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Safari Sighting: 1959 Chevrolet

Reader Carl V. just sent in his most recent discovery;

While on a Jeep tour of the old back roads of Bisbee, Arizona, I was surprised to see this 1959 Chevrolet sticking out of a shelter in the side of a hill. The tour guide said it had been there since he started giving tours in the early 1960’s. He had no idea of who owned it.

That means this car was parked only a few years after being purchased new. It has been sitting for a long time and may be too far gone to be worth saving, but the story is interesting nonetheless. Does anyone here know anything about this abandoned car?

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UPDATE – After some digging, we found the car’s exact location on Google maps. Now, dont go harassing the locals! This car has been parked up there for years and apparently is a local treasure.


  1. manuel

    In my opinion, all cars are savable. And since it’s Arizona, its probably just sun baked. Great find!

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  2. Andrew

    It looks to be 59 impala.

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  3. Foxxy

    it is definitely a 59. Not sure if the front end was different from the Impala to the Biscayne. I learned to drive in a 59 Parkwood wagon.

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  4. Darth Z

    Very few cars are un-savable. This one is an easy save!

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  5. Chris in WNC

    my first car was a 59 Impala Sport Sedan, that same pinkish color- “Cameo Coral”.
    I do not know how to differentiate models by the front view either,
    but I believe the “V” trim in center of hood means it had a V8 from the factory……
    probably not too much rust on cars sitting around in Bisbee AZ.

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  6. CW Muse

    I think its Flow from Radiator Springs.

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    • brian

      Its ramone not flow flow is an earlier bel air

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  7. J. Pickett

    Definitely a 1959, can’t tell the model but in the second photo you can see b pillars and they don’t seem to be chrome trimmed, The only certainty is that originally it was a small v8 per the emblem.

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  8. david greenberg

    It has been there as long as I can remember, and I have lived here since 1976. Bisbee is full of barn find cars and guns. I just sold a house with a 1922 Ford Depot hack stuffed in the garage.

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  9. Dave

    That was my first car. Paid $30.00 for it in 1970

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  10. TVC15

    So that’s where I parked it

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  11. jim

    Considering that I’ve seen totally restored 58 and 59 Chevy’s go for $125k+ at Mecum auctions, somebody should do something with it.

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  12. Gill

    I bought a ’59 after graduating hs in ’63. 2 door, 6 cyl., auto.,a real pig but indestructible. My best friend also had one exactly the same only different color. We still laugh about those times. Sent him this photo.

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  13. Karl

    I love car finds like this. However, sometimes I think you can take a rock, throw it as far as you can, and on the way to pick up the rock, you will stumble over a barnfind car. Yesterday I was at a little flea market in an old warehouse near the New Orleans airport. I happened to look up, and on a platform over the ground floor was most of a early ’50s pickup truck (I think a Ford F1) disassembled up there. Then, after I left, I was slowing for a stop sign and happened to look over to my left, and there was a ’76-’78 Olds Toronado hunkered down on four flats under an old carport in somebody’s backyard.
    Man, I love this country.

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  14. Mike Holland

    That ’59 was not abandoned, just long term parked. Someone who thought it was abandoned winched it out a couple of years ago & made off with it. An immediate & furious FB & local flyer campaign saw the car returned to Bisbee w/i 48 hrs of its theft. It’s since been put back on the road & is now kept secure by the woman who owns it. I’ve known people who were shot for lesser crimes… Moral of the story – honest people ask!

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  15. Sherv

    Someone take it. Better a restored relic than a rotted one just for the sake of being there.

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  16. Richard Pattison

    After backing the car in, how did the driver exit???

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  17. FRED


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  18. AK

    Brakes originally went out on the car, thats why it was parked- in the lates 70s or early 80s- my moms car

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