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Rusty In Red? 1964 Ford F100

front right

This pickup is listed in Dunmore, Pennsylvania here on craigslist. The seller found this truck in West Virginia and polished it up and did the mechanicals and now wants too much money for it, $8,200. It looks like a good, honest, original truck but how much rust is it hiding and why doesn’t the paint match? It is good to see the dash and remember driving trucks like this and to imagine this might be a “good old truck”. It runs and drives.


Is it my imagination or is that not daylight I see through the lower right corner of the tailgate and rust along the bottom? If the tailgate is this rusty, how can there not be more rust hiding elsewhere?


The bed looks great. It’s hard to hide rust here. It actually looks quite nice, but looks can be deceiving.

front seat

The seat looks like it could even be original. It would be nice to see the floor, and hopefully not daylight under that nice new floor mat. The sill appears original with no sign of rust. That shiny new trim might discourage one from taking a casual peek under the might.


The engine looks complete and original and it looks quite tidy under the hood.


How much bondo might there be hiding rust damage under that shiny red paint? They claim the paint is 90% original. I’d love to believe them.


What do you think you would find if you went to see this truck? If this truck is solid I’d drive it just as it is, just possibly adding A/C. What do you think you might find lurking underneath? Possibly they replaced the bed and doors and kept the rusty old tailgate and repainted it. I’d love to think this is all solid and original. If it is, what do you think it might be worth? I look forward to your comments.


  1. DrinkinGasoline

    The Bondo Beauty meets Earl Sheib.

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  2. Charles

    Reminds me of a truck that belonged to a farm supply company I worked for in high school. Same color, same engine, same year, except it was an F-250 and had a four speed transmission. Since the truck was the old truck in the fleet, and I was the high school kid, I drove this truck most of the time. If this thing is the rust bucket that it looks like it might be, there is no way it is worth $8200.00.

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  3. JW

    A personal inspection with a magnet in hand would answer the rust & bondo question , you never know it may be a nice DD truck that the owner may take a lower offer with cash in hand.

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  4. Kornmanone

    Run Forest Run!!!!!!!!!

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  5. Mitch

    The truck’s been off the road since the mid to late 70s according to the WV plate on it.

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  6. Barzini

    If a seller is asking twice what the vehicle is worth, do you walk away or make an offer they might find insulting? On the car flipping shows, they regularly offer way less than the asking price (even a fair one). The sellers rarely seem put off by lowball offers that I’d never have the nerve to make.

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  7. Howard A Member

    OW!! There’s that patented arm burner crossover exhaust pipe. I’d move the gas line away from that. Just inviting vapor lock. ( there’s a term you don’t hear anymore) Really, this is a pretty nice truck. I always look at those “step wells”, they were the 1st to rust and led to front cab mount rust, very common with these. The price? IDK, not exactly rare, but a very desirable truck that’s non-existent in the Mid-West. Just shows, at one time these were a dime a dozen, now just try and find a clean one like this. Wait a while, and shoot them an offer. All they can say is no. ( make sure you leave a # so they can call when they find out the price WAS too high)

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  8. cyclemikey

    Bondo beauty? Man, you guys sure do jump on the ol’ bandwagon, don’t you?

    Nothing in the photos indicates to me that there is (or isn’t) rust on the body, or that the seller’s claims are untrue. The condition of the step-wells and the bed floor would argue that it may very well be pretty much rust-free. I can tell you this – the rusty tailgate means NOTHING. They all did that, do to poorly engineered drainage. I had to replace the one on my ’64 F100, yet the rest of the truck was absolutely free of rust.

    I have no idea if he’ll get 8 large for it, but this model is getting scarce on the ground. They were good solid trucks, and most were worked to a ripe old age. I kinda wish I still had mine – although I’m pretty comfy in the ’15 SuperDuty, so there is that……

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    • John

      I agree Mike. It’s just possible that this thing is as solid as it looks. And if the mileage is accurate, the motor may be just getting broken in. These were pretty solid platforms.

      But it’s not an $8000 vehicle.

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  9. racer99

    50 year old 90K mile truck out of West Virginia and the paint’s not even scuffed off the step plates and the floor mat and seat aren’t worn — not happening. I’ve completely done a 1966 and the tailgates don’t usually rust through without any other rust on the truck. Also the interior is all high option (Custom Cab) new looking, gas tank is the wrong color (should be matched to the interior if I remember correctly), left side exterior badge and body side chrome (if it’s really a custom cab) is missing, new inner fenders and core support, and NO underside pictures. Here is a more honest looking ’64 with 30K miles: Just way too many red flags on this one.

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  10. Keith

    Nice truck, but a lot of unanswered questions about it. As a benchmark, I do 1-2 F100’s a year….paint, body work, interior (interior is super super cheap to do on these old girls especially if you’ve got the metal door panels) and the mechanicals are usually pretty straightforward. They are easy to sell in this condition for about $9k, so $8250 on this one is definitely high in my opinion.

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