transmission. It is sitting lifeless and still and judging by the photos, it won’t roll very easy thanks in part to flat front tires and no steering capabilities. While the car is a blank slate for restoration or modification, and engine options are plentiful for this car, one has to determine how deep of pockets and how much time one has to do it all.

It doesn’t stop there. There is no interior and most of the floors are missing. The car is primarily a shell with the seller pointing out that the roof is still good. Other than that, it is hard to say what else is good about the car. But, that might be the charm of it. Maybe a body is all that is needed to be creative on a budget. It would be really neat to see this as almost a battle car, Mad Max vehicle.

Place it on a truck frame and work out some, primitive but functional interior. Part of the hard part looking at cars is the human desire to make things perfect. Restoring things or taking too much time and money to put it back the way it should be. Sometimes, it is best to just take small steps, low budget, functional, practical, and non-traditional ideas and put them into action. This car could facilitate that.

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  1. Brent

    1st time I ever saw ‘ roof is in great shape ‘ listed as a selling point in sellers description! Why do I think that’s funny?

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  2. Mr. Bond

    Larkspur Blue is a nice color. Would have been a pretty car when new. Nice thing is, you can see that the frame is pretty good from the top. I’d take it on, but it would cost me more to move it west than it’s worth!

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  3. bull

    Buying this car would be the cheapest part of the restoration if you were foolish enough to attempt a restoration!

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  4. Chuck

    If someone needs a roof, that is the thing salvageable, but not for $.4800.

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  5. Lance Nord

    In 1978, I was offered a running 57 Nomad for $300. The guy who owned it was desperate for cash. The exterior was pristine. He had already installed a 327 mill with four speed. It had vintage Crager wheels. The only thing it needed was an interior. I was too stupid to realize what a bargain it was at the time. (sigh) One of my many regrettable “the one that got away” moments…

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    • Scooter

      In 1991 I was offered a 68 road runner for 500 bucks. Still beat myself up over letting that one go

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  6. Edd Tony

    Obviously the seller’s keyboard has a sticky zero… It may be worth $480 but surely not $4800… there is a Nomad frame & engine for sale on eBay for $5500 simultaneously… perhaps both together make a $10,300 deal sensible to somebody…??

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  7. Chuck Simons

    Here’s the roof for Tim Allen’s car.

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  8. stillrunners

    From the Florida estate sale………..picked pretty clean I’d say.

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  9. wd62vette

    I bought my 57 Nomad in 1974 for $1800.00 when I was 17 years old. Original California car, one piece bumper and seamless frame. Had to barrow the money from my mom. Thought I would never get the car paid for. Paid so much for the car that after 45 years I still have the car! Still looks like it did in high school.

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  10. PatrickM

    How much $$$$??? Joke, right? This USED TO BE a nice car. No power train, no interior, all that rust. I think this seller is dreaming.

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  11. Scooter

    Unless you live in a state that does not issue z title for older cars, this is a waste. Some states are near impossible to get a bonded title.

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  12. angryjonny

    TOTAL battle car!

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