Rusty Snake: 1969 Mustang Mach 1

1969 Mustang Mach 1 Cobra Jet

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It always seemed a bit strange to me that Ford brought together two separate animals when they dropped the Cobra Jet in the Mustang. These aren’t two animals that typically play well together, but in this situation they add up to something incredibly fun! This particular Cobra Jet equipped Mustang Mach 1 is quite rusty and rough. I wouldn’t want to be charged with the task of restoring it, but boy will it be sweet when it’s done. You can find this project here on eBay in Oconto, Wisconsin with bidding just over $17k. So will you be rowing through the gears of this Cobra Jet in the near future?

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  1. PAR

    Sorry for writing here but couldnt find anywhere on the site to contact you guys. How do I put an avatar on my handle?? I love what you guys & gals are doing keeping us all informed and if I make any finds here in little old New Zealand (The home of Bruce McLaren, Chris Amon, Denny Hulme and Scott Dixon to name afew) I will be sure to let you all know. I look forward to your response. Cheers PR

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  2. Roselandpete

    I can’t believe it’s over $17k but it is.

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  3. Steve

    I had a buddy in high school back in the eighties that had a red 69 mach 1. It wasnt in much better shape than this back then. Not sure what it was born with, but he had several engines in it. One night when he just swapped a 390 into it we were “trying it out” and i was showing him a short cut off the main highway in La Salle Tx. It was a narrow farm road. There was about a three mile straight away and he had it wound out. I told him there was a 90 degree left turn ahead. He didnt lift. So i yelled. Still didnt lift whacked him on the arm. He lifted and grabbed third but no brake. Then he hit second. Still no brakes. At the last minute he hit the brakes and whiiped it sideways. Back end in the ditch. I figured we were dead for sure. He straightened it out and hit third again, back on the gas. Back end was in the ditch on the left side of the road this time. He lifted long enough to straighten out, hit the gas and shifted into fourth without lifting. After realizing we lived… Most fun id ever have.

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  4. racer99

    If a restoration shop lists it for sale without repairing it then they’ve made the assessment that it will make more money that way then spending the time/effort/money to restore it. Look carefully as there’s a ton of work hidden under that rusty shell.

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    • Cassidy

      My take on this one as well. Must be some nasty hidden rust for them to let this one out of the corral!

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  5. Dave

    I think after the time has been spent to take the car down to a shell and have in blasted you’d be left with Swiss cheese and looking for another body !! I don’t think I’ve ever seen headers rust through like that !!

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  6. Jamie Campbell

    Wow. 1970 Q code 428 4 speed Mach 1 in high school. Paid 5k for it in 1989, in Omaha Nebraska. It sure was a lot more rust free than this one. I can’t imagine the torque box, floor pan, trunk pan, wheel house, front aprons and all the associated sheetmetal transitions here. With a car like this, one has to wonder exactly what the end result would be for the average enthusiast. Re-bodies are the easiest path obviously, but the right thing is to spend the money and have the right shop do the right thing. Scary either way.

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  7. Mark S

    I’m sure that a brand new body shell is available and would be far easier than repairing this one so you take what you can from this one restore it and put it in the new shell along with the vin tag. The part I don’t get is why the bid is soooo,!!! High for this POS pile of rust.

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      The bidding is so high because it is a 1969 Mustang fastback with the Mach I package, the R code 428CJ and a 4 speed. This is a highly desirable collectible car. Add a big block and a 4 speed to any brand of muscle car and the value goes up, even in this condition.

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  8. GR

    Makes my finished mach 1’s worth a bout 60K each….. wishes, wishes. One thing for certain- if they don’t ask it, they won’t get it.

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  9. Barzini

    On a recent episode of Fantom Works, they took in a 1968 Mustang owned by the Kansas City Royals player. The body on the car looked fine but Dan – the shop owner – said he’d never worked on one that did not have some rust issues. Sure enough, they found significant rust underneath the car. I can only imagine how much metal repair this one needs but I hope someone rescues it.

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  10. Van

    Wow a Mustang Mach 1.
    These are so rare, they were only sold with almost every V8 Ford made.
    You could only get one in every color combination Ford offered.
    This car will have a six figure value even with a 302 automatic from 1975 Granada.
    Every Mustang is worth restoring no mater what.
    Any dope can fix rust with a little sand blasting and Bondo.

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  11. MJM

    Exactly how did this vehicle get to be so rusty? I think if you can see substantial rust all over the exterior surfaces you are assured that it is all over inside enclosed spaces and covered spaces. I don’t think this would be a good place to start on a restoration project at “any price” . FREE would still end up costing a fortune.

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  12. jaymes

    wow, only the glass is good

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  13. dogwater

    That pony needs go out to pastier looks like a lot of work

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  14. Prowler

    Mo. Money Mo.Money
    I’m out

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  15. racer99

    Sold for $18K. Wonder if the buyer plans to restore or flip it?

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  16. Ed Willaims

    Let’s call it a “Rustang”.

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  17. racer99

    I think either Barrett-Jackson or Mecum had a Boss 429 Mustang go through over the last week that brought $200K+.

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