Crusty Classic: 1970 Chevrolet Monte Carlo


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Looks pretty bad, doesn’t it? On the other hand, it’s not very expensive, and it doesn’t look like it’s been in an accident! This 1970 Chevrolet Monte Carlo can be found in Lakewood, Pennsylvania and is up for sale here on eBay, where bidding begins at just under $2,000.


From this angle, we can see that there used to be a vinyl roof, there’s at least surface rust on every surface, but at least most of the trim appears to be present. I’ve always liked the profile of these first generation Monte Carlos, and even with the rust this shape appeals to me. I can’t say I’m a fan of the wheels, though; I’d be locating a set of original-type rallye wheels if I were to purchase this find.


Unfortunately, the rust is real. And while much of it is surface rust, you can see some rust-through down on the lower parts of the body. I was able to find a lot of panels available for the car online, but I’m not sure if it’s worth it or not. At some price, it surely is–I’m just not sure what that price can be.


The interior is a mish-mash of good and bad. While the front seat looks pretty good, the rear seat has some serious staining. I would expect the dash cap to be blue considering the rest of the interior, but at least it’s not cracked. Perhaps it’s a replacement? The seller talks about making this a 454SS clone, but I don’t really see the logic in that.


I have no idea if this is the original small block V8 or not, but I think it would do just fine for me. The missing air cleaner is in the driver’s side footwell. The seller gives us no clue as to when the last time this engine ran was, but you can bet it’s been a good long while. However, we are talking about a relatively straight 1970 Monte Carlo. What do you think it’s worth?

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  1. van

    Mom’s Avon lady had a SS 454, 4 speed.
    She was hot too

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  2. Moparman MoparmannMember

    I think that this car has enough rust showing to indicate that more is hidden. It looks as though it would need serious & costly rust repairs. OTOH, it has a nice dashpad and a rear window defogger & decent seats. At its current asking price maybe it would be a better donor car?? :-)

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  3. MH

    I would make it a 454SS for sure. Red with black top. Bad Ass car!

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  4. JW

    I always liked these Monte’s but this car is a good candidate for a parts car as stated it has some really nice parts. With the rust and moisture inside I think the body is toast. $1000 tops IMHO.

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  5. Joe Gotts

    I see it has a Holley, an aluminum intake and Corvette valve covers, maybe something special about the motor.

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  6. Matt

    They never made an ss454 4 speed in monte.

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    • van

      Maybe hubby made it
      It was a Rat with a T- handle

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  7. Leon

    Monte Crusto.

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  8. Joe Nose

    Ran When Sank.

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  9. robmack

    I have a nice looking 1970 Monte…that I bought running and driveable.
    I paid 2000.00… This barnfind is a 500.OO car tops !

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  10. Mr. Bond

    How much different are these from the Chevelle? Are they larger? Same frame? Thx

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    • William H

      I was reading an article over on where they were talking about how Monte Carlos and some other cars were nothing more than rebodied Chevelles. That site is an incredible resource. I looked a bit but couldn’t find the actual article. It’s a good website with lots of useful info and apps… VIN decoders, body tag decoders, etc. I keep it on my phone for use in the field. Just found a one-owner ’69 Chevelle barn find a couple of weeks ago, all original and was able to verify pretty much everything using the apps from Chevellestuff.

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      • Ernest

        So the Monte Carlo was supposed to be called Concourse, and was supposed to be v8front wheel drive. BUT the testing proved Chevy owners loved the look but NOT FWD idea.
        So a few mounts changed and it was basically mounted on Chevelle/A body frame. Actually very similar to full-size Pontiacs too as they AC heater core from my Executive and my 71 Monte Carlo looked identical. Claims of never building 4speeds seem to be as wrong as other ideas. Found order sheet, build sheet and all for a 70or 71 402 BBC with close ratio 4 SPD and 4.10 gears and rear air bags in rear springs AND also had notes dealer installed air shocks and dealer installed trailer hitch.
        Seen several stick cars with proof of factory build so oh well.
        Now one thing never built that hit drawing board was convertible top option. I always wondered what they would look like with T tops too.
        But if I ever find another body I may try to build a metal retractable top!

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    • 70SS454

      Monte Carlos are just 4 door malibu (Chevelle) frames with a different body.

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      • Lee Abel

        Hmm last two frames I saw patched back up had few differences to Malibu/Chevelle frames. But for the record the Monte Carlo was initially developed by GM starting in late 67 early 68 and was going to be designated as Chevrolet Concours and was being designed as front wheel drive. Two things put kibosh on it. One was GM was having issues redeveloping three versions of hydramatic transaxles, a 425 variant in Chevy pattern was OK and GM was even debating keeping switch pitch converter tech, also a “th350 based transaxles and a power glide version as it was going to be front wheel drive like Tornado. But when to us groups saw plans it had near zero enthusiasm. But body was considered “gorgeous” and “spectacular” the name Concours was getting no play either. So with big bucks, GM planed to keep body, dump the FWD idea. And redeveloped it as RWD. Basically it had been designed to use many A body parts and then when reintroduced was a hit. I love first gen Montes since having mine and if I ever find another affordable body and have cash I will buy one. Same as when I found my current 77 Monza 2+2 had to save it as a guy was talking about cutting it up. So I traded a 79 Camaro body for it.

