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Rusty Ranger Package: 1974 Ford Bronco

Ford Broncos are hot: there’s no doubt about it. And there’s nary a better example than seeing a former plow truck like this one, rotten in almost every panel, pulling bids to almost $4,000 with a day left in the auction. Granted, this one left the factory with some desirable equipment, including the Heavy Duty and Ranger packages, but it’s still quite a feat to think it might sell for $5K (or better!) Find it here on eBay located in Duluth, Minnesota.

The Ranger package was the top of the line trim offering in 1974, so rust notwithstanding, it’s obvious why this Bronco would be a desirable specimen. The so-called “Heavy Duty” option added a special 4900-lb GVW package with a “big bearing” rear end, according to various web forums. A higher capacity rear axle, larger rear brakes, and heavy duty rear springs round out some of the features, and other Bronco owners have mentioned that front airbags for trucks equipped with a plow.

Given this Bronco was used as a plow truck for many years, it seems likely it started its life doing the dirty work of a Minnesota winter, and then repeating the cycle every year thereafter. That explains the sort of catastrophic rust you see here, as repeated exposure to road salt, sand and other winter muck is the root cause of the gaping holes in the body panels. Fortunately, the “ginger” interior is holding up better than you might expect when looking at it from the outside, with a decent dash and carpet pad.

The seller notes it is equipped with a limited slip rear end (possibly part of the Heavy Duty package) and dual fuel tanks. It really does have a lot of desirable equipment on it, and it still runs with good oil pressure when an external gas can is hooked up. The seller notes the alternator is starting to whine, but otherwise, it idles nicely and all of the original emissions equipment and vacuum lines remain attached. What will happen to this Bronco – will its desirable bits be ported over to another truck, or will it be restored?


  1. Avatar photo KEVIN


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  2. Avatar photo Paolo

    It’s garbage day at Barn Finds. They’ve posted nothing but crap today.

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    • Avatar photo KenB

      So you expect all vehicles on a site called Barn Finds to be perfect??? I guess they’ll have to get your approval before they post vehicles…

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  3. Avatar photo Todd Zuercher

    Up until a few years ago, this truck met a certain fate – it was most certainly parted out.

    These days, with the irrational exuberance surrounding these beloved rigs, it could easily be re-bodied (or even re-framed) and continue on with a new lease on life.

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  4. Avatar photo sir_mike

    And we thought Porsche people were a little crazy…

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  5. Avatar photo David Mika Member

    Lord God Almighty.

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  6. Avatar photo angliagt Member

    If you drove this,nobody would tailgate you,
    as there isn’t one.

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  7. Avatar photo Gate1967

    Wow, titles for this things are expensive.

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  8. Avatar photo CraigR

    The listing is gone so we may never know who got taken on it.

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    • Avatar photo Steve Clinton

      It still shows on eBay.

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  9. Avatar photo Brett Lee Lundy

    this is reaching crack pipe status by the time you trailer it home all that’s going to be left is 4 dry rotted tires, some suspension parts and a pile of rust on the trailer. lets not forget the cars behind you dodging the body parts blowing off while going down the interstate!!

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  10. Avatar photo Jimmy

    Wow I know they are in demand because I want another one but you would have to pay me to haul this pile of rust away !!!

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  11. Avatar photo Steve Clinton

    Sold for $4479.00! Proves there’s a sucker born every minute.

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    • Avatar photo Lance

      …and one to catch him.

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    • Avatar photo Arthur

      I don’t think anyone’s bought it yet. I went to the original page a few moments ago and there is a message saying it’s been relisted. Also, in the relisting, the current bid is at $2,125.00. I can give you the link if you’re interested in seeing it.

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  12. Avatar photo chrlsful

    buy it, build a new one around the VIN plate

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  13. Avatar photo Arthur

    Too bad this Bronco couldn’t be sold to Stacey David of GearZ. Years ago, when he was on the ‘Trucks!’ TV series, he took a rusted junk Bronco and customized it, resulting in what he called ‘Project Crazy Horse’.

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