Rusty Old Goat: 1968 Pontiac GTO


It pains me to see this GTO in such terrible shape. At one time, this was a mean asphalt burning machine, but today it’s a rusty wreck. Amazingly though, the original engine is in the car and runs! Looking at, I don’t feel it would be safe to try and drive it. Not having to worry about if the engine is seized is nice though and is a step in the right direction in terms of getting it back on the road. The seller has done some research already and discovered the transmission is a T10 from a Corvette and the rear end is from a Chevelle. It’s a bit of a mix of parts, but that’s not uncommon for a barn find like this. You can find this old Goat here on eBay in Grafton, Ohio with a current bid of $3,500 and no reserve.


1968 was a good year for the GTO. It’s the first year of the redesigned body and the 400 cui V8 was offered with anywhere from 265 horsepower to 366! The seller doesn’t state which version of the 400 this one is equipped with, but they do state that it matches the VIN. They originally bought the car as a parts donor for a project they were already working on, but once they found out it’s a numbers matching car, they couldn’t bring themselves to strip it apart.


Every inch of this car is going to need work. The interior is rough, but complete. You might be able to just clean the upholstery up and reuse it, but given that it’s been parked in a garage for the past 38 years, regular use may cause it to deteriorate at a rapid pace.


It’s hard to tell just how much metal work it’s going to need, but I have a feeling it’s going to require a lot of welding. If you don’t mind doing the work, it would be a fun project to take on. I’d want to know more about the car’s specs and history, but at the current bid it seems reasonably priced. So are you a fan of the second generation GTO or do you prefer one of the other generations?


  1. JW

    Can a car be claimed to be numbers matching when it’s a Pontiac with a Corvette trans and a Chevelle rearend ??? I like this year goat because I think it’s the last year for chrome bumpers. This one looks to be a big project and that motor should be Pontiac blue.

  2. Chris

    With all the other ricky racer stuff going on, I can’t believe the original motor survived, and is the wrong color.

  3. Car Guy

    With Hide A Ways and a hood tach it was a nicely optioned 68. The Endura bumper is still decent and the upholstery is in amazing shape considering the amount of dirt on it. With ladder bars you know it was rode hard.

  4. Jeffro

    68 and 69 GTO is my dream car. This one will cause nightmares for me tonight. Sad that it’s in rough shape. Let’s pause for a moment of silence…Seriously though, this car would be a labor of love. Big project. Not for the timid. I’d want it all Pontiac. This car deserves that much.

  5. erikj

    I don’t believe its # matching. The trans and rear-end where changed. And funny paint thing. I had a 68 vette and the 4spd and rear-end where matching. These had numbers that matched the vin. miss that roadster.

  6. RoughDiamond Member

    Way back in the early 80s I was once an idiot and committed Pontiac sacrilege by driving an “as found” ’66 GTO already running a 396 Big Block 4-speed. Eventually I came to my senses though and found a correct engine for it out of another ’66 GTO with 76K miles on the clock.

  7. Jay M

    Looks like an old race car. From the drive shaft hoop, ladder bars, and what appears to be outlines of sponsors stickers down both sides.
    Oh, to go back to the 80’s when nicer GTO’s were in the junkyards for parts…

  8. Rolf Poncho

    Got to restore is parts still available?

  9. Harold Wood

    I’ve bought and sold thousands of old Muscle Cars, and GTO’s were my Favorites I’ve had, 66’s, 68’s, 69’s, (JUDGE), 70 Convertible, and several later model ones. That one too me isn’t worth touching unless you needed parts, too much just NOT right about it.

  10. David

    I bought this car. It made its way to Dallas, TX. The article is correct…running numbers matching engine. Everything is original, except the transmission and differential.

  11. Phillip Dane Johnson

    Look at the vent windows, I was thinking that it was a 67 !

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