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  11. AMCFAN

    Matt, Umm Yes, GM did make an SS454. Last available in 71. You could still get a 454 until 1975. the SS was discontinued because GM intended for the Monte to be a luxury car not a muscle car. The Cregar SST wheels were popular in the 1980’s.and pretty sure this car was attractive.

    I say wake it up and give it a bath. Give the stray dog a home.

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    • JW454

      AMCFAN, Ummm Matt is correct. There were never any SS454 4 speeds in a 1970 Monte Carlo. If you wanted a 4 speed with a big block you had to drop down to a 402. At that point it was not an SS.

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      • Lee

        Actually SS could be had with any engine. It was an appearance/handling package, not actual Performance package. And from information I read on Monte Carlos 1st Gen only hand full of first three yrs had manual trans and all were internal GM employee builds. The word was none were ever ordered and shipped in regular orders to dealers BUT MANY DEALERS HAD ALL THE FLOOR METAL, CARPET AND PARTS FOR CHEVELLE CONVERSIONS AND DID MANY.

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    • Marco

      I think Matt was referring to a 4 on the floor in the SS which I don’t recall either. The 454 was awesome even as an automatic though.

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  12. Marco

    I had the 454 version of this in college in the ’70’s. Same color. It was a real sleeper and didn’t give away how fast it was except for the dual exhaust and small SS script on down on the rockers. I smoked many unwitting opponents at red light drag races in that old Monte!

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  13. Little_Cars AlexanderMember

    Never liked those “brocade” cloth bench seats and that stain on the rear seat is just gross. My mom drove a loaded 72 Dad bought for her–with Malibu-sourced bucket seats and U handle automatic, rally wheels, vinyl top and power everything. I personally took a rattle can to the wheels to convert them from body color dark brown to argent silver, added trim rings and that car was SHARP!

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  14. Brian

    Dash pad looks blue to me. Am I missing something? I also like how he starts out with “no dreamers” yet he’s the dreamer with his 454SS dreams

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  15. AMCFAN

    Ummmmm I was referring to the SS454 option only. I should have been more clear JW454 about the 4 speed not being available on the Super Sport. Thanks for being a pal and clearing that up!

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  16. PRA4SNW

    When I look at this car, I think of an Arnie Cunningham type of kid buying it, turning it into a modern day Christine, and sticking it to all the sh*tters of the world.

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  17. Kyle

    Hi! I’m really hoping for some help/advice. I recently had a 72 Monte that is in slightly better shape than this one fall into my lap for $400 bucks. It is a one owner car, 80,000 miles was a daily driver until 4 years ago when it was put in a garage and left there. I’m fairly confident I can make it run without much trouble (engines are the only thing I know). The body is straight all the trim pieces are present and the interior is passable. All the serial numbers match – 350 -2 barrel – AC car. It has one serious rust spot under the back window. By serious I mean if I push hard enough I could probably put a screw driver through it. It’s about the size of a dollar bill. I’m betting it’s not any better under the vinyl top….OK here’s my question. I have almost no money to spend on restoration. New battery, tires, carb overhaul kit and gaskets are going to be about the end of it. Assuming I can make it purr what do you think I could realistically get for it? To be honest I only bought the thing because the guy was going to scrap it otherwise. CA has a $1000 scrap program on any car.

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    • Lee Abel

      If your talking the filler panel between rear window and trunk that part is serviced in reproduction. If you don’t have large sections gone properly cutting, flanging and either welding or panel bonding can repair most rust. I just helped a guy fix a soft ball sized rust hole in a car. We used 3M 08115 panel bonder, some Chinese panel holding tools and a flanging tool so repair sat flush. No welding at all, and actually after sanding bonding agent down we primed area with epoxy primer in his driveway, skim coated with spot putty not filler and then primed over that. Not perfect but will never come back out. Also used panel bonder to repair around a rusted window lip. He had harbor freight shrinker/stretcher to make patch and we cut out rust, flanged it and bonded it in. We did use my scratch Tig to tack couple spots but major holding is with bonder. You can also use sheet metal and just about any surface to form a part. Good luck. In reasonably straight form a tuning/driving first gen could possibly bring between $3500-$5000. Get on first generation Monte Carlo forum, GM forums, and post up for sale. Don’t be greedy. But low miles with all parts even showing rust might bring $2000-$3000 from right person. If I had cash I would double your money right now but just started new job. Good luck

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  18. Lee Abel

    As for ANY 50s,60s,70s,80s performance,sports,unique cars do not scrap them in programs, find collector car salvage yard and take what’s given please. This 70 Monte I would, cash allowing, take in heartbeat. The rust on these cars do not make them unworthy of repair and surface rust can be soda blasted with glass and chrome installed but not preferred, and basic epoxy primer to cover/protect it. Save the classics. This body style is first gen Monte Carlo. And absolutely gorgeous even in rusty patina.

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  19. Ken

    Sure wish my Dad had popped for the used ’72 SS 454 Monte Carlo years ago. Dark green throughout w/buckets, and loaded. I’d bet that I would likely have that car today…

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  20. CJ

    Im in New Zealand and have a 1970 Monte, she’s a 350. Very tidy and awesome car to drive.

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  21. Elijah

    I’m really interested in the car but I’m sorta looking for something that can run so do you think she’ll run or not

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  22. Elijah

    I’m really interested in the car but I’m sorta looking for something that can run so do you think she’ll run or not and could you send a video if she does and more pictures that’ll be great thank you

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