Rusty Sedan Delivery: 1953 Ford Courier

The Buy-It-Now of just $980 for this 1953 Ford Courier Sedan Delivery is indeed cheap, but it is a pittance compared to what will be needed to bring this panel van back to life. Rust is extensive and the height of the weeds growing through the cabin suggests it’s been here for a while – and that the floor is long gone. The Sedan Delivery is listed here on eBay in Old Forge, Pennsylvania, with the option to submit a best offer.

While you never want to say never to unusual projects such as this, the dead chrome, rotted-out floor (and other areas), missing trim, body rust, and frozen engine are all deterrents from bringing this compact workhorse back to life. The seller notes that the Ford comes with “everything there” except the windshield, but I feel like you’ll find lots more is missing.

The interior isn’t pictured in great detail, and the amount of vegetation poking through isn’t encouraging. Every metal surface appears to have a thick coating of surface rust, and the lack of a windshield has done the cabin no favors. No word on whether the novel rear access door is still in one piece, an important question given the rear of the vehicle is in the woods.

There’s just one other Ford Courier Sedan Delivery for sale on craigslist at the moment, and it’s a rust-free runner listed for $4,000. While not the most common Ford project around, they’re not so rare that they’ve become desirable, so it’s still possible to find a good builder for cheap. This one is likely destined for a parts car fate – do you agree or can it be saved?

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  1. John M.

    It’s nothing more than a parts car.

    • Jett

      What parts??

    • William.Wurthmann Member

      Anything can be made to run, Be positive.

  2. bobhess Member

    For the money it would be smart to take all the bumpers and trim off and sit on them until someone needs them for a rebuild on another sedan delivery. Pretty sure that one piece side trim isn’t a plentiful item.

  3. Chasman358 Chasman358 Member

    $4000. IMHO it’s not worth $400.

    • Andy

      4K was what the author found another one going for.

      Quick look at this post, and while the vehicle oozes cool, it looks like you’d be upside down in a flash.

  4. Richard

    Isn’t all that rust called patina?

  5. canadainmarkseh Member

    About all that is left of this car is the trim as mentioned above. I would question that even an attempt to move this car will find it in pieces. It goes to show us you can’t leave a car sitting for years on end outside. Especially in a wet climate. This car will never get restored it will get picked over for what little there is to save and the rest will be crushed. To bad it was stored so poorly.

  6. Evan

    Does the $980 price include a tetanus shot?

  7. Bill McCoskey

    Take a restorable 1954 Ford 2-door wagon, transfer the sedan delivery parts to the wagon, and make a great street rod out of the results.

  8. chrlsful Member

    I used 3 like this to build one (a ’66 bronk). Just depends on insanity or “enthusiasm” level…
    this is NOT coin collectin

